Quahog Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 5

Hello There Clammers!

Comic-Con phase 5 has arrived in Quahog!  The fourth phase brings a new member of the Fabulous 4 to our towns as well another demonizing mutation for Stewie!  I know many of you are curious about what’s in store for us in our Tiny Quahogs during the fifth phase of this event..So with that in mind here’s the full quick walkthrough for phase 5 of the event (phase 1 can be found herephase 2 can be found herephase 3 can be found here and phase 4 can be found here)  This covers the main quests that popup during the 5th week of Comic-Con including: Demon Child and The Multiplier.

So now let’s harpoon a Demon Child shall we?

Demon Stewie 3

As always these are structured by questline (Note:Questline is considered the entire task list that is required under a certain title.  For example Demon Cihld Pt. 1, Pt. 2 etc).  This should help you keep track of what comes next in each questline & what you’ll need to do.  Keep in mind, with this game various quests/tasks can be running at once.  You can be in the middle of 1 questline and another questline will start, however the order in which the questlines appear may be different for each game.

Demon Child Pt. 1
Peter starts

Vanquish Demon Stewie– Collect Harpoons to defeat Demon Stewie
Have Captain Hammered Fish for Harpoons– 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp, 6 Blam and Harpoons
Completed Task Earns 50 Blam! and 35xp 

Demon Child Pt. 2
Peter starts

Vanquish Demon Stewie 2 Times- Collect Harpoons to defeat Demon Stewie twice.
Have Captain Hammered Buy Shiny New Harpoon– 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp, 6 Blam and Harpoons
Completed Task Earns 50 Blam! and 35xp 

Demon Child Pt. 3
Lois starts

Have Red Hot Analyze Mutant Clone DNA- 24hrs, Earns $150, 100xp and 30 Blam!
Completed Task Earns 50 Blam!and 35xp

Demon Child Pt. 4
Peter starts

Vanquish Demon Stewie 4 Times- Collect Harpoons to Vanquish Demon Stewie four times
Have Red Hot Scavenge for Harpoons- 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp, 6 Blam! and Harpoon
Completed Task Earns 50 Blam! and 35xp 

Demon Child Pt. 5
Peter starts

Have Captain Hammered Come Up with a Catchphrase – 2hrs, Earns $50, 30xp and 10 Blam!
Have Red Hot Come Up with a Catchphrase – 2hrs, Earns $50, 30xp and 10 Blam!
Have Blobulous Come Up with a Catchphrase – 2hrs, Earns $50, 30xp and 10 Blam!
Completed Task Earns 50 Blam! and 35xp

The Multiplier Pt. 1
Quagmire starts

Make Quagmire Swim in Geek Garbage– 6hrs, Earns $65, 45xp and 6 Blam!
Create the Multiplier- Requires 10,000 Blam!, 20 Porno Mags, 20 Lotion and 10 Calculators
Completed Task Earns $50, 50 Blam! and 35xp

The Multiplier Pt. 2
Quagmire starts

Multiply- 1hr, Earns $20, 12xp and 12 Blam!
Kill 25 Mini Mutant Clone Stewies- Collect Bombs to bomb 25 Minion Stewies
Completed Task Earns $100, 50 Blam! and 35xp

The Multiplier Pt. 3
Quagmire starts

Earn 350 Blam! Energy Drink
Build S&M&More- 
2,000 Blam! and 16hr Build.
Completed Task Earns $25, 50 Blam! and 35xp

What do YOU think of the event so far?  Are you collecting your Blam!? Thoughts on Harpooning Stewie?  Is it helping you earn Blam! faster?  Were you able to earn your film set yet?  Are you liking the Fabulous 4 Costumes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you.

126 responses to “Quahog Comic-Con Walkthrough Pt. 5

  1. Do I have to wait 24 hours every time I need to attack Demon stewie?


  2. Aaargh, I’m missing magazines to unlock the multiplier, and before the weekend I could do unlock him with 20 clams, now they want 170 or so. Something changed!


    • Nevermind, it was showing so many clams because I had used up some clams and had less than the required 10.000 blams. As soon as I got 10.000 blams I could purchase the multiplier cheaply 🙂


  3. I’m actually extremely frustrated with this game. It takes so unbelievably long to accumulate enough of anything to get stuff done. I’ve been following the main quests fine so far, now I’ve suddenly been asked to ‘make red hot Lois analyse dna ‘ and I’m nowhere near unlocking her. I’ve been playing about 3 times a day everyday since this stupid event started and I’ve only manage to accumulate.about 25000 blam, not the 35000 needed to unlock her. Furthermore, it took me so long as well as a hefty 10000 blam to unlock that felicia day woman, but.now.it wants another 5000 blam to do the next mission. I don’t have this kind of money! How on earth am I supposed to earn enough in time? By spending actual money on clams?


    • Many players have been able to unlock everything with out spending any money on Clams. A lot of blam! comes from defeating Giant Stewie (or Demon Stewie) and bombing the mininos.


      • That’s completely untrue. Each defeat of giant stewie only rewards me about 100 blam and I’m lucky if I can acquire enough harpoons in a day to even defeat him once. Also those minion stewies don’t really reward you that much for destroying them.


        • It is a matter of how you play the game itself but there is a LOT of Blam! to be had if you put in the work for it. You need to collect many harpoons, they run a streak on the Giant/Demon Stewie. As for the minions, I have found they offered TONS of Blam! for me at a lot quicker and easier rate. The maze I set up to trap them has been used by many other players in different forms to also trap them and hit many at a time. It has put me from 35000 Blam! to well over 100000 Blam! and continually rising by doing so. It all comes down to how YOU apply yourself and your skills in the game on what kind of payout you will get from it.



  4. You can actually trade clams for harpoons. Patrick Stewart has a 4 hour task that always drops old time harpoons, Felicia Day always drops high-tech harpoons and Ron Perlman always drops the other type. This means you can keep completing their 4hr task for 8clams and get a guaranteed harpoon of your choosing. If you’re desperate.

    Happy questing


  5. The drop rate for mags for the multiplier is ridiculous! I have got all the rest of the items but these just arent dropping. This must be the 5th or 6th time quagmire is going his task and none of the minions are dropping them after many many attempts at bombing them… Suggestions?


    • Restart your device. If you have it saved to an email or FB account…uninstall and reinstall the game. See if that helps. They drop for me, but they are a rarer rate.


  6. Needed more quagmire quests


  7. Well I missed getting the bike, so here’s hoping that they will sell it for BLAM! cola. I may not get the prize for getting all the vehicles before the timer ran out but getting the bike will help to fill the hero garage.


  8. Any idea if Stewie will mutate again this weekend? Stocked up on about 80 bombs, 10 batteries and 20 of each harpoon. Got 100k blam to spare, so don’t really need any more. Should I save up my ammo just in case? Any advice?


  9. Is anyone else not getting porno mags to drop from stewie minions, not one have I gotten from them(android) after hundreds have been bombed, I’ve sent several messages to tiny co. but nothing in response. I gave up yesterday even going for them now all I have to rely on is the Quagmire task to get them.


  10. Once you have hit 100,000 Blam and gotten all the prizes, is it better to try to keep harpooning Stewie to earn MORE Blam, or do you think it’s better to store up the harpoons (in hopes they will let you trade them in for something else?)


    • It’s hard to say…I THINK Stewie’s done mutating for now…

      Personally I’m over 100,000 and I’m just storing up Harpoons for what’s next. Just incase the next questline has you harpooning him again.


  11. I focused on getting the bike by letting the timer reset a couple of critical times, knowing I had no time limit on the 30x streak and could worry about that later. Now I’m ready to focus on the streak and I have looked through the comments but couldn’t find what I’m wondering…. How many of each harpoon do I need to assure that I can just breeze straight through the streak without having to collect any more? Thanks!!!


  12. frustrated I saved all my harpoons up and I just started my mission 2 days ago so I still have a day left to get the bike but the only one my Stewie demon wants to use is the old timey harpoon which leaves it all zero out while I have 50 and 60 of the other harpoons. Frustrating I’ll still get the bike granted the game doesn’t pull this bs again after the 24 hr clock on demon stewie runs out


  13. A little frustrated….I would drop some serious clam for harpoons to get the bike. Not enough time left.


  14. Has anyone else noticed the ways to get the calculator to unlock the multiplier changed?
    It’s already an extra rare item, plus two of the tasks were Peter’s… now they’ve taken the latcher stewies off the list…
    That’s cheating.


  15. Im really starting to get tired of this event. I have all the prizes and just need to unlock multiplier. The harpoon thing is getting really old really quick. Especially when theres barEly anything you can purchase with the blam It’s starting to become a paid app. I’m on lvl 50. And getting tired of comicon


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