DEMON BE GONE!! New Demon Stewie

RELEASE THE DEMON!! So here we are another week gone by and yet another incarnation of Stewie has arrived. Is it bad of me that I like him with the horns n wings? Lol.

Well I am sure you are all anxiously awaiting the details, so let’s hop to it.

Demon Stewie 3

First off, the trigger points on this one. For each Phase in this event, you must complete the prior one to unlock the new content and quests. So in order to unleash Demon Stewie, you need to have completed your “Bombs Away Part 7” missions from the Minion Stewie questline.

Bombs Away Part 7


Once completed with Bombs Away Part 7,  Peter will kick start the Demon Child Part 1 after some funny dialog with him n Lois (Both in Costume). As you can see, it is essentially still Giant Stewie (so those tasks you need to complete for characters like Blobulous will still work.)Demon Child Part 1


You will see that a new Comic Book Page has been added as well as a quick link to the details for Demon Stewie.

2014-08-21 23.02.58

2014-08-21 23.02.45


At some point AFTER completing Demon Child Part 1, you will see a notification pop up for this weeks Challenge. You will then have 4 days as soon as that timer icon pops into your task bar, so choose wisely on how you want to acquire Harpoons until it is triggered as you need to Defeat him 9 times in 4 days. (That’s 2 days if you let it reset twice back to the 1X mark.)

2014-08-21 23.16.54



A second pop up also will appear after launching into the Demon Child questline. This one is pretty cool. It just requires you to run a streak on Demon Stewie with out letting  him reset to earn you a really cool animated Action Movie Set for your town. Now we know it says streak, but for some it still awards at 15X. Either way, pretty cool.

2014-08-21 23.16.00

Here is what the Action Movie Set looks like… in action. There are flames and fire a blaze, the manhole cover is blown up then lands back down, the lights on the car are active, as well as the water out of the fire hydrant bursting where the cop car hit it. (For those of you wondering, yes the cop car hitting a hydrant does remind me of another one in a “Clown Land”. Lol.)

Bonus Movie Set



Now that you have the basics, on to a bit more details about the Demon Stewie himself. First off, the new form of attack.

The new incarnation of the Giant Stewie is a bit more evil and needs a bit more evil type of weapons to take him down. Insert the Harpoons.


You may have been saving up and just about to hit a Streak when the new content lauched, so what to do with all the Pesticide you have been hoarding? Trade it in of course.

2014-08-21 23.03.57

If you still have Pesticide hanging around by the time the Demon is released, you will notice the option of a Dr. Manhattan Rupert Pesticide Conversion Box pop up in your Event Menu.  Once you tap on it, you will start the conversion process. Each tap gives you a Conversion Box you can open to see how many Harpoons you received in exchange.

2014-08-21 23.03.51

(p.s. am I the ONLY one that wants a Dr Manhattan skin now for Rupert?)

Dr Manhattan Rupert Box 2


Back the the Conversion. The amount you get in return will vary. (They will NOT be a 1:1 ratio, so be ready.) This will however give you a jump start on the Demon Stewie and the Challenge Vehicle for this week. The options of Harpoons you can win inside the boxes are as follows:

Old Timey HarpoonOld Timey Harpoons- 3, 4, or 5

Modern HarpoonModern Harpoons- 3, 4, or 5

High Tech HarpoonHigh-Tech Harpoons- 3, 4, or 5


You will be able to continue collecting and opening Rupert Boxes until you have depleted all your Pesticides. Then, the Rupert Box will disappear from your menu.



2014-08-21 23.12.33
Several new tasks were added with the new Phase, or switched out so the characters can now earn items needed for the Demon Giant Stewie. I am happy to see more of the town Characters were tossed in the mix.

New Tasks      
Character Task Time/ Payout Blam!/ Harpoon
Red Hot Lois Buy Shiny New Harpoons 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon or 1 Old Timey Harpoon
Red Hot Lois Scavenge for Harpoons 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon or 1 Modern Harpoon
Captain Hammered Fish for Harpoons 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ 1 Modern Harpoon or 1 Old Timey Harpoon
Captain Hammered Buy Shiny New Harpoons 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon or 1 Old Timey Harpoon
Blobulous Fish for Harpoons 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ 1 Modern Harpoon or 1 Old Timey Harpoon
Blobulous Scavenge for Harpoons 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon or 1 Modern Harpoon
Multiplier Compare Harpoon Sizes 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon or 1 Modern Harpoon or 1 Old Timey Harpoon
Felicia Day Practice Larping 4hrs/ $30, 20XP 6 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon
Patrick Stewart Be a Thespian 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 10 Blam!/ 1 Old Timey Harpoon
Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Monsters 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 10 Blam!/ 1 Modern Harpoon
Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 10 Blam!/ (2 out of the 3) 1 High-Tech Harpoon or 1 Old Timey Harpoon or 1 Modern Harpoon
Stewie Revise Harpoon Design 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 5 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon or 1 Modern Harpoon or 1 Old Timey Harpoon
Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 6 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon and 1 Modern Harpoon and 1 Old Timey Harpoon
Seamus Whittle Harpoons 24hrs/ $150, 100XP 15 Blam!/ 1 High-Tech Harpoon or 1 Modern Harpoon or 1 Old Timey Harpoon

So  a mix of Characters you can use to get Harpoons you need for Demon Stewie.


You can also get High-Tech Harpoons from Latcher Stewie.

Latcher Stewie Zapper Harpoons



The game provides you a quick overall tutorial of what to do to defeat him.

How To Beat Demon Stewie

It is essentially still Giant Stewie…with wings and horns…so the concept for taking him down will be the same. After you have collected Harpoons, Tap on the Convention Center. (Tapping on the Target won’t open it.)

Vanquish Demon Stewie Screen

Once you tap on it, it will open the Vanquish Demon Stewie Screen.

Vanquish Demon Stewie Screen 2

From here you can see how many Harpoons you need for the Current Blam! Level as well as how many you have already of each kind. (Each Level will require a specific amount of Harpoons, though the Harpoons themselves will vary). Here is the breakdown.

Level Harpoons Needed Blam! Payout (Base x Multiplier)
1X 5 135
3X 8 405
8X 11 1080
15X 15 2025
30X 20 4050
Additional Rounds 25 4050

If you have enough Harpoons, the option to “VANQUISH DEMON STEWIE!” will be at the bottom. If you do not, it will say “FIND HARPOONS!” and you will need to go and earn some more.

Once you tap on “VANQUISH DEMON STEWIE!”, it will go to a cut screen showing him getting engulfed in flames and disappearing into the Convention Center.

Demon Stewie 4

You will then be awarded your Blam! payout and will not be able to Vanquish him again for another 30 seconds.

Now remember, once you hit the top tier of 30X , you can keep going and going at that top tier and continually use the extra 5 Harpoon difference to keep hitting the MAX Blam! amount. Or if you prefer to keep it low and while you collect enough to keep a streak, you can hit any point on the Levels and then stop. Letting the 24 hour timer run all the way out. It will then reset to 1X and you can start again. (Don’t forget once you get the pop up for the Streak Action Movie Set Prize, you only have to run a streak once to get it.) Also don’t forget to get your Challenge Car for this week.

Blobulous Gorge-ous Bike


There you have it, the breakdown of the new incarnation of Giant Stewie. What do YOU think of him? Have you hit the streak yet and got the Movie Set? Do you have a favorite task that earns Harpoons? Are there any other Characters you wished had a Harpoon Earning task? Let us know.



261 responses to “DEMON BE GONE!! New Demon Stewie

  1. Ok please tell me I really didn’t mess up I’ve gotten all the cars except the final bus I did everything except I was supposed. To get the 350 minion stewies and I got 345 there were no stewies there to bomb I looked and looked it was crazy the timer ran out and now I can’t get the bus or the bonus vehicle is there anything I can do ?? I’m so upset and angry there was not a single stewie to be found anywhere !!! Help


  2. I have the Demon Stewie Streak Bonus pop up and I have reached the 30x streak twice now and have yet to achieve the movie set..What am I doing wrong?


    • Best thing to do in this situation is to contact TinyCo and let them know you didn’t receive the movie set, they’ll most likely have to go in and restore it for you.


  3. So I got to the 30X streak level and I didn’t get the movie set. Why is that?


    • Did you already get the pop up for the quest to earn it? If so, had you already defeated Demon Stewie BEFORE the pop up? You can let the Demon reset for 24 hours and let the timer run down without anymore attacks. Then start from 1X again and try once more to get it. It essentially needs to be 5 consecutive hits in a row before the timer runs down.


  4. I got a 30x streak and one of the rewards including the blam was a tenticle. What prize does the tentacle unlock?


  5. Hi

    Does it take 5 or 25 harpoons for additional rounds after hitting the 30x streak?


  6. I got the 9th harpoon kill and movie set streak on the same kill. I got the movie set but i didnt get the bike and it still says 8. Dont have time to get another kill before time is up 😦


  7. I have reached the 30x streak and nothing happened. My task to get it did not come up as fulfilled. Is there a known glitch?


  8. Showing 1 day and 1 hour until my chance to win Blobulous’ Bike is up. Vanquished Demon Stewie 6 times so far (multiplier is at 15x) and timer is at a little over 16 hours. Does letting the timer expire drop the multiplier down to 8x or all the way down to 0? Trying to figure out the best way to vanquish Demon Stewie 3 more times so as to get the Bike. Thinking that I’d be better off letting it reset if it does go to 0 since I’d only need 5 harpoons then 8 then 11 to get the 3 defeats. Currently have 10 old-timey, 29 modern, and 10 high-tech harpoons. Any advice would be appreciated.


  9. I’ve gotten the streak several times and still haven’t won the movie set.


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