Comic-Con Has Arrived in Quahog…for iOS

Hello There Clammers!

Looks like the late night updates continue…either that or someone pushed the “red button” a little too early…in either case if you play on iOS head to your App Store and download the latest version of TQFS….

Photo Jul 24, 1 47 09 AM

As always more details as I work through the game…and wake myself up (it is nearly 2 am here)..

Photo Jul 24, 1 50 58 AM

So…I’ve gone through the update (as have many of you) and at the moment…nothing is new.

It appears as if someone did in fact press the “red button” too early OR this is similar to what happened when they rolled out Full Moon.  It hit Android devices but didn’t trigger until Apple had the download (which, if I remember correctly, was close to a week).

In any event…I’ll keep checking and seeing if I see anything new pop up in the game via iOS…but for now it’s nearly 2:30 am…this is my 3rd game update of the day…I’m going to bed.

Update: Just after 7am on the East Coast of the US the event has officially started for iOS players.  Details will be coming shortly……

UPDATE: 8:45 Am EDT….
Ok i’ve FINALLY been able to go through the game and check things out…rundown is below the fold.

Update: 1:30 PM EDT… I’ve added a lot of info below, including a glitch report from TinyCo about known glitches that they’re working on.  I still have to finish playing through everything myself to get the rest of the details.  This is as updated as it’s going to get for now…right now I’ve gotta actually work, work.  More as I can get some time to go through it…


Note…i’m updating this as I go, so remember to keep hitting refresh until the post says updated and complete)

This will run similar to the Full Moon Event….as of right not there are 46 days 9 hrs 15m left in the the event.  So it should end around September 9th….

Here’s the Event Details from the Game itself…. 2014-07-24 09.03.072014-07-24 09.17.08
2014-07-24 09.17.14
2014-07-24 09.17.22

The new event currency for this one is Blam! Energy Drinks.  You collect them, just like you did the butts.  They’ll look like this:


In the same area of your Quahog where the Pyramid was you’ll see the ComicCon Event.  Convention Center and a few other buildings.  You’ll have to collect Blam! in order to unlock these.

Here’s what the Convention Center Area looks like:
FINALLY got my dropbox synced to the iPhone…have I mentioned how much I don’t like Apple lately?  #teamAndroid

2014-07-24 08.41.22

Here are the building breakdowns:
Note: Images are how they’ll look AFTER you’ve repaired them

building_conventioncenter-open_v2@4xConvention Center (Center)-  1,000 Blam!, 16hrs to build/repair/unlock.
building_theq@4x“Q” (Left)- 350 Blam!, 8hrs to build/repair/unlock.
building_clamsterprize-open_decover@4xClamterprise (Right)- 100 Blam!, 4hrs to build/repair/unlock.


nerds   nerds2

-Quahog is overrun with Sweaty Nerds from Con…you’ll have to zap them (tap on them) to make them disappear and earn more Blam!

Character Tasks to Earn More Blam!

Here’s who has tasks that will earn more Blam!
Note: Only Peter’s 1 m task earns Blam!  The other’s 1m task do no earn Blam!

Comic Con Prizes:

decoration_britishphonebooth@4x-65 Blam! Phone Booth

building_spaceplayground@4x-1,000 Blam! Rock-It Playground

gato-5000 Blam! Gatomobile

sirlancewarts10,000 Blam! Sir Lanceawart’s Board Games

decoration_outhouseofsolitude@4x15,000 Blam! Outhouse of Loneliness

character_redhead@4x35,000 Blam!– Red Hot Lois

building_theq@4x50,000 Blam!– “Q” (it spawns more nerds)

robottasaurus-65,000 Blam!– Robuttasaurus

building_secretVillainsLair@4x85,000 Blam!– Nothing Suspicious Here Factory

georgetakei-animation-actionModal-001@4x100,000 Blam! George Takei

Stuff You Can Buy with Blam!

furrydungeonFurry Dungeon- 500 Blam! 12hr build

signComic-Con Sign– 100 Blam!

trainingcenterTraining Montage Training Center- 4,000 Blam! 20hr Build

4HQFabulous 4 Head Quarters– 5,000 Blam! 24hr Build

building_kitternetcafe@4xCats and Mouses Cafe– 1,000 Blam! 12hr Build

building_s&m&more_flip@4xS&M&More– 2,000 Blam! 16hr Build

There’s also an Store for 50 Clams.  I suspect this was either an error in programming and shouldn’t be released yet, or a massive glitch (it looks like McBurgertown).  My suggestion for now is don’t buy it…wait and see what happens.

Stuff to Help You Get More Stuff:

More Blam!
Blam small
Blam! Truck- 200 Clams, drops 25 Blam! every 4hrs
largeblamBlam! Super Truck– 400 Clams, drops 100 Blam! every 6hrs

To Help You Unlock Stuff
Fat Kevin’s Comic Books– 150 Clams, Always Drops Wizard Books
fg_building_patrickstewarttrailer@4xPatrick Stewart’s Trailer– 150 Clams, Always Drops Pizza
building_hardwarestore@4xA ‘Buncha Tools25 50 Clams, Always Drops Nails
fg_building_chutesandlads@4xChutes and Lads25 50 Clams, Always Drops Drinks

askjeeves The Store- 50 Clams, Earns $10, 5xp/2hrs (no item drops)

Additional Characters:

patrickstewart-animation-actionModal-001@4x Patrick Stewart– Earned from Clamshell Enterprise.  Requires Stuff to unlock.  Here’s what you’ll need:
15 Slices of Pizza
10 Wizard Books
1,000 Blam! 
(remember this will take away from your Blam! on hand total..but not your overall event total) 


character_captainHammered@4xCaptain Hammered in The Fabulous Four– Unlocks at Part 5 of Quahog Comic-Con.  Stuff Required to get him:
500 Blam!
6 Kamikaze Cocktails (rare)
8 Nails (rare)

Still To Come…

The Multiplier in The Fabulous Four

Blobulous in the Fabulous Four

Ron Pearlman in Ron Pearlman’s Chair 

Felicia Day in Felicia Day’s Chair

Stan Lee in Stan Lee’s Chair

Glitch Stuff TinyCo IS Aware of And Working On:
Direct from TC

Captain Hammered Crafting Crash
The skin takes 5 seconds to craft; after that, it may crash the game. Reloading and coming back to try again usually works. 😦
Double Logo on the Loading Screen
Event Button Score
The score is not updating until relaunch. Hopefully this is just a quick fix.
Playspace brown squares
Looks like the construction image is appearing randomly in the playspace sometimes. It’s just a visual bug.Event District Bugs
– One of the Spotlights does not animate.
– store that looks like McBurger
– Comic Con sign not rotating
Another Bug update…
A couple more known bugs:

– Blam Truck will not stay rotated
– if a player on the Comic Con event visits a friend that’s still on the Peter Griffin and the Kingdom of the Full Moon event, their Blam will change to Moon idols. This should not affect their total or progress in the game. It’s simply the wrong asset that’s loading. We’re working on this too!
Just to clarify, you’re not suppose to get Blam from visiting friends, but if you visit a friend who’s still on the Adventure event, when you return to your original Quahog, your Blam may appear as Moon Idols now.

707 responses to “Comic-Con Has Arrived in Quahog…for iOS

  1. I don’t know if you have a way of seeing it but I aligned evil monkey statue robuttasaurus movie set and spaceship to re create family guy version of King Kong vs godzillz. Robuttasaurus even blast evil monkey!!!


  2. I’m pretty new to this event. Can I not advance in the game until I unlock Patrick Stewart and Captain Hammered? Feels like it’s taking forever for a new quest.


  3. I’m an android user. Is anyone else having problems turning the pages of the comic book? I can only see the first page depicting captain hammered beating up geeks but in the bottom right corner it shows 1/7. How frustrating!


    • Each time you progress through the event you’ll unlock a new page (it will only display 1 page at a time and you can’t go forward or backwards), what part of the event are you currently on?


      • I just unlocked Patrick Stewart. I’m gonna have capt hammered wield his hammer soon! {i know I’m late… 😦 }


        • Still have plenty of time! Just under 1 month left 🙂 But that explains why the Comic Book hasn’t changed for you. The second page will hit once you get Mutant Stewie’s. And the 3rd will hit once you unlock Giant Stewie.


  4. For fire Lois tasks is says you require the store but that is nowhere in the buildings to purchase on the menu??? And I have tried un-installing then re-installing the app but it’s still not there? Can you tell me anything about this


    • It was originally put into the game as a mistake when it first launched. They since pulled it back, but they’ll be bringing it back with a future Comic Con update.


  5. majornerdchick

    OK so do we keep any of our comic con items when comic con lives quahog?!


  6. My Lois is stingy. She hardly ever gives up the goods. She repeats tasks sooooo many times before she produces anything. My Lois sux lol.
    In other news, the mutant Stewie thing is rolling into my town like a BOSS. Yikes. 😳


  7. Unlocked Stewie, repaired all 3 event buildings (except for the convention center which only has like 8 hours left), collected 2,000 blam and got 2 clams from nerds all in the first day! Now to get all these wizard geeks out of my town.


  8. TinyCo messaged me and said the following:
    “Android will end the same time. We are increasing the Android quest rewards and glam drop rates so that you will be able to complete the event just as well. We also have some Android exclusive content in this update”
    So, anyway of checking this out?
    I don’t know an Apple player to see what they get versus Android.


  9. I would like to request that Seth Macfarlane and Seth Green be in this event…I mean it’s comic con and it’s family guy! I have felt it weird that they have never show up as themselves in the show…maybe that’s just me…


  10. Yes the event started one day early! I came back to check on my stuff as I only need blue prints and plutonium and I had everyone else off on 12hour tasks. Thankfully every task was complete so I could get started right away. Anyone made a run down on the strategy for the most possible blam? Right now I am just spawning peter’s surf the bird but this is going to become tedious soon. Game is suppose to be fun. What has a week on the IOS taught you?


  11. Ugh, just decided to jump in and buy clams for the first time… Not realising the first purchase would double the clams… Only bought the 130 one… While i was planning on getting the 600 anyway… Ah well… *slaps self*


  12. I see many people talk about how they are going to buy a lot of stud with their clams but I just don’t get how they get so many clams like I barely have any 😕 tiny co really has to put a way where we can earn more clams!


  13. Oh my!

    Must. Earn. George. Takei.

    New personal mission. 😁


  14. Just a small correction. In the post you have said ” Note: Only Peter’s 1 m task earns Blam! The other’s 1m task do no earn Blam!” Where it should say “do not earn Blam!” Other than that great guide!


  15. I am in the uk how do I find the convention centre what level do I need to be?

    Cannot see comic con centre game on iOS relatively new user


  16. I just repaired the convention center but when I tap the check mark hammer to finish the build it crashed my game. Been trying for 3 hrs to get it to work.


    • Have you hard closed the game and tried?


      • I’ve hard closed the game, restarted my phone, tried hitting it and closing before it crashes, everything. Still no luck. I was hoping to get the rocket ship, but if I can’t get This to work I’ll be sol.


        • Send an in game message to TInyCo ASAP if you haven’t already. This will create a date stamp. So if the timer runs out, they can help get you the Shuttle.


          • I sent an in game report 3 days ago and haven’t heard anything back. Convention center is still crashing my game, and now I’m stuck with the quests. 😦


            • Add another message to the thread, write “It’s been 3 days guys, problem still there, have tried everything. Please acknowledge this message so I know you’re out there, Thanks”

              See if it helps…also send us all the information to this email We need the game ID (account info screen lower right 32 digit number), device you play on, date/time problem occurred any other issues you have had. We’ll see what we can do from this end. 🙂


  17. The Q Hotel just dropped my last pizza slice so now I have Patrick! Woohoo!


  18. I’ve just unlocked the second ‘Q’ Hotel and was under the impression that it spawned nerds. It’s not. Am I assuming incorrectly?


  19. I need one pizza slice and one plutonium stick. They are taking FOREVER to stop!!!! Loving the Comic Con event!


  20. I’m really hoping they’ll consider lowering the cost of the Blam! trucks. I didn’t care much for the Pyramid event, but I want everything in the Comic Con event, and collecting Blam! is a lot of work, especially when it’s needed for practically everything.


    • The good news is as more outfits and celebs come into play, more Blam will be collected per hour. I don’t see them lowering the prices since that wouldn’t be fair to those who already bought them. But I do see them potentially increasing the amount of Blam that they produce. Plus, if history repeats itself, more stuff is coming, most likely, to help collect Blam.


  21. So unfair.
    My bf plays on ios and Android.
    He can play the new events on his phone but I can’t :(.


  22. Was wondering why when I hit 1,000 blam last night I wake up and now all my blam are gone!?! Why is this and what can I do to get my 1,000 back spin can open my convention center?!? Please help me!


    • Did you by chance use them on Patrick Stewart? If not, send a message to TinyCo from within the game. Let them know it vanished.


    • Did you by any chance tap on the 1000 blam needed to buy Patrick Stewart? That’s what I foolishly did without thinking. Took a lot of grinding today (Peter’s 1 min task and tapping every nerd for hours) to get it back and repair the convention centre in time.


  23. when will it trigger for Androids?? if u have an idea..


  24. Do when know when Patrick Stuart leaves? I’m close but just saw the popup about changing celebs on Fridays. Surly not tonight already?!?


  25. Does tinyco actually reply to messages sent through the game? I’ve sent like three messages starting from a day and a half ago about the A’buncha building not dropping nails and if it was working I would of had the costume finished by now. I know they must be really busy dealing with other bugs as the event has only just been released but I just want to know if anyone has had any response From them in the past and if they compensate for this kind of thing?


    • It can take up to 3 days. They read the messages, but sometimes wait to answer while they look into the problems. We have confirmation that they are aware of this issue. The building is working fine in my town so far, so maybe now fixed. They do reward clams (I’ve gotten them before) but it depends how bad the issue effects the player. 😉


      • That’s cool, I wasn’t expecting an instat reply just a general idea of their time to respond. I should have hammered costume now if the building worked and by the time they respond it should be finished so hope they give me something else 🙂 ha. Should have 5000 by the end of the day and the gatomobile. Got my rocket too so well on my way. 🙂


  26. Just sent a message to TinyCo regarding crashes with this new update. I’ve been totally locked out every since the, successful, update. I don’t have an email attached so if it doesn’t get resolved in a way that doesn’t require a fresh install then I’m quitting. Almost at level 40, have falconry Peter and Carter unlocked, and have been playing since that clown promotion. No way am I going through all the motions again.


  27. Once I downloaded the new update I can not get into the game. It says loading them kicks me out. I have deleted the game and redownloaded it several time and it still does the same thing. HELP!!


  28. Anyone else having problems with nerds spawning? Since the launch I’m getting 3 blue shirt nerds every few minutes but both orange and red shirt nerds are not spawning at all.


    • Hmmm…have you repaired “Q” or the Convention center yet?


      • All 3 are repaired. Like I said, it’s literally 3 blue shirt nerds every 3 minutes and not a single orange or red shirt nerd since early yesterday. Early being around 1:00 PM CST. That’s early for me lol.


        • There are several issues that TinyCo are currently addressing. This could be one more. In my quahog, I’m getting all 3. Send an in game message to them and let them know you are having nerd troubles. 😉


  29. Does anyone know the details of the limited space shuttle that you win if you repair the 3 new buildings within 3 days? (Clamterperise, Q, and Comvention center)


  30. I am so freaking pissed! I had just earned 1000 blam to repair the convection center and now it’s telling me I only have 38 blam! Wth!


  31. Yay! Glad I bought Chutes and Lads and A Buncha Tools the first day because I saved 50 clams – was it an error on TC’s part that each one was 25 clams? Also, the Tool shop doesn’t drop nails every single time – is this a known issue?


  32. You guys have seen the free space shuttle offer right? If you build the 3 convention hub buildings within 3 days you get a shuttle for your town


  33. I don’t see anybody mentioning this … I just bought something new and very expensive (700 clams): Blam! Sommelier Station (animated), which drops 250 Blam! each 8 hours.


  34. My game was just updated! There’s an extra challenge to repair all three buildings (Clamterprise, Q, Convention Center) in the next three days that should be easy. The reward is a rocket! And they now added a third way to get Blam! for premium players: a Blam! sommelier bar (that is ridiculously expensive at 700 Clams).

    Thanks for all your great work here, by the way! I keep refreshing your site to see if there are any news.


  35. Any updates on how many Blams/time you get when you unlock the Q and convention center? For example…The Clamterprise gives you 5 Blam and 20 XP per 4 hrs. Still working on unlocking them both but hope they dispense a decent amount daily…


  36. Solid Gold Cactus

    I think Nathan fillion will cost clams as there’s a 100 clam reward for collecting the three characters like there is for the other premium characters.


  37. I noticed that the blue shirt nerds come from the convention center, red from the clamterprize, and the yellow from Q or is that just me.


  38. Solid Gold Cactus

    Omg I thought the comic con post was the newest post I had no idea there was all new posts beneath it….omg what is life….need to remember to scroll


  39. wait i’m confused. it wasn’t supposed to start til the 31st and i have been on it twice today with no sign of it other than a mention of it when the game starts up and i updated the game yesterday. why are some getting to play early?


  40. I love the first prize you get for 65 blam. I am pretending it is a TARDIS( which I assume it is just in red) and I am constantly moving it throughout my town to make my friends think that it travels. 😉


  41. Okay, I wanted to get this out there for the freemium players. After 24 hrs of playing the event 7am to 7am, I was able to rack up 2300 Blam! Granted I was Surfing the Bird quite a lot, but it is possible to rack up quite a lot in a day (yes I’m addicted). Also, I’m fairly certain that the slow drop rates are a way to hold back the IOS until the remainder of the event is opened to Android users. Then I’m guessing we’ll see things accelerate…just a guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Solid Gold Cactus

    Bonnie’s doing a load of twerking for Patrick Stewart and stewie (not in a creepy way) ……..probably


  43. So my buddy purchased the 4 buildings to help unlock Hammer and Patrick Stewart quicker. He seams to think that theses 4 buildings will be used to drop items for the remaining celebrities and fabulous four. I said no way that there would be 2 new buildings per character and outfit to assist them as they are revealed example being Felicia’s Trailer etc. Anyone else want to weigh in on this.

    I’m also thinking about dropping another $20 which would be enough for either all 4 buildings + Buzz Killington or a Large Can Truck and Buzz Killington. Any opinions?

    My main reason for wanting the buildings is just so I can put my characters back on task for finishing off District 8.


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