Stewie’s Tea Party Update! Complete

Update: TinyCo has changed the toy change time to 10pm PDT.  (1am EDT and 0500GMT).  This gives you a few extra hours to collect those toys! 🙂

Hey there Clammers. In pure TinyCo fashion, there was a lil update to your games in the weeeeeeeeee hours of the night. What did it bring? Well take a peak below if you want…

Stewie Tea Party

Stewie is having a lil Tea Party and you can win toys. He can party every day up to 3 times to get a chance at cool stuff and…a new lil friend, Rupert!

We will update the post with some of the details and bring more as the event goes on and we verify the live game play. It will end on Tuesday, so have fun!

So how does all this work? Well characters around Quahog have tasks that will help Stewie earn the toys he is looking for. You just need to find out who. You will have 3 chances for a Tea Party a day, and the toys change at Noon PDT. So get what toys you can before then.

So far I have been able to still do this event with Stewie NOT unlocked. Bob’s Funland is repaired and this game is still collecting items to unlock him. Let us know if you are unable to play with Bob’s Funland not unlocked or repaired yet. Also just tested game on District 5, Joe not unlocked…still can play this Event. So no worries on Stewie being needed so far.

Tea Party Tasks: (You only get ONE awarded per task when they drop)

Character Task Time Toy
Peter Cook Disgusting Vegatable 4 hours Giraffe
Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop 4 hours Giraffe
Bruce Be a Good Listener 4 hours Giraffe
Quagmire Fornicate with Giraffes 4 hours Giraffe


Of course there are Decorations to “help”  get the toys too… (I don’t know if it is just my game, but a toy dropped for me every single Payout.)

decoration_stewiessandbox_Stewie’s Sandbox: 125 Clams. Drops Giraffes (Uncommon Rate). Payout of $30 & 20XP Every 4 hours.

Topiary StewieTopiary Stewie: 200 Clams. Drops Giraffes (Uncommon Rate). Payout of $20 & 15XP Every 2 hours.


Once you gathered the Toys at each of the 3 levels for the party guests (Yes these are the TOTAL amounts of that days toys you need to unlock the box. And no, they do not subtract. 6 toys, plus 8 more to 14 toys, plus 10 more to 24 toys)…


You are then given a Tea Party Mystery Box to open. (It will show up in your “Featured” Menu as a Free item.)


Now for the prizes inside the Tea Party Mystery Box…

RupertRupert (Exclusive)

decoration_billboardforstewieunderwear_Stewie’s Billboard

decoration_stewieflowersStewie Flower

decoration_golddiggerisland_Gold Digger Island

fg_building_asiantownnightclub_thumbnail@2xDansu Dansu

Big Bubbly FountainBig Bubbly Fountain

decoration_koipond_thumbnail@2xKoi Pond

decoration_herberticecreamtruck_Herbert’s Ice Cream Truck

decoration_piratecar_v2_thumbnail@2xPeter’s Pirate Car

lobster shantyLobster Shanty

Pawtucket ale truckPawtucket Ale Truck


Once you have completed the 3 separate Tea Parties and opened your 3 Tea Party Boxes, the icons to earn the toys will no longer show next to the characters tasks. You will then have to wait for the Tea Party Toy to reset at 12 PDT, then start earning the next one.

You will also notice that you now can go to Level 50 in your games. WOOHOO higher Level. Now that XP collection should start back up again for all of you that it stopped. Lol.

That about does it for tonight. More info still to come in other posts. Stay Tuned.


***ON A SIDE NOTE: I know there are a lot of questions due to the cut time off the first day and a few other things. No worries, I am already in touch with TinyCo looking for verifications and answers. I will update once we have them.***


697 responses to “Stewie’s Tea Party Update! Complete

  1. Now that I’m home from work I need to vent. First…I was 10 mins away from getting one more toy to open a present this morning. There were only 2 prizes left – the pirate car or the bubbly fountain. Either one I would have been happy to have. But then it switched over to comic con. Another problem is that I decided to clear some land now because I thought the change would happen on Friday which is their usual M.O. I wish there had been a warning from the powers that be. I vented…I feel a little better. Thank you for listening


  2. Cool event. I often forgot to check in every four hours so mostly I got 1 box a day. Got Peter’s Pirate Car (which I always wanted), got the Lobster Shanty (which dropped the last two clamshells I needed to create Mermaid Peter, thank you) and last night got Rupert on my very last box. Also got some stuff that didn’t really matter, Stewie Flower, Koi Pond, spotlights.


  3. Since it restarted at 1pm est..does that mean it will end tomorrow at 1pm?…or 24 hrs from the start time for this “extra toy”?


  4. Oh that’s nasty….


  5. man this event is really screwed up. started my toy tasks about 11pm cdt since the event was extended to today. collected 4 @ 210 and 4@ 700. when I went to collect my 4 at 11, there was no box in the store to open. now at 3pm, I collected and my toy count is down to 4. so what the hell was the last14 hours of collecting for?? no toy count and no prizes. what a joke!!,


    • Were you still collecting on yesterday’s toy? The toy reset at 1pm TinyCo time (1pm PDT)…so it’s a new toy at this point. Just like the other days when the new toy hits it resets the boxes and counts.


      • either way, I should have gotten either the 4th box for yesterday, or 2 boxes today. cuz the count would have been over 24 for yesterday or 16 for today. i got absolutely nothing for 21 hrs of collecting.


  6. Well last chance between Rupert and dansu dansu. And you guessed it, I got dansu dansu. I was caught up in the time zone crunch on the first day so I lost out on one of the tea parties. Spent all the clams I had to make up time and still got screwed. Goodbye family guy I’m going to get some much needed rest.


  7. Let me start by saying that this game is Awesome! I’ve also read and gotten some good info from everyone including the author of this page. I’ve had fun during this event, even with the lost sleep.
    I’m extremely upset now though. I ended with 9 boxes in total and still no Rupert. I should have finished with 10 boxes by the end of the event. I’m upset because one of the characters (Chris) changed his 4 hr. task reward from the event dolls back to the chance box. Because of the games malfunction I got to lose out on about 6-8 toys or more. I decided to end up using 33 clams last night to speed up 2 different sets of 4hr. tasks for the 3 working characters. Thus ending the day with 24 dolls and 3 tea parties. Now I’m left with only 15 clams total and I’ll end the event with 18 dolls total for the last day. I’m not one of those people to feel that I should have been given Rupert automatically. You nor I don’t expect to win the lottery every time. I earned 9 chances out of 12 opportunities, I’m sure just like countless others have. I’m just upset that because of a glitch. I couldn’t earn a 10th tea party, and possibly Rupert. Because of all this, if he ends purchasable. I’ll not be buying him from Tiny Co.

    If anyone else has had this glitch please reply. I’m really curious to see if anyone else has had these problems. Does anyone know how to contact Tiny Co?
    I would like to tell them about this glitch, so that it might be avoided during future events. I’m interested in the nerd event or whatever that is coming up. Thanks for everyone’s time and consideration.


  8. I got Rupert on my second to to last try almost thought I wasn’t going to get him


  9. Jane Speedman

    Well, I got some cool stuff, but no Rupert 😦 Still had fun though. Got the Pawtucket Ale truck (currently parked next to the Griffin house) and the Lobster Shanty among other things. Looking forward to the nerd event.


  10. I got everything but the car and Rupert :/ laame.


  11. Sooo, I just completed the 3rd (last) box (24 toys) on the last day. I have not gotten Rupert… Am I SOL? These kind of events really grind my gears!


  12. What’s the point of giving away watered down versions of buildings during the Stewie event? I got Dansu Dansu and it only gives $5/3xp instead of the $30/18xp if you bought it. If you’re gonna give it away, then give it away – don’t Nerf it…


    • Are you looking at the breakdown sheet in the menu? Or when it is actually placed? I only ask due to ALL the items in menu breakdown only show the hourly payouts. Not the complete. It is when you place the items the TRUE payout shows. 😉


      • no, in the menu, it tells you what the hourly payout is. I got dansu for free and it pays that paltry amount I listed. in the menu, it shows the hourly payout should be $30/180xp that’s 6x what I’m getting.. I have gotten other buildings thru giveaways and they match the menu listings. this time it doesn’t..


        • It actually pays out every 10 minutes. So 30 coins an hour is correct. Next time you collect…tap again on the building…you’ll see it’s running a 10 minute timer. 🙂


  13. Maybe someone can answer this. Has anyone got Rupert from any box other than the third one? I have unlocked all three tea parties 2 days in a row and 2 on the first day. Still no Rupert…… I will only be able to do one more before the event expires. My girlfriend got him the second day on her third box. So I’m just curious.


  14. Mundomar Jack

    I have a 50/50 chance of getting rupert. 3 boxes left. 6 prizes left.


  15. Wierd question. If I wanted to rush a 4 hour task with clams, do you know exactly what time it changes from 4 clams to 3 clams. Somewhere between an hour and a half and an hour and 45 minutes maybe?


  16. If the box isn’t Rupert turn airplane mode on and wait for a connection error. Exit the game. Then turn airplane mode off. You can then try again.


  17. Hi! Just wanted to say you guys do a great job with this site. Keep up the good work! I have been reading on here a while now but finally decided to post with this new update. I have been having a blast with this game and all its updates. I started playing right before the King Butt update.

    So far I opened the box twice on the first day and got the Koi Pond and the bubbly fountain. (Lame!) Opened it all 3 times yesterday and got the Ale truck, the lobster shanty and Rupert! (Way better!) And opened it twice today so far and got the Ice cream truck and the lights. (Lights are cool.) I really want peters pirate car now that I have Rupert. After that I could care less. Just please don’t give me the island!


    • Aw well thank you for the kind words! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you around more in the comments now that the first one is out of the way! 🙂

      Lol no one wants the island! (I have NO idea why it’s in there) I’m sure you’ll get that car tomorrow! Good luck! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello Allisa, like the guy above I have been following also and I have to say you really make the game more interesting by helping us with info! I only unlocked 2 boxes the first day and 3 the rest of the days. Doing the math one of the prizes I won’t get. I’m really hoping I get Rupert. I thought we had to unlock all to get him but according to the person above its random. What happens if the next 3 boxes for Tuesday aren’t Rupert?!?! Any info? Thank you!!


        • Thanks for the kind words. We really do get a kick out of helping our readers. Makes me smile. 😉

          Rupert hits at random. All over the place. From first box on. So no one can predict just when YOU will get him. My best suggestion is if you want him, just keep trying. If you don’t get him, then keep out watch if they offer him for clams and you can decide then if you still really want him. We always try to say get it for free if at all possible, then if all options exhausted, buy if you really want with your precious clams. 😉

          Liked by 2 people

    • Sorry to through a grammar correction in, but it’s I couldn’t care less, not I could care less. If you couldn’t care less, it means you must not care at all, but if you could care less, it means that it is possible for you to care any amount less, thus you must care a little bit. That’s a common American mistake that really grinds my British gears! Sorry again, and I wish I had your luck on Day 2!


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