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FOX Game Results and a New Poll About Blam! Collection

Hello There Clammers!

Comic-Con is in full swing on all of our devices and this week’s poll question wants to know how YOUR Blam! Collecting is going.  Plus, we wanted to share the not so surprising results of last week’s mobile gaming poll.

But first let’s check out how that Blam! collecting is going for all of you.  This week we want to know where you’re sitting in your Blam! count (approximately).  So tell us how much Blam! have you collected so far?:

Oh and feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comments as well…

Now let’s get to the results of the FOX Mobile Game Poll…

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Nailgunning It: Claiming The Nailgunner

Hello There Clammers!

This past weekend saw a new challenge introduced to the Comic-Con Event….the Fabulous Challenge!  For part one of the challenge you were required to zap 15 Mutant Stewies in 4 days in order to win Captain Hammered’s Super car, The Nailgunner.

We’ve broken down the how in this post, but now let’s talk about what happens when you’ve completed the challenge and are ready to claim your super car.  How do you get it? Where does it go?  What does it do?  We’ll answer all that and more below….

So keep your hands and feet inside the super vehicle at all times as we break down the ins and outs of the Nailgunner!

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