Star Trek 2015

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It’s time to boldly go where no Clammer has gone before…Star Trek has arrived in Quahog!

Here’s where you’ll find all the information from the Addicts Coverage of all things Star Trek!

Event Ends April 30th, 2015

The event will now end on May 7th at 3 PM PDT

Star Trek is Live
Phase 2 is Live

Phase 3 is Live
Phase 4 is Live
Klingon Meg & Q
Phase 5 is Live
Phase 6 is Live
Scotty & Khan
Seven of Nine & Uhura
Dark Matter & Clam Offer

Basics of Gameplay/What the Heck Is Going on?
Engineering Rooms
Ten Forward Rooms
Bridge Rooms
Sick Bay Rooms
Event Menu
Away We Go Quest
Transporter (Traveling to Other Planets)
Phase 2 Prep
Phaser Battles
Shielded PeterCraft
Borg Bertram Battles
Borg Bertram Battles Part 2
Earn MORE Dilithium


Transporter Away Missions
Planets Part 1
Planets Part 2
Planets Part 3

Mystery Boxes:
Uranus Planet
Hisanus Planet
Heranus Planet
Starfleet Rupert Mystery Box

Replicator Items:
Phase 1
Phase 2& 3
Phase 4&5
Phase 6
Extra Week

Week 1
Week 2
Klingons (Chris & Worf)
Week 3
Week 4 (Road to Recovery, In Sickness and Health, Vulcan Embarassment)
Guinan and Q
Week 5 (System Failure, Hard Data, Return of Picard)
Week 6 (Final Frontier, Illusion Confusion, A Tour of Quahog)
Spock, Khan, Scotty
Uhura, Seven of Nine
Special April Fool’s Questline
Klingon Meg, Borg Consuela, Edo Herbert
Captain Kirk, Captain Pike Joe

Character Profiles:
Starfleet Peter/Ferengi Mort
Klingon Chris
Deanna Troi
Edo Herbert
Starfleet Lois
Dr Crusher
Vulcan Quagmire
Klingon Meg
Talosian Stewie
Captain Pike Joe
Borg Consuela
Seven of Nine

Tribble Trouble
Clarifications & Glitches Part 1
Clarifications & Glitches Part 2
Clarifications & Glitches Part 3
Can Not Connect To Server/ Game Maintenance

Where the Hell?
Star Trek 101

Week 1 Characters
Where are You (1)
Where are You (2)
Where are you (3)


Addicts Fun
Star Trek Teaser Video
New Splash Screen
Another Spoiler
Q&A With TinyMatt (Recap)
Addicts 1YR Anniversary
TinyCo/ FGTQFS 1YR Anniversary
Family Guy:TQFS on Apple Watch


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54 responses to “Star Trek 2015

  1. Anyone else having trouble getting onto the server?


  2. UHURAAAA! Yes!!!!! And Seven of Nine. Mhmm. Ok, I thought, I could relax a little, but now I have to play furthermore…


  3. Will any of the Star Trek-specific characters (i.e. the ones with no Quahog quests) still be available after the Star Trek event is over? What about the Star Trek skins for the Quahog characters? This event has been excessively elaborate, even with the week-long extension, so I just want to make sure I’m not wasting any quests, time, or clams on things that will go away completely after May 7.


    • If you unlocked, won, or purchased a Character/Costume… it is yours to keep after the Event is over. (Like Locutus, Ferengi Mort, etc)

      Any you did NOT win, purchase, unlock… will go when the Event does.


      • So, if I earned Patrick Stewart during Comic Con, and I earned Locutus during Star Trek, will I have two Patrick Stewarts? What if I unlock Picard from Locutus?


  4. Greetings,

    Hey I just want you to know that I play this game non stop everyday. My GF, throws my phone because im playing constantly. I would like to ask to extend the Star Trek segment if possible. I would really like the new characters. Thank you


  5. I love thiss eventt im so sad to see its ending im doing so well u locking my ship i dont do the clams so i actually have to wait and be patient dang it why cant it be a forever thing like American dad so sad ! But cant wait to see what u guys have planned next just hope it doesnt end right when its getting good!!


  6. I wrapped up getting all costumes, all characters ( premium and free), all the buildings ( premium and free) . Sadly, the last thing I did was get Kirk. Since then, every time I have tried to open my game it is giving me a error message saying location_building startrek and won’t load. I am afraid to delete and reopen as I can’t remember my password. I wrote help@tinyco but nothing has changed. I spend on average $100 a month on the game since starting in January. I know it’s silly but I love my little town. What now……EEEP


    • Force close and restart wont help 😉


      • No, I’ve tried that multiple times. I’ve never had these crashing issues on my iPhone 5. I’m hoping at the very least everything will be okay once the event ends. I really just hope that I don’t lose the things that I paid for along the way. Thank you for keeping the site. This is the first video game that I’ve played routinely since I was a little kid. You keep the fun first class. Please let me know if you see this error message from anyone else.


  7. Do we have a time the event will end on the 30th? It’s going to be close to the wire for me to get Kirk and every hour counts!


  8. My talisman Stevie disappeared from the replicator is this normal?


  9. justapieceofmind

    Somebody help me! I woke up today and my tulisian stewie and the other captain that I forgot the name were gone from my replicator! And I was sooooo close on getting them, I just needed some crystal. They are gone forever?? What happened??


  10. I can’t edo Herbert no matter how hard I go😔. I feel like by the time I get the special items/ outfits the game will be over. It’s taking forever now to get chrystals unless i spend 700 clams.


    • He is Rare so many have had to try 20-30 times sending someone solo. Like Chris.


    • I tried a ton of times sending as many characters as I could at once, but I got him by sending just Lois and Deanna to the the planet together. I got him on the very first try like this. I’ve had ppl in the Facebook group I’m a part of say it worked for them too.


  11. Hello!!! I love this site! It is soooo very helpful! But I’ve been wondering.., what happens once the Star Trek ever is over? Do we lose everything except the characters and the buildings in Quahog?


  12. Mike Nordquist

    Is anyone having problems at the end of from boy to Klingon part 2, it keeps locking up on the reward screen


  13. Mine keep saying that it cannot connect to server! Is this just mine or are others experiencing this?


  14. How do you get herbert on the enterprise. Ive unlocked everything and still cant get him. And with the game ending om the 30th. Thats crazy. There is still a day left before i can upgrade the warp core. Looks like they are wanting everyone to fork out more money again


  15. Farlsworth Snodgrass

    Why am I not seeing any red shirts in my game. I’ve unlocked sick bay and I’m sure I’ve done things in the right order but no red shirts have appeared (other than the Trekkies in the early stages of the game). Help??


  16. What happends if the end of the month comes up and your not finished??? Does it go away? You spend All your time trying to meet the deadline.. What happened a if you don’t


  17. Im having abit of a problem getting the hypospray, it says i can get from clearing petership and clearing borgs but when i clear the borgs it only says its got a chance of getting the green boxes not multiple or hypospray :/ is anyone else having this problem?


  18. I have no borg i want borg i need borg to get picard guia is not getting me the tape at ALL

    Liked by 1 person

  19. What happened to Klingon Meg?


  20. This is probably a stupid question but I have Patrick Stewart from the comic con phase and obviously you have to unlock Picard in the Star Trek phase. What’s the likely outcome will they merge the two together or will I have two Patrick Stewart’s floating around in Quahog?


  21. Hi I have a question about the rooms on the enterprise. The game gives you the option to “change room” and will put the room it replaces in storage, however when I check my storage I don’t see it. Where did my room go? Do I have to recreate it?


  22. Hi,

    I have a question that is not directly related to the current Star Trek game line, but is more general :

    What determines whether a task will drop an item or not?

    I realise that there’s obviously an algorithm at play, but is it decided at the start when you set a character on a task, or at the end when the task is done?

    Just wondering


  23. OK well I’m trying to collect things to make klingon Chris but no gold trekkies but none have appeared to get rid of them for the items. When are they to show up?


  24. What is the taco truck help?


  25. Affection Meter?!


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