Breakdown of Latcher Stewie and the Zapper Gun

So you have a crazy lil Squid looking Stewie in your town now, inking buildings and turning them dark. Not sure what to do with him? What is his purpose? Well I’m here to give you the breakdown of it all.

Latcher Stewie

I figured you would want all the ins and outs of this crazy lil Mutant Baby that seemed to take over your Quahog. Well I have a lot of details below that will hopefully be able to help answer any of those remaining questions on Latcher Stewie and the Zapper.

Stewie Squid


Latcher Stewie’s will start to appear into your town after you complete Quahog Comic-Con Part 6. (After completing Captain Hammered and opening the Convention Center.) NOTE: Make sure your device is update to 1.1.1 BEFORE you complete this to avoid issues with Ron Perlman. 

Quahog Comic-Con Part 6

Quahog Comic Con Part 6


Once you get to this point, a task to unlock the Latcher Stewie’s will be triggered.

Mutant Stewie Transformation

Creature From The Goo Lagoon

Latcher Stewie Celebrity Captures

Creature from the Goo Lagoon Pt 1


The Latcher Stewie’s will start to take over the buildings in Quahog and make them unusable until he is zapped or the 8 hours pass by and he moves on. Keep in mind, up to 4 max Latcher Stewie’s can be in your town at the same time so another one could potentially take its place. They will keep coming every 3 hours until that max is hit.

Now for those of you that have the same building for “farming”, he can attach to multiples of that same building. So it is likely you could see him latched onto 4 of the same Office Buildings. He also can latch on at ANY time. So it won’t matter if that $ sign is above or not.

Toxic Grabber Stewie Squid

There is the question as to whether or not the Latcher Stewie will keep characters inside or not. This is random. Some he will hold hostage, while others may be kicked out. If the characters are still inside, their timers are still going and they will still payout as usual once he is zapped or moves on and the building tapped as normal.

So in summary: 4 Latcher Stewie’s max, Respawn every 3 hours, Move every 8 hours. 



Latcher Stewie is here to stay for the entirety of the event. I don’t think Ron will be the last person he grabs a hold of.

Kidnapped Ron Perlman




Now that Stewie is in your town, you will need to pick and choose wisely as to when and where you want to Zap him.

Latcher Stewie Zap

So just how does the Zapper work? Well the first time you unlock the Zapper you will be able to give it a try. You can trigger it one of two ways. By tapping on any building that Latcher Stewie has a hold of. (This will allow you to pick an choose what building you want to Zap the Latcher Stewie off of.)

Latcher Stewie Fabulous 4 Building

Or by tapping on the lil Zapper icon in the lower right hand corner of your game. This will just go to the nearest Latcher Stewie no matter what building he is on. (The number in the box is how many Zaps/Batteries you have left to use. FYI, they can take a few moments to refresh and update after use…so the number may not lower immediately, but will eventually catch up and sync.)

Zapper Count


Once you tap on either, the Zapper will then let you know if it is ready to use or if you need to wait a little more time. If it is ready to use, then you will see the following… “USE” and/or  “ZAP”. (If you only have a short time left on the charger, you may want to wait until it completes so you get a free charge and don’t waste batteries. Seeing that timer still going means you are using a Battery and NOT the charge.)

Zapper UseZapper Gun Charged


A little video will then come up showing Latcher Stewie being zapped, turning into dust, and going away.

Latcher Stewie Zapped 1

Latcher Stewie Zapped 2

Latcher Stewie Zapped 3

The building will go from dark back to its original hue. You now will have the option to tap on the building and clear it out. I would suggest to clear it right away before another Latcher takes hold. (Since the Latcher does move every 8 hours, if you want to save your Zap for a more important building, just let him hang out on the ones you don’t care about and don’t waste Batteries.)

He also has a few silly catch phrases that pop up after he is defeated. Latcher Stewie phrase Latcher Stewie phrase 2 Latcher Stewie phrase 1Latcher Stewie phrase 3

If you try to Zap Latcher Stewie’s and there are none around, you will get a funny lil dialog pop up from Captian Hammered. Captain Hammered Latcher Stewie Phrase



So what do you get for Zapping him? Well there are a variety of items that you may or may not see pop out. You will get 50 Blam! for each Latcher you zap. You also will get a “Chance” item. This will depend on what character(s) you are currently unlocking. Right now you may see one of the following items:

Pizza Pizza


Black and White MovieBlack & White Movie

So zapping the Latcher will not only give you some extra Blam!, but some other items you may be having difficulty acquire.




With the Zapper now depleted of its charge, you are going to have to wait 4 hours for it to recharge or you can get some Batteries to keep going. There are a few different ways you can earn Batteries for free.

Completing tasks involving Latcher Stewie.Creature from the Goo Lagoon Part 3

Creature from the Goo Lagoon Part 4

Sending Patrick to the Thing A Mah Gadgets for his Battery earning task.Patrick Stewart Pick Out Zapper Task

Tapping on Red or Yellow Shirt Nerds. (Random Batteries dropped.)

Red Shirt Nerd Yellow Nerd

For those of you that wanted the info, here is the Battery earning task for Ron once you unlock him. 

Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Large Monsters


However, if you REALLY want those Batteries right now… you can also part with some of your precious Clams and buy/invest to get them.

Infinizap Battery FactoryInfinizap Battery Factory 250 Clams, 1 Battery $60 & 40XP Every 12 hours.


1 pack battery1 Pack Battery 15 Clams

3 pack battery3 Pack Batteries 40 Clams

12 pack batteries12 Pack Batteries 140 Clams

Or you can even take a chance at the Robo Brian Mystery Box (75 Clams) to get 12 Batteries.


Robo Brian Myster Box 12 Pack Batteries Winner




TinyCo has added to the Fabulous Challenge game play by offering Limited Time vehicles. Each week you will be asked to do something different to earn them. This week it was to Zap 15 Latcher Stewie’s to get the Nailgunner.

2014-08-02 10


There will also be times you need to Zap Latcher Stewie to complete the Creature from the Goo Lagoon quest. Creature from the Goo Lagoon Part 5

So it looks like he is pretty involved in the ongoing Quahog Comic Con Event. I for one am giggling and having a blast Zapping him. I even wish there were other things I could Zap too. Lol.

Did this help YOU out? Did I leave anything else unanswered? Have YOU purchased any batteries? Won any? Let us know your thoughts below.


206 responses to “Breakdown of Latcher Stewie and the Zapper Gun

  1. Anyone else have a locked building they can’t zap. I have quagmire finished with a task in a building and every time I try zapping it it locks with the zoomed in gun. Other buildings let me zap him ok.


  2. So has anyone noticed that they have an excess of one type of pesticide spray? I have over 20 green ones!!! The green ones only ever pop up at the beginning of the ’round’ and only requires like 3, so I’m ALWAYS short on the orange ones but am overflowing with green :/


  3. Ran out of Stewies to zap. What a bummer!!!!


  4. My Fab 4 building has a latcher but when I shoot it it doesn’t open the building? Any thoughts?


  5. Is it worth buying the battery factory?? How many of you out there have done so?


    • People are stating that they are earning batteries fast enough by tasks and nerds that they don’t use it that much. Anyone else have thoughts on it?


      • I won the factory in the Robo Brian mystery box. Between that, Pearlman and nerds dropping batteries every so often, I’m constantly sitting around with about 5 batteries and no more Stewie’s to zap. Just my 2 cents

        Also I read somehwere around here that if you zap latcher Stewie during the 30 second countdown where Giant Stewie respawns after you defeat him, then a sundae will drop. I tried it three times in a row and it only dropped the second time. Now I have 4. Three from latched Stewie and 1 from Peter


  6. Do we get to keep the characters that we aquire after comic con is gone?


  7. patrick stewart’s task to relax was set to finish in 30 minutes and mutant stewie decides to jump from oceanland onto the spa and kicks him out. ughhh so mad =_=


  8. do you think it’s worth saving batteries now? or will i end up with loads and nothing to do with them?


  9. The Stewie mutants haven’t latched onto my Q building for a few days now (for the longest time he was ALWAYS on there)! Other than that, they seem to take a liking to the spa, minimart, rockit playground, marine center, and the zoo. I’ll probably regret saying this, but I have yet to see a character get kicked out and lose their progress on a task. Fingers crossed…


  10. I can’t seem to keep the lather off the day spa so Patrick can complete his task there.. I’ve started a flapping Jacks farm to try to keep him away but he just keeps going back and kicking him out.. so frustrating


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