Do I Want That? Nathan Fillion

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?




Now hold on there a minute. Are you SURE you want that? With all these cool Quahog Comic Con Limited Time Event Items in the game, it is very easy to get carried away. Before you know it, Clamshell Shock! All gone!

So before you go ahead and buy Nathan Fillion with your hard earned Clams, here are a few things you might want to know about it.


Character: Nathan Fillion
Clam Price: 250 Clams
Size: (Chair) 1 x 1
Unique: Yes

– A cool Celebrity Character from shows like Firefly, Castle, Desperate Housewives, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Voice Actor in Guardians of the Galaxy and Robot Chicken. Actor in movies like Serenity.
-Drops Blam! needed for Quahog Comic Con Event and prizes.
-Drops at one of each Harpoon needed for Demon Stewie (Always).
-Drops Batteries needed for Latcher Stewie (Rare).
-Drops Bombs needed for Minion Stewies (Uncommon).
-Premium $$$ & XP Earning Tasks.
-Funny outdoor tasks of him hosing himself off and folding laundry.
-Sound effects when tapped. “Coohoool Hawhip”, “If you don’t have a tattoo of a Spaceship, you’re a coward”. “You may know me from such shows as Castle, or Firefly, or Castle”, “Space…Cowboy”, “Please don’t tap me while you’re on the toilet”, “OOOOOOooooooooooooh CANADAAAA!” (he is from Canada), “Join the craze that’s sweeping the nation…Me”, “Ask me if there’s gonna be more Firefly”, “Hodor”, “Where are all the Brown Coats at”, “Your Mom loves me”, “I really AM ruggedly handsome”

Task Time/ Payout Blam!/Extras Location
Write a Space Western Script 1hr/ $20, 12XP 4 Drunken Clam
Fix Lois’s Personal Massager 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6/ 1 Bomb Griffins Home
Make Moms Horny 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 10/ 1 Old Timey, Modern, and High-Tech Harpoon Outside
Ride a Unicycle 6hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 James Wood High
Shop for Gadgets 8hrs/ $80, 50XP 16/ 1 Battery (Rare) Thing A Ma Gadgets
Do Laundry 10hrs/ $90,59XP 18 Outside
Clean Bonnie’s House 12hrs/ $100, 65XP 20 Swanson House
Emcee Karaoke Night 24hrs/ $150, 100XP 30 Drunken Clam

Now for some eye candy for the “Moms” from his outdoor tasks. Lol.

Nathan Fillion 4 Nathan Fillion 5 Nathan Fillion 6

Nathan Fillion 3 Nathan Fillion 2 Nathan Fillion 1


Final Thought:
Personally, I did purchase this Celebrity too. More for nostalgia sake. He does help to earn many items needed for the remainder of this event. He is being brought in towards the end and therefor half the cost of Bryan. I would say that this one is more for a completionist as he is helpful, but there are many other Harpoon, Bomb, and Battery earning items. Of course, he is the ONLY one that guarantees one of each kind every 4 hours so it does make him worth something. I also like the fact he is voiced and has outdoor animated tasks. (I still giggle he says “Hodor”.) This all adds to his appeal to me. Overall, I would say if you got the Clams, this would be a fun investment. If not, you may want to wait until towards the end of the event to decide if he is something YOU will be happy with once the event is over.

With it being part of a Limited Time Event, just make sure you make up your mind as once the event is over, it is most likely they will be gone. In the end it’s your call.  What you buy and what you don’t buy is your own personal choice we can only guide you on the facts and let you know what we did and what we think.  But don’t purchase it until YOU are sure. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!


41 responses to “Do I Want That? Nathan Fillion

  1. As a horny mum, I had to get him!! I’m a massive browncoat and his one liners are just too funny. I thought he was a much better investment than Cranston. As much as I loved BB, space cowboys get me every gorram time!


  2. I really want him but only have 149 clams, hoping we will get to convert blam to clams or something near the end so I can buy him, haven’t spent any unnecessary blam just in case!


  3. My only complaint is that he doesn’t have more outdoor tasks lol.


  4. The two things I wanted out of this event were Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion. So glad that both were affordable as a freemium player. I’m glad I gave this event a chance despite the daunting Blam! counts from the beginning.


  5. I haven’t watched Castle yet (though I’ve been meaning to), but as a HUGE fan of Firefly this was a must-buy. My first clams purchase and I’m happy with it, especially with the harpoon task. Seeing as I’m at 98K blam even after being mostly absent for a week, really hoping there’ll be a box to use the excess blam after I unlock George in the next day or two…

    …any word on that, or just rumors?


    • Just rumors at this point…hopefully something more will be coming but for now we only know what’s in the game so far.


    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. Firefly was awesome and have been meaning to watch Castle. I too considered him a must buy. Gotta love the celebrity thing. Most I have met in person weren’t very likable but in my game they are my pawns BWAHAHAHA….I mean it’s nice to have them in my game


  6. I bought him because I had clams from the bomb bonus that was offered, also as he completed a set for me I got 100 clams back, so really he only cost me 150 clams… Plus he has a funny quest line and a good return on harpoons…


  7. I couldn’t wait for NF to join the game… He and Stan Lee were the only celebs I really wanted. Loved him in Firefly/Serenity, watch him all the time on Castle… One of my fave actors 🙂 My cousin kept laughing particularly at the “Mom” comments and tasks with Nathan as I hit them on my game… and my 8 year old son had no clue why hehehe


  8. After I got Fillion, Bonnie now has a 100 BLAM task (1d) of “Fawn Over Fillion”. True, a one day task with no item drops is a bit of an investment, but a single-character payout that large is unusual.

    Also, I’d like to point out that his quest line/conversations are hilarious.


  9. I’ve been saving up my blam forever, finally got Takei today ! 🙂 now that I have him, what should I do with my blam, what’s gonna happen to them when the event is over? is there going to be something special to spend it on? or are they just gonna disappear?


  10. I just got George and I’m on the fence as to whether or not I actually NEED this character… if i buy him I’ll have 100 clams left over which I’ll probably spend on getting items for the quag but at the same time is it really worth it for just 1 more rocket every two hours? *gnashes teeth* lol.


  11. So, Bunny, I’m guessing you would consider him a FILF?


  12. I want to buy him, but I also want Cranston. I also want Consuela (used to be the most expensive character). This event has tossed me a lot of free clams and there are still sorta two weeks left. I am hoping there are some extra events left that will help me rack up clams.

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  13. i bought Nathan as well, met him last year (as well as Felicia) so getting them in this game was a must! though i gotta admit, despite how geeky i am, i don’t get the “Hodor” thing? lol oh and i love that when he’s doing his laundry, he pulls out a shirt similar to Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible, his jacket from Firefly/Serenity and a canadian flag shirt to honor his canadianess!! 🙂


    • “Hodor” is a character from A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). He’s got a simple mind, and the only thing he says is his own name, Hodor. (some slight GoT spoilers in the clip below, sorry)

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  14. Had to have him. After buying Brian I looked at it as only really spending 150 clams since I got 100 back for completing the set. That’s 40 bucks I’ve dropped on this event and I’m pretty happy with it. Plus I got Consuela and I am closing in on Buzz. You might wonder why I’d buy them instead of something else from the event but I need the houses in my residential section and I know after the event is over I’ll go back to improving my city again so a character with a house is worth more to me than a trailer or whatever. Also can you please make this site less appealing? Between the two addict sites and my games I am barely having time to sleep.

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  15. Chalk me up as another buyer for Nathan. I had already figured out that I didn’t need him to finish the Harpoon quests or to earn Blam! (I was only a few thousand away from winning Takei.) Plus I can handle 250 Clams for a limited time character (500 clams…no thanks.)

    Part of me is hoping that TinyCo is planning a surprise guest of Neil Patrick Harris. I mean…they clearly are fans of Dr. Horrible, look at all the references: 1) Peter’s costume name is Captain Hammered (Nathan Fillion’s character in Dr. Horrible was Captain Hammer) 2) Felicia Day 3) Nathan Fillion 4) The t-shirt that Nathan pulls out of his Do Laundry task is the Captain Hammer costume.

    So, surely they must have tried to get Neil Patrick Harris…right? PLEASE?!


  16. Near the end of the event justifies half the cost is certainly one way of looking at it.
    another way is BC’s productivity to the event lasted 1 week. NF’s productivity looks like it will last until the end of the event, or two weeks.

    BC generates 2 harpoons per hour, exactly the same rate as all
    of the super-Griffins(1 per 2 hours), essentially a 75% drop in event productivity. that’s not an appropriate payout on something that cost 500 clams. Should have been BC was 250 and NF 500. productivity aside, all the horny moms were gonna part with their clams regardless of how much he cost, lol.

    Is this a simple a miscalculation by a young company or the cold equations of customer manipulation?
    I don’t know which would bother me more: the idea that tinyco can’t get their ducks in a row over pricing and event pacing or that tinyco is treating me like an idiot to screw me out of as much money as possible before I rage quit.
    Truth is probably somewhere between the two, but I’m thinking about the next event. Is this event the new standard or are they gonna change everything again?
    Are the event currency generators going to be necessary(like in full moo) or pointless(like comic con)?
    Are the prices going to continue to be so wild and detached from the play value of the items in question?
    Wanna support the game, but all of these issues make me -very- leery of sending any more good money after bad.


    • Bryan Cranston is still earning his cost. Especially if you look at it through what it would have taken to buy out the items they earned with Clams. I do not see it as manipulation at all. From day one we saw the Clam costs were high. They have dropped them a lot and made many changes. You do not have to buy into the game. That is still complete personal choice. They are getting better at making the Clam costing characters “earn their keep”, especially during this event. We got Consuela when she was 600 Clams, others at 300…she still isn’t doing much to make her worth while yet other than being who she is.

      Every Event in any game has Event Currency. Nothing different there. This event has been 100 times better in my opinion than Kingdom was. They are adding a lot more to keep players happy and having fun. I just think in the scheme of things that you may just not be used to the kind of game they are offering.

      This is my suggestion to you, if you do not like something…feel they can do better…let them know. Give them some suggestions of where they can improve AND how to do it. Let them know your thoughts on cost, game play, etc. They are listening and still changing for the better.

      In the end, they still have mouths to feed and bills to pay so premiums will be there to support this game and those providing it. But, they are open to the community and doing things no one else has to date.


      • Agreed on this being much better than the Egypt event. I can’t see how anyone who wasn’t spamming clams or unemployed was able to get close to getting King Butt. Takei takes work, but nothing crazy random or life-draining. As it is, the only event items available that I’m now missing are the item-generating buildings (useless clamsinks anyway), Quagmire’s and Joe’s event costumes (and Q should be done soon), and Cranston, who I might actually spend IRL money on if I can get my clam total reasonably close to 500. Or not, if I can turn my excess Blam! into clams.

        That’s not to say this has all been roses. Chris’ bike had me seriously pissed until I realized that it was a lot easier to get than I thought it would be (ended up getting it with nearly a day to spare), so I am dreading that final vehicle a bit, not to mention whatever else they have in mind for the grand finale (two comic pages left, remember?)

        But overall it’s been a lot of fun, in just the way that freemium is supposed to work: free if you put enough effort in, but you have the option to pay for stuff if you don’t want to take the time or if you want to splurge on ultimately unnecessary things (or if you run a fansite, at which point I imagine it’s deductible).


  17. Tadmire Giggity

    I have accumulated hundreds of clams as a freemium player and this was my first clam purchase. Very satisfied, as a fan of Firefly and Castle. He’s also good in Much Ado About Nothing. For this event, he earns 1 of each harpoon every 4 hours (yes, that’s 3 harpoons, each time). Very useful, for vanquishing demon Stewie. Also, you left out one of his tasks; It’s “shop for gadgets” at Thing-A-Ma-Gadgets store, for a chance to collect a calculator and help unlock the Multiplier costume for Quagmire.


  18. He is awesome! I got him the moment he was available. Used up my entire stash of clams but well worth it. He dropped enough harpoons to get me past 30x Demon Stewies multiple times and helped me get the last vehicle. Now he’s helping me get the Multiplier costume. And he’s Canadian! Whoohoo!


  19. I just HAD to buy him! Huge Firefly/Castle fan, plus think he’s hilarious and just couldn’t resist. Not even kidding, I saw him and bought him without a seconds hestitation.
    This event is by far and away the best so far!


  20. Solid Gold Cactus

    I love this character best character ever in any game ever omg love him


  21. In general I think the characters are worth it over buildings, they drop more items as well as help your collections, I bought the zapper building and it seems pretty pointless I have been getting more from character drops and bombing the small stewies than the building.


    • Item dropping buildings are nigh-on useless. With the new metric that lowers the difficulty after failing to drop hard-to-find items for a certain period of time, persistence and patience pay off all the more quickly. If they have more clams than time, then by all means people should feel free to by them up if they want them, but they’re ultimately unneeded even if you have a full-time job keeping you from the game.

      Besides, all building give you is stuff. Characters give you entertainment.


  22. I don’t buy clams, and I’m very stingy with my free ones. I was up to 358 the other day though and I thought, “To hell with it. I’m getting Fillion!”


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