Comic-Con Phase 6: Blam! Box, Iron Baby and More!

Hello There Clammers,

Phase 6 of Comic-Con has hit our Tiny Quahogs….more details on the way, but for now know that Peter kicks things off (as long as you’ve finished Demon Child Pt 5))AND there’s a Blam! Prize Box!  Also, you’ll be prompted to build the training center…

More details as soon as we go through it all!

New Stuff


askjeeves Store is BACK…and it costs Blam!- 5,000 Blam!

fencingcenterGeorge Takei Fencing Center- 7,500 Blam! (drops Calculators)

New Skin

Turbo Stewie Costume!

2014-08-28 23.06.15

To unlock you have to build the Training Center, to launch Iron Baby Pt. 1.  Then you’ll be required to vanquish Demon Stewie 20 times, to collect scraps of Demon Plating, and you’ll have to get 10 Fusion Reactors from the shop.  They cost 5,000 2000 Blam! (if you got them for 5000, please contact TinyCo for a refund) on their own OR you can win them in the Blam! prize box (2,500 Blam! a try).

You WILL need to have Stewie unlocked to unlock Iron Baby.  (there’s your throw to players who have been around for a long time, and ASKING for special things for high level players)

This has been revised…you can find more info on it here:

New Fabulous Challenge! 

This week’s car is the Fabu-bus!

2014-08-28 23.06.21

It’s the last vehicle…and the challenge to unlock is intense!  Here’s what you’ll have to do to win it…

2014-08-28 23.07.02


Basically…it’s a play on attacking ALL of the Stewies!

-Zap 25 Latcher Stewies
-Bomb 350 Minions
-Harpoon Demon Stewie 7 Times
-And do it ALL in 4 days!

IF you complete the tasks in time AND have previously unlocked ALL of the past vehicles (Nailgunner, Blaze, Tri-cycle, Gorge-ous Bike and The Fabu-bus). You’ll complete The Fabulous Challenge 5 to win the Fabu-Jet.

Once unocked the Fabu-Jet will automatically be found in your Inventory.

A note from TinyCo:  “If you missed any of the vehicles in the past, we are unable to reset the time or credit the vehicle if it was not unlocked in time.”


Blam! Mystery Box

Another new feature with this update is the Blam! Sponsored Mystery Box!  For 2,500 Blam! you can take a try at the box!

2014-08-28 23.02.50

No duplicates of decorations BUT you can get duplicates of Harpoons, Bombs, Batteries AND Clams!

Here’s what you can win:

Clams 10 Clams

Clams 25 Clams

Old Timey Harpoon 5 Old Timey Harpoons

Modern Harpoon 5 Modern Harpoons

High Tech Harpoon 5 High-Tech Harpoons

6 Bombs 6 Bombs

12 Bombs 12 Bombs

12 pack batteries 12 Batteries

reactor 2 Fusion Reactors

reactor 3 Fusion Reactors

redhottrophycase Red Hot Trophy Case

captainhammeredtrophycase Captain Hammered Trophy Case

decoration_brianrobotmysterybox@4x Robo Brian

Giant Stewie Giant Stewie

The Blam! Box will unlock for purchase AFTER you’ve completed Demon Child Pt. 2.


And that completes the Phase 6 Rundown!

What do YOU think of this week’s additions?  How many Blam! boxes have you purchased?  What do you think of Stewie’s new costume?  The Fabu-Bus?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

708 responses to “Comic-Con Phase 6: Blam! Box, Iron Baby and More!

  1. Hi Bunny, what happens if you finished all the fabulous four challenges? I was near the end but time ran out. What rewards do you get and what is the storyline ending?


  2. How do I contact tiny Co for a refund I paid 50,000 for my reactors and now I have 6,000 blam and no time or way to get the minion stevie costume. When I’ve gathered up a total of 155,000 blam kind of bogus lol.


  3. Hi BUNNY! Love your posts 🙂
    I can’t seem to find where the tentacles are being counted. I’ve seen tons drop but only just recently opened the iron stewie challenge. Do the previous tentacles count towards the needed 20?


    • Thanks 🙂

      As far as the demonic plating goes, before you trigger Iron Baby quest the game has no way of counting them. Sorry but it’s only ones AFTER that pop up is triggered that count as it adds them all right there and keeps tally.


  4. Am i going to be able to unlock iron baby even if i dont have stewie?


  5. Help! My demon Stewie keeps dropping Green tentacles even after I finished Iron Baby Part 1. I also can’t report this glitch to TinyCo. in game :/


  6. Hi,

    Can anyone help me understand the Iron baby story line? I still have to vanquish the giant Stewie mutant another 7 times. Perhaps someone could ask Tiny Co. If they could stop asking me for hi-tech harpoons and instead rotate the requests, so I could use some of my modern harpoons or even the old timey harpoons? It isn’t just my imagination. I have written down the past 8 harpoon types I have had to collect to kill giant Stewie, and 6 of them have been “hi-tech” (including thr last 3 in a row). The order has been a eun of 3 “hi-tech”, 2 “old time”, and 3 more “hi-tech”. I have 115 “modern” harpoons and 3 “hi-tech”. This is a joke! I have not been asked ONCE to kill mutant Stewie with “modern” harpoons, and yet TinyCo says this is a random choice? I call BS!

    Anyway, what is after the Iron-Baby part 1? And how much time do. I have left to finish the Iron-Baby story line? I have been trying to collect enough rockets for days, and still I have a long way to go before finishing part 1. I hope there is no part 2.

    These quests have become ridiculous. They seem to be created to get people to spend money on clams. I wouldn’t mind if it was a few clams here and there, but TinyCo’s business plan seems to want folks to either commit serious cash to this game, or quit. Freemium play is fine, but you simply cannot do everything in the time allotted and get every prize/suit/building.

    Very frustrating, and I am growing very weary of these constant quests.

    OK, that’s enough complaining. Seriously, though, any help on the iron-baby quest would be appreciated. I searched the site and came up empty (other than the announcement).



    • The quest is here…

      You basically collect the Plating and reactors. Once that is done, it depends on where YOU are in your game. If you have regular Stewie, then it starts part 2 to build his helmet and then create the costume at Al’s. If you do not have stewie, then it sits til you do. BUT…you MUST collect all the parts BEFORE the Comic Con event ends to be able to move on after. If you do NOT collect all the parts, then you can’t unlock him.


  7. Hi! I have collected all the vehicles but still haven’t triggered the Fabubus. I am at the start of the The Fabulous Four Challenge-the building is currently being built. Did I miss something? Or is it after the Fabulous Four challenge? Thanks for the help!


  8. Tried the blam box today for first time. Only has 3 items available in the box (only shows these as options)
    5 modern harpoons
    Giant stewie decoration and
    Trophy cases.
    I was going to try for reactors mad clams. Have they changed the box.


  9. Reading the comments I think I may have made a mistake using my blam trying to get the harpoons. Oh well better keep saving again and hope for the best


  10. Is there a trophy case for blobulous or the multiplier? I don’t see it listed in the potential drops from the box but I already have everything else I need from the boxes (except clams I guess) so if there isn’t I don’t have much reason to keep buying boxes on speculation that I might get some clams.


  11. Has anybody had an issue with robo stewie costume? I just did the 1 minute quest and he didn’t drop anything and I can’t redo it. So I’m stuck on possibly spending 50 clams.


  12. Was realy pleased when I won 75 clams from the Blam boxes, but after Bonnie and Felicia had 20 combined attempts to get a micro chip and zero chips earned bit the bullet and used them + 25 more, as could not see me ever getting them so nothing gained. Was dissapointed that I had to use them for something that was intended as a bonus not to use up more clams. 😦 At least only one tentacle to get Iron Stewie but teased me had over 35 of each left except only one more needed, the only one needed to complete him as 3 attempts used the same ones. Oh well will have him by tomorrow.


  13. Anybody else having issues with the microchips? I have a feeling that somehow, FD’s task of Freeze Tag is messing it up. I keep on getting the darn batteries. And seems the “game counter” considers the battery as a rare drop, resets the counter to “zero” again making it harder to get the chip. Was able to get one after just using Bonnie, but it took 4 tries. Considering it is an Extra Rare drop, you really need multiple characters to have the system register multiple attempts quicker. Haven’t they learned their lesson that using character tasks that drop multiple items messes up their “drop rate coding.” They could have used another celebrity’s 8-hour task (Patrick?) if they really wanted a non-premium celebrity toon to drop it.


    • It’s going around….remember the drop rates are random. So some people are getting microchips with no problem and struggling with guns, while others have the other items easily and struggling with microchips. Massively frustrating, but try mixing up the tasks with a 1hr task in between. Sometimes that break in routine helps it trigger.


  14. Well looks like I am done. All vehicles. All characters and all skins for characters. Currently sat with 100+ missiles, 100k of Blam and total score of 300,000 – wondering if an when another mystery box will drop and give us the display cabinets for Chris and Quagmire….


  15. I hate that box, the only things that it seems to drop are batteries and bombs and I just want those reactors


  16. its kind of annoying how Stewie and Iron Baby are two different sizes when you’re selecting a task


  17. Heads up, everything’s a gorram 1 day task. Rollocop has 2 1-day challenges in a row (prt. 4 & prt 5.). Iron Baby has 2 (prt 4 & prt 5), Fabulous 4 first sends EVERYONE on a 1-day task (prt 7), then Lois (prt 8). That’s just as far as I’ve gotten, and what I can remember off the top of my head.

    So if you’ve unlocked the outfits, but want the characters off doing tasks to get items, there’s your warning. You can pick up the tasks later, if you want.

    It’s just annoying.


  18. i finally got the iron stewie skin (at least thats what it said when i got my 20th scale although there is no way for sure until i finally unlock stewie) anyway im using all the characters that can get item for rollocop. but im afraid im gonna need more harpoons for the finals quests that are sure to pop up later this week. what is your advise? ie should i just use felicia to get harpoons and leave the micro chips to bonnie?


  19. Don’t even how stewie unlocked yet


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