Friday Night Update: Stewie Box! Bombs Away! (Updated and Complete)

Update 8/16: Appears that the Kindle update has finally hit.  So all of our Kindle friends check your app store and finally start getting those Minions! 🙂

Hello There Clammers!

Another Friday night update is upon us!  And just like many of us predicted….we now have a Stewie Box!  For 180 Clams you can get unique prizes, Clams, Batteries & Bombs from the Stewie Box!

More details on the way my friends…

Bologna building- We’re investigating what it’s for at the moment.  My guess is it’s a mistake and wasn’t supposed to be released just yet.  It’s a texture glitch and supposed to be ham for Blobulous.  TC is working on fixing it at the moment.

As far as the bombing training…yes you can earn free clam(!) for bombing Minion Stewies in groups….Peter starts this questline.

bomber trophy

There is a new building in the game for dropping Ham for Blobulous.  For 100 Clams you can get the Guts and Glory Butcher Shop and it will always drop Ham.  2014-08-16 14.55.08

Next up Stewie Mystery Box!

2014-08-16 00.53.45

For 180 Clams you can purchase the new Robo Stewie Mystery Box..
Robo Stewie Mystery Box


This box runs much like the Robo Brian that all the decorations and buildings are unique…no duplicates can be won in the box!   Here’s what’s inside:

Stewie Box 7 Stewie Box 6 Stewie Box 5 Stewie Box 4 Stewie Box 3 Stewie Box 2 Stewie Box 1


We were also given a new questline to attack minion Stewies…Bombardier Training.

This awards clams for completing various bombing tasks for clearing Stewies!

The training is 6 parts and each part awards clams.  Basically you have to bomb groups of Minion Stewies that Peter is requesting.  A the end you’ll win a Bomber Peter Gold Trophy!  Here’s the break down:

Part 1- 2 Minion Stewies with 1 Bomb Drop
Rewards 2 clams

Part 2- 3 Minion Stewies with 1 Bomb Drop
Rewards 3 Clams

Part 3- 4 Minion Stewies with 1 Bomb Drop
Rewards 4 Clams

Part 4- 6 Minion Stewies with 1 Bomb Drop
Rewards 6 Clams

Part 5- 8 Minion Stewies with 1 Bomb Drop
Rewards 8 Clams

Part 6- 10 Minion Stewies with 1 Bomb Drop
Rewards 10 Clams AND Trophy

To claim your Trophy it’ll go into your inventory.  Here’s how it’ll appear…

When the challenge is completed this will pop up:

2014-08-16 13.52.59

The Trophy will appear in your inventory, so to get to it tap in the 4 way arrows (next to the menu) and scroll through your inventory until you see it:

2014-08-16 13.53.27

Then you can just tap on it and place it in your town 🙂

2014-08-16 13.54.03

Have YOU claimed your Bombing Stewie Trophy yet?  What’s your minion record?  Will you be spending clams on the Stewie Box?  How’s your Blam! count?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


563 responses to “Friday Night Update: Stewie Box! Bombs Away! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Need help with Bombardier Training part 6. Mazes don’t work (minions walk right through them), blockades don’t work (minions walk right them), even the advice other people post here doesn’t work. TinyCo must make some kind of minion bait RIGHT NOW, or I am deleting this cheating game until this stupid Comic-con event is over.


    • It’s hard…I agree. I’ve had a lot of trouble with it. Best thing I’ve found is find an intersection that the all tend to cross at and tap on them and WAIT. Keep tapping on the ones that are there to hold them, but wait until you see more you see more approaching bomb the area. It’ll get the ones that were there already and many of the new ones approaching.


  2. Is there a particular reason why I’m not seeing ANY of this stuff in my town? Should I contact TinyCo?!?!


    • The event goes in phases. You need to complete one Phase to continue to the next. Where are you in your quests? Do you have all of Giant Stewie complete? The final task for that one is Enfant Terrible Part 6. You need to defeat Giant Stewie 3 times in it. Once done, the pop up will say you completed Part 6 and soon after the next Phase will unlock.


  3. So i was wondering… If you rearranged your town the right way… Is it possible to trap all the stewies into 1 area and bomb them that way?


  4. There was a new pop up in my game for a part 7 of the bombardier training to kill 400 minion Stewie’s for 25 clam and a George Takai trophy if done in 4 days. Just thought I would tell you.


  5. Absolutely destroying this event… Almost completed Stan Lee, completed Bombardier days ago, and sitting at 87,000+ of Blam. I was a little worried about getting Takei at the beginning, but I’m worried I’ll have nothing to do after I get him in 5 or so days… Love this game!


  6. I’m hoping TinyCo comes out with a surprise at the end of the event and let’s us keep all of the Fabulous Four. Wishful thinking I suppose…


  7. Just got Blobolous, Hot Rod Lois, Stan Lee and Bombairder Trophy 😉 🍩🍩🍩


  8. Is robuttasaurus a playable character? Or a decoration?


  9. Got GT tonight – love the Howard stern show reference. I did buy Cranston shortly after he came out – but that’s all. Never thought I’d hit GT when this whole thing started. Now I just need 2 cameras for Stan lee. Happy to slow down until the new content coming at end of week. Still saving all blam until the end – never know what might be added.


  10. I bombed 10 minion Stewie’s during the part 5 quest to bomb 8 of them. I haven’t been able to get 10 again since part 6 started 😦

    On a brighter note. Just hit 100k blam and got George Takei

    Also 1 book item away from unlocking the next flag pole character 🙂


  11. I have only been playing this game since this event was introduced. I have accumulated quite a stash of $ and not sure if I am spending it correctly. So far I have been buying up real estate and placing random buildings on it for the hourly $. I am now getting to the 30k+ plots on the left side. Just wondering if there is something crazy I should be saving for or just keep buying it up while this event lasts.


  12. I hope tiny co releases some more tiers or something…. I’m gonna be over 200k blam… Maybe 300k, by events end. I’m
    Already at 115k, lol.


  13. Hey! There’s action in the training Centre! That wasn’t there before, was it?

    On a side note, there are loads of you that managed to get GT today. I just got my Q building, but wanted to say congrats! You’re proving that it can be done! 🙂 way to go! !! (Yes…I’m also jealous. Lol)


    • Ty! Don’t count me in the bunch since I bought Bryan Cranston thou, lol. I will say that GT is extremely easy to get now thanks to giant Stewie. Focus on getting the 25x streak once daily and you’ll have him in no time! The minions help as well, but not as much. I believe grinding them, I was able to get about 1.2-1.5k daily, but giant Stewie grants 5.2k daily if you can hit the 25x streak consistently.

      While BC does indeed help greatly with that, he’s actually overkill. As long as you have the rest of the chars/costumes unlocked, and have them grinding pesticides, you should be good. Also, training center drops oranges. And zap latchers when possible. I usually get greens from them.


      • Actually the minions are the best way to earn Blam! I managed to get over 30k Blam! since Friday only cause of them. I unlocked Red Hot and now 3 days later I am hitting 72k ^^ One notebook left for Stan Lee 😀


        • I would disagree. I get far more Blam! from Giant Stewie than you get from the Minion (I’m over 150,000 Blam! and around 20,000 per day if I want)…. The secret is to buy lots of the Training Centers, I have 18 already.


  14. I think I’ve asked before (And I’m really sorry if I have, I don’t remember where I’d asked it so I can’t go back to find a response), but are Bryan, Ron, Felicia, George, and the other Comic Con guests voiced by their actual persons?


  15. This event has suddenly turned VERY fremium friendly lol. Minion Stewies gave me all the ice creams, books and cameras in just 2 days. Just got Robuttasaurus 3 days after getting Red Hot. With Stan Lee and The Multiplier more free clams are coming and I think I’ll have around 200 by the final days so I think GT is as good as claimed already.


  16. Off topic, but still regarding the event. Am envious about Android players having an exclusive HERO OUTFIT. Seing the 5-car/vehicle timed quests, I believe those 5 would account to one each per hero. Would be nice to be able to show off all 5 outfits and vehicles together. Plus, the Android outfit would be a Limited Time only item while the Golden Peter is a fixed feature. To be honest, I never used the Golden Suit other than to finish its quest line. TC should give us an option to be able to TRADE IN our Golden Suit for the Joe Hero outfit. ;-p

    Liked by 1 person

    • As an Android player, I think they should just make Joe available to everyone. (Unless, of course, they are doing it just to rub it in the eye of corporate contract writers at Apple)


    • Or just give the suit to android players for the duration of the event and after the event is over give it to everyone


      • If so, I expect the same with the iOS exclusive Golden Suit Peter as well…


        • Didn’t even now Gold Suit was an exclusive until I read it here while people were discussing the Hero suit. In my opinion, it wasn’t even a big loss for Android. It is one of my least liked outfit. Lol. And I believe there are only 3 or 4 tasks under it.


  17. I just got George Takaei. Is there any reason why I should collect Blam! from here on out?

    PS-Thank you Bryan Cranston, without you I would have never been able to get George. You and your many pesticides.


  18. Am I doing something wrong? All I read are comment after comment about people getting George. I play this game religiously all day long and am only at 48,000 BLAM!. I mean don’t get me wrong, at this rate I should be fine, but I feel like I am so far behind the average. (I’m Freemium, by the way)


    • Don’t stress on where others are. Focus on your own goals and what YOU can do to earn the most Blam. Every player is different. Some literally “live” in the game each hour and MAX out all possibilities. Not to mention many are Premiums too that invested in Bryan to get a boost in Pesticides.


  19. I think everyone needs to simmer down with big noting their achievements. Not everyone is close to 100,00 blam and many players still need all the help they can get. I was doing well for 12 hours after the minion Stewie part dropped. But since Tiny co changed the drop rates and payouts, due to everyone saying how easy it is now, i haven’t seen a since item drop.
    I’m consistently get 8-10 minions per bomb and all i’ve been getting is 5 coins or 15 blam. I still need all items for Stan so we should not be receiving coins as they say Blam is the only currency accepted during comic con. So why coins? They are useless ATM

    Liked by 1 person

    • Waiting on confirmation of the coins. They may come in handy later. It is ok for people to be proud of their achievements. It is not done as ill will. They are just stating they had lost hope too and now are happy and shocked they are so far. That is ok. Just don’t let it deter you. NO ONE plays the same. Just focus on what YOU can do and don’t let others success get you down. This is a community. We all need to root for each other, whether the person is up top…or just starting out.

      I do also understand where you feel due to the joy that TinyCo tightened the reigns. Well you can have knowledge that I am already in discussions about it with them.


      • Man, I don’t want to be on the wrong side of a “discussion” with Bunny!!


        • HAHAHAHAH. I am a passionate person. The fangs are sharp and I use them when needed. But I also try to stay professional too. I am a player first and foremost. Invest a LOT into the games we play. Alissa too. So we are right there with everyone else when issues hit. I may have a lil different route of connecting to them, by I voice my opinions for all players impacted and hope to help all players with results. 🙂


    • In total agreement regarding drop rates! And the minions dropping coins! I still have to unlock RP, FD, SL & GT!


  20. I posted my bombing setup on the Family Guy Addicts Flickr group page for anyone who wants an easy way to hit the 15 stewie max. Clear all roads but a square of 4; place the Griffin house immediately north of it; clear out about 20 stewies; log out; wait a half hour or so & log back in; after the game loads, hit the targeting button immediately; as soon as you see a puff of smoke appear, hit the “bombs away” button & voila — 15 stewies.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Pretty off topic, but anyone else noticed Peters Pirate car is alot smaller then the cars we are winning? Wonder if they will adjust its size…


  22. I want to know how I can have either an admin. On here or tiny co put my max back up to 25x on giant stewie. I was there earlier and when I went to vanquish him my game would not let me log in and now I’m back down to 1x and not very happy about it.


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