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Tea Time Confusion

Hell There Clammers!

As we’re nearing the end of the Tea Party Event many of you are asking, just when will it end?  More or less you guys want to know if this is it, or if you’ll get another shot at the prizes tomorrow (Tuesday).  Hopefully I can clear up some confusion for you all about the end time…..

2014-07-21 05.32.34

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The Geeks Are Coming!!

Hey there Clammers! So…Bunny is SUPER excited. Some amazingly cool stuff coming soon from TinyCo and this AWESOMELY fun game. Super Geeky stuff.

Superhero Peter

Being a huge Geeky Nerd girl, I am really giddy with this one. (Still waiting for the Blue Harvest Moon Stuff too.) I have great hopes for this event. So much so, I am got myself a ticket, joined up with some local Geek Podcasters, and am going to be immersing myself in nothing but Geeks. What does that mean? Well, let’s just say Bunny is going to be taking a lil trip REALLY soon. And YOU get to come along for the ride on my journey into all things Geek. MMmmmmm to be immersed in a massive crowd of Geeky Nerd boys. Heaven?

Stay Tuned…


Bunny Cartoon(Thanks Cybersilly for the pic)

What Happens When I (Finally) Win Rupert?

Hello There Clammers!

So Stewie’s Tea Party is all about collecting STUFF to win prizes.  The top prize of this event?  Human Rupert is the 1 guest at the Tea Party that’s Stewie’s favorite…and is a whole new character for your Quahog!

So while there’s TONS of great stuff (ok semi-great stuff) in the Mystery Box to win, the one prize everyone is after is Rupert!  Some of you are reporting winning him on your 1st or 2nd attempt, others (like me) not till your 6th or 7th.  The good news, and something to keep telling yourself over and over again, is that with every “other” prize you win…you’re one step closer to unlocking Rupert.  (plus you can get some cool premium stuff in the process)

So what happens when you finally unlock this half man-half bear character, 100% figment of Stewie’s imagination?  Let’s take a look….


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Stewie’s Tea Party Guest for 7/21

Hello There Clammers!

A bit after 10pm PDT, the toy change FINALLY occurred.  We’ve gone from collecting Octopus to collecting Dinosaurs…

2014-07-21 05.32.34

Same rules/tasks apply.  Send Peter, Chris, Bruce & Quagmire on 4hr tasks to earn the Dinosaurs.  They WILL drop each time they complete the task.  (I’ve yet to see anything different than this, although some readers are reporting they don’t drop each time.)

The end time for this toy is 10pm PDT tomorrow….so that’s 10pm PDT on 7/21/14, 1am EDT on 7/22/14 & 6am BST on 7/22/14 (0500GMT for our friends that aren’t in those time zones).  Basically 24hrs from when the toy changed.

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