Quest For Rupert…Being Extended for ONE MORE DAY!

Hello There Clammers!

We’ve just received word from our friends at TinyCo that THEY HEAR YOU!  They’ve listened to & read all of the complaints about the Tea Party Event and have decided to extend the event for ONE MORE DAY!


How awesome is it to have a company behind a game that actually listens to their players?!  🙂

Here’s the game plan direct from TinyCo: 

-There will NOT be a new toy tonight at 10pm PDT.  The event will end at this point, as scheduled.

-TOMORROW (7/23) at some point in the early afternoon PDT, TinyCo WILL add another (new) toy for collecting.

-You will be able to collect the new toy throughout the day, so you can have up to 3 more chances to open the mystery box.

Here’s the deal from Addicts:

-We don’t currently know what time the toy will change tomorrow.  We only know it’ll be at some point tomorrow early afternoon Pacific Time.  We will continue to check our games throughout the day and let you know as soon as it changes.

-The event WILL end temporarily tonight at 10pm PDT (1am EDT/0500 GMT).  So make sure you get your last attempts in to collect the toys tonight.  But DO NOT reset the tasks tonight.  Wait until tomorrow when it restarts, so you can get a fresh start.

-We do not know if they’ll add more stuff to the box if you already have everything.  So if you were lucky enough to open everything, we’re not sure yet if you’ll have more to win tomorrow.

So here’s your chance to collect Rupert, for those of you that haven’t been able to get him yet.  TinyCo hears you & they are listening!

What do YOU think of the extension?  Are you happy that TinyCo is listening to you?  Are you excited to try for Rupert again tomorrow?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


512 responses to “Quest For Rupert…Being Extended for ONE MORE DAY!

  1. Just a quick comment as for the comment on the link.

    Family guy is a freemium/premium game as well and both Ea of tsto and tinyco are money hungry. I mean if a game makes you spend 100 dollars for the same amount of percentage of currency pretty much the yeah they are money hungry. Now while it looks cool. There’s a thing in the shop for 700 clams the wheel chair mech from the episode where joe Swanson gets all his buddies together and forms into it. The only redeemable thing family guy has going for it is it now gives one premium currency a day for visiting ipyoure friends and you are gurenteed a clam. Also I admit the watch tv for like 4 or 5 clams was pretty cool also. But seeing how that wasn’t tinyco’s original idea as it has been done in other freemium premium games such as battle nations that means if ea decided to do that as well tsto would not be the first to the punch but it would be a good fight as tsto allready has better animation for everything especially for buildings and characters. One day there will be a game company that gives better deals in a freemium premium game. I’d like to think I’d have done it but who knows. Till then we have ea and tiny co for the iconic shows we know and love.


  2. Iike the family guy event the quest for stuff but I got into it late. I’m trying like hell to burn through and just try n win that Herbert skin. Atleast I’ll have that and the bird of prey and a few statues and some costumes.

    Hope the next event is as cool.

    I have a tsto account that I am a premium player on that one so on this i am purely freemium. But you don’t have to be premium to enjoy the game. Especially if you save every clam up.

    Then just spend wisely on what premium thing you want.

    It will be a race to see wig either the Simpsons tapped out or family guy get first dibs on Star Wars event. Both have a chance and which ever one gets it will be pretty sweet.


  3. Sorry not unlockable yet


  4. Rupert is coming back . I cant wait to get because i checked the characters section in the store and rupert was there but is unlockable yet


  5. Thomas Allsopp

    I haven’t got him and all my friends have!😭


  6. Matthew Benavides

    I agree with everyone, I love this game but I was 300 short of king butt even though I had 32 blue shots and 40 red shots left all 4 challenges were for purple shots I found it as a rip off. Then with Rupert, hearing people got him on their 1st 2nd etc try while some of us used every opportunity possible and still didn’t get him is b.s., I have 5 koi ponds, didn’t get the pirate car like it showed, didn’t get Rupert, just thought a lot better of this game. Now I’m trying to unlock stewie but needing 30 blue prints that take 20 hours is kinda lame, then the plutonium well Brian and Louise haven’t dropped not one this whole week so again kind of a rip. Now I still love this game, more than money hungry Simpson’s game, cause at least family guy isn’t trying to make $1000s of dollars all because Simpson’s have so many characters so they feel that’s right to make them ALL cost money. But if tiny co is really listening they would make some improvements.


  7. is there anyway to get rupert now?
    i got as many toys as i possibly could, and used clams doing so, and still didnt get him.
    i was really disappointed when on the last day i opened my last box and it was just a koi pond.


  8. I’m so angry.. Because I used over 100 clams and still didn’t get Rubert. I opened 11 boxes and was so close to get him in my last one.. But then Tinyco had taken away the Tea party update.. Everything feels so pointless… It’s so unfair to lose him in the last box, it’s unfair that others get Rubert in first or fifth box.. When me and other people get him in the last and lose him in the end..


  9. I’m sorry to come here to complain but I don’t know where else to bring it lol.
    I have to say, I enjoy this game very much and I play it every day, checking in several times each day. I’m a very active player. That being said, I’m starting to become very frustrated and disenchanted enough that I’m finding the game unenjoyable and often just boring. One reason is that certain tasks take REALLY long times to complete, which in itself is sometimes annoying. But to have a character repeatedly doing an 8 or 12 or 20 hour task and come out of it with nothing again and again is not challenging—-it’s just plain old frustrating and irritating. 20 hours and nothing to show for it? Lame.
    The challenges to earn characters like King Butt and Rupert are too difficult, even if you spend your clams, which I did. I spent a ton of clams trying to speed up tasks and ended up with a lot of junk that I already had—crap that wasn’t even close to the value of clams. My last “prize” for using clams to try to get Rupert? I won Dansu Dansu, which not only did I already have, but that isn’t even a premium item. It’s dirt cheap and available for a few measly coins.
    During the Rupert event I waited twice for the cut-off time so I could get a jump start on my new toy, and after being up til well after 1:00 am here (which would’ve been the correct time PST for the toy to change) it still was stuck at the previous toy, thus leaving me with no fair chance to get a fresh start on the next day. I know it was a game of chance but honestly I didn’t feel like the chances were at all in my favor even though I spent a lot of time and money on it.
    I’m sorry to come here to complain. I’m sorry this is so long. But I am frustrated and annoyed today. I don’t want my second Dansu Dansu or my second koi pond or Herbert’s Ice Cream Truck, all of which I had for coins. I see my huge lack of clams (I lost a lot during this lame Rupert event) and I’m feeling cheated. I see my characters coming out of long tasks empty-handed AGAIN. And I have to say, I’m beginning to lose interest in the game. Which is unfortunate because I was really enjoying it. 😦


    • Hey, we’re here to listen (as long as it’s respectful, which yours completely was). So you don’t have to apologize for complaining. My suggestion is see how this new event plays out for you. Don’t rush it, don’t feel stressed about it, just play it & have fun! 🙂 It could be exactly what you need to spark your interest in the game once again 🙂


  10. I have won Rupert but after Closing The game and opening again Rupert was gone. I had to open The box again and Guess what…no Rupert!
    What should i do


  11. Any body having trouble getting chris to drop the toy after completing task its the 4th time in a row he hasnt dropped it and its drivin me crazy


  12. Well, I just used up even more clams and still no Rupert. I’m done now. I could still try for another attempt but I’d have to use up yet another bunch of clams (8 each to speed up each of the 4 characters) and it’s just not worth the risk. The last couple of times I used clams to try to get it done and win Rupert, I ended up “winning” prizes that not only did I have them already, but they were the cheapest and lamest ones available. What a disappointment. I wish I had just saved my many clams and just sent my characters on regular tasks. 😦


  13. John LeMaitre

    Same here…. Blew all of my shells, and got every prize but Rupert. Hmph.


  14. How is it possible that I had 3 prizes to get and 2 tries, spend 64 clams to rush it before time runs out and still don’t get Rupert?!

    He is literally the only prize left and I don’t have anymore chances? Steaming pile that is!


  15. this thing was a absolute joke,

    I missed the first day 1/2 of the day and so i missed 1 time getting the 24 toy deal, so literally the only thing left in the mystery box as of tonight was thats right you guessed it RUPERT. I got every single other item.

    TinyCo i’m done with your garbage moneygrubbing horribly designed crap.


  16. Brilliant. Always keep my game up to date etc and today the rupert event suddenly appeared and told me I have until the end of today to try and get rupert…feck that :/


  17. Forgot to mention too, the most recent poll I saw with what people collected in the event so far, a whopping 3% of all who voted (hundreds) had got Rupert. That should tell Tinyco something.


  18. Does anyone know if rupert will be available for clams after the event?


  19. “How awesome is it to have a company behind a game that actually listens to their players?! :)”

    We don’t know because it isn’t happening here. Poll after poll after poll reflects that players don’t like quest or event items tied in buildings bought with clams. Toys that are a guarantee drop from whatever building is offered, is again something the players completely voted against. So if Tinyco is listening, why do these items still exist?

    As I said before, I’ll say it again, there is a slim to none chance anyone is getting rupert unless your willing to fork out the cash. Nobody is going to play 24 hours a day just to come online to collect their toys. People do sleep and they have jobs. Most can’t collect more than 12 per day.

    I’m going to take a wild guess that this event will send another big wave of people packing because Tinyco clearly “doesn’t listen to their players”


    • Can you link poll after poll after poll for me?

      Genuinely asking, I haven’t seen any polls involving Rupert anywhere yet.


  20. Looks like we’re rocking some old school He-Man with the Trap-Jaw toy!


  21. Yay it’s here!


  22. New toy is claptrap.


  23. Woo hoo! New toy just dropped!


  24. Mine updated. Yay


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