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Addicts Question Corner: Comic-Con Event Questions Answered-Nerds, Buildings, Characters and More!

Update 5:30PM EDT: An Update JUST hit Android devices…BUT this is NOT Comic-Con.  Instead this is an update to prep the Android Devices for the event.  However, it won’t roll out until the 31st.  
Also, this should fix the issue of Android users not being able to visit iOS Neighbors.  🙂 

Hello There Clammers!

So we’re not even 24hrs into the Comic-Con Event and already the questions are swarming!  So I figured an Addicts Question Corner Post was in order.  Hopefully I’ll answer the most burning questions about the update, but if you don’t see your question/answer just ask in the comments below & I’ll do my best to help you 🙂

So, I reached out to our good friends at TinyCo for confirmation on many of your questions & they delivered!  Special thanks to the Community Team over there for keeping us up to date on everything TQFS!  

The following answers have all been confirmed by TinyCo, BUT keep in mind it’s always subject to change…

And away we go….

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iOS Crash Issues

Hello There Clammers!

I know many of you have expressed in the comments that your iOS device is crashing with the latest update.  Mine did too, but then again it’s an iPad 1 😉   So, we reached out to TinyCo about the issue in an effort to try and see if there was a solution.  Here’s the response right from TinyCo:

Due to the amount of content and animations associated with the new event, players on older devices may experience more crashing due to lack of RAM on their device. If you are having constant crash issues try closing out all other apps and restarting the device before opening FG:TQFS again. We’re aware of this and are investigating this further.

So if you’re experiencing a crash issue with your iOS device right now try one of the suggestions above.  If that doesn’t work, sit tight (as hard as it is) because they’re looking into it.

Back with more as we have it…

Peter Joe

BunnyCon…So It Begins

So here I am, lost somewhere in the far west of the U.S. Surrounded by all things Geek n Nerd. AND LOVING IT!! Stick around, I may have some fun tails to tale. Lol.


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Stewie Results and a New Poll About Stewie’s Tea Party

Hello There Clammers!

Now that the Tea Party is in our rear view mirrors,  we want to know YOUR thoughts about the event as a whole, as well as share the results of last week’s Stewie Poll!

First the new stuff….this week we want to know what YOU think about Stewie’s Tea Party.  If you don’t see your answer in the poll, feel free to mention it down in the comments below:

Now let’s get to the results of the Stewie Poll…

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Comic-Con Has Arrived in Quahog…for iOS

Hello There Clammers!

Looks like the late night updates continue…either that or someone pushed the “red button” a little too early…in either case if you play on iOS head to your App Store and download the latest version of TQFS….

Photo Jul 24, 1 47 09 AM

As always more details as I work through the game…and wake myself up (it is nearly 2 am here)..

Photo Jul 24, 1 50 58 AM

So…I’ve gone through the update (as have many of you) and at the moment…nothing is new.

It appears as if someone did in fact press the “red button” too early OR this is similar to what happened when they rolled out Full Moon.  It hit Android devices but didn’t trigger until Apple had the download (which, if I remember correctly, was close to a week).

In any event…I’ll keep checking and seeing if I see anything new pop up in the game via iOS…but for now it’s nearly 2:30 am…this is my 3rd game update of the day…I’m going to bed.

Update: Just after 7am on the East Coast of the US the event has officially started for iOS players.  Details will be coming shortly……

UPDATE: 8:45 Am EDT….
Ok i’ve FINALLY been able to go through the game and check things out…rundown is below the fold.

Update: 1:30 PM EDT… I’ve added a lot of info below, including a glitch report from TinyCo about known glitches that they’re working on.  I still have to finish playing through everything myself to get the rest of the details.  This is as updated as it’s going to get for now…right now I’ve gotta actually work, work.  More as I can get some time to go through it…


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