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50 Free Clams, A Thanks For Being Awesome!!

Hey there Clammers. Figured you all might want to hop into your lil games for a bit as it seems that TinyCo has provided a nice lil gift to all players as Thank You for hanging in there while they worked on the major bug that hit the Update.

Thank you for being awesome 1

Thank you for being awesome 2

Now this varied in our games. One did have to tap on Peter to trigger this, the others…it just popped up as soon as we entered the game.

Thank you for being awesome 3

So take a few moments and collect your FREE 50 CLAMS!! WOOHOO! Thanks TinyCo!


Blam! Prizes: Breaking Down the Red Hot Sixth Blam! Prize

Hello There Clammers!

How are my favorite Clammers today?  Everyone racking up as much Blam! as you can?  So now that phase 3 Comic-Con Event has been launched, and Giant Stewie has been introduced into Quahog, everyone should be earning that Blam! at a decent rate.  So whatcha gonna do with all that Blam! you’re collecting?  Besides get one heck of an energy drink buzz, you’ll unlock really cool prizes of course!

While many items during the event will cost you some Blam! (or clams), the cool thing about Comic-Con is you’ll earn prizes at various collection points along the way.  AND…these prizes won’t take from your Blam! on hand! After all, who couldn’t use a little Blam! pick me up every now and then?   So let’s take a look at the sixth prize you’ll unlock during Quahog Comic-Con, Red Hot…

Blam character_redhead@4x Blam


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Quahog Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 3

Hello There Clammers!

Comic-Con phase 3 has arrived in Quahog!  The third phase brings a new celebrity to our towns as well as a Giant Stewie taking over the Convention Center!  I know many of you are curious about what’s in store for us in our Tiny Quahogs during the third phase of this event..So with that in mind here’s the full quick walkthrough for phase 3 of the event (phase 1 can be found here and phase 2 can be found here)  This covers the quests that popup during the third week of Comic-Con including: Enfant Terrible, Blobulous and Redheaded Rivalry  (we’ll cover Bryan Cranston’s questline in a separate post).

So now…let’s get drunk and beat up Peter’s kid shall we?

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