Star Trek Enterprise: Transporter (Part 3)

Hey there Tribblemakers!

The Next Phase in the Star Trek Event has hit and two more Planets have been added into the mix to visit. (One Freemium, One Premium.) So let’s take a look at what cool things the Two New Planets have brought us in the game.


Once you get your Starfleet XP to Level 6 and upgrade your Warpcore to Level 4, you will get access to more options aboard the Enterprise. Like more Planets to send Away Missions to.

Again, this is another cool feature aboard the Enterprise that will help you earn items to unlock Characters, increase your Dilithium and Starfleet XP count, and earn other items to put into your Quahog with the Star Trek theme.

For the first set of Planets, go to the post HERE.

For the second set of Planets, go to the post HERE.


Now for the Basics for each Planet.

Planet Bowel Regulus  Bowel Regulus
Mission Cost/Time 1 Transporter Energy 2hr
Payout 3 Starfleet XP 15 Dilithium Crystals
Possible Characters Starfleet Peter/ Vulcan Quagmire Geordi Locutus Deanna Troi
Extra Item Possible Vulcan Symbol Statue 45 Dilithium Crystals 2 Synthesizer Ore 5 Laser Scalpels


Planet Planet Vulcan(100 Clams to unlock)  Planet Vulcan
Mission Cost/Time 4 Transporter Energy 2hrs
Payout 3 Starfleet XP 15 Dilithium Crystals
Possible Characters Guinan/ Klingon Meg Sexy Sarong Herbert/ Vulcan Quagmire Locutus Deanna Troi/ Beverly Crusher
Extra Item Possible Giant Brown Tribble 4 Really Large Q-Tips 5 Space Condoms 400 Dilithium Crystals



Let’s take a quick look at the Extra Items and what they do.

Vulcan Symbol Statue 1Vulcan Symbol Statue (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 base. But it is tall. No animation currently for the item. It does look cool with all the other Statues or next to High Command.

Giant Brown Tribblw Giant Brown Tribble (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 base. Much like the other Giant Tribble, it breaths while sitting in your Quaghog. Once you tap on it it coos, squishes, and bounces up. Then back down to just breathing. I really like the Tribbles, so happy to now have two in my town.

Giant Brown Tribble

The remaining items are a mix of Materials that can be used all over the Event. Whether its to unlock a Character or help to purchase other items like Rooms.


Here are some of MY results, YOURS may vary. 

Laser ScalpelDeanna Troi alone to Bowel Regulus got me 5 Laser Scalpels. 

Dilithium CrystalsPeter & Geordi & Locutus & Deanna to Bowel Regulus got me 100 Dilithium Crystals. 

Vulcan Symbol Statue 1Peter & Troi to Bowel Regulus got me the Vulcan Statue

Dilithium CrystalsGeordi alone to Bowel Regulus got me 100 Dilithium Crystals.

Giant Brown TribblwGuinan alone to Planet Vulcan got me the Giant Brown Tribble. 

Really Large Q-TipSexy Sarong Herbert alone to Planet Vulcan got me 5 Really Large Q-tips.

Dilithium CrystalsStar Trek XPHerbert & Troi to Planet Vulcan got me nothing (but standard payout).

Space CondomsHerbert & Guinan & Locutus to Planet Vulcan got me 5 Space Condoms. 

Basically there is no set guarantee just yet to get the items. It will vary each player. I assume the more Characters that come unlocked on board the Enterprise that can join the Missions, the more options we will see to get Extra Items. Side Note: For me, once a Character was unlocked, the item they needed disappeared. So once I had Starfleet Lois, the Earpieces were gone from the options of Extra Items to earn.



Some of you may have already noticed, but the “results” of the trips have changed. Many are better drop in previous Planets, but the wording is different too. Instead of Unlikely, OK, Likely… the odds now list LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. Transporter Chance Screen


Remember, these detailed posts are here to help many players. If you have a technical issue with ONLY the Phaser Battle or items listed here, please let us know and be specific so we may pass on the facts to TinyCo to look into if there is a widespread impact. If your issue does not apply to THIS post, please use our SEARCH TOOL to find the one that may already have your answer or be more on the subject. Otherwise if you have something you need off your chest to vent about, take it to the What The Deuce posts and leave the helping posts for just that… to help. 😉

What do you think of the Transporter? Have you tried your luck at it yet? What results did you get from what combos? Please share your tries and results below for other players to see.


114 responses to “Star Trek Enterprise: Transporter (Part 3)

  1. I wish that the premium planets always dropped an item other than the standard payout. So far I feel like I’ve wasted 100 clams. :/


  2. Just sent my newly crafted Edo Herbert on a 2 hour mission to be carefree… I HAD to! That single picture made me laugh so hard … Well remember that episode where Quagmire pays off Freddy Kreuger to tell Peter that joke in his dream?? Well that’s how funny I took this single image. I could not stop laughing! It was funnier than watching Peter in the captain’s chair!


  3. I was wondering if Planet Vulcan or Kronos will be opening later or is it just for clams?


  4. Just a heads up, if you have Klingon Meg, try sending her and Troi to Vulcan, I’ve gotten 4 space condoms every trip so far.


  5. zombiepanda2007

    I’ve tried sending just Chris, or just Lois, or Peter, or Deanna, and then mixing them as well, and haven’t gotten Skimpy Herbert! I am really discouraged because I’ve tried every possible way and followed how everyone has sent to get him, but no avail 😕


  6. Anyone got any advice for planet vulcan combos? Just bought it and keen to start huntin condoms… never thought I’d say that.


  7. Not sure anyone has posted this yet but has anyone else noticed that Picard is going to be a skin for Locutus? Not that there’s a huge issue with that but just seems like they should have offered up Patrick Stewart as a clams purchase/other obtainable way with Picard as his skin. Odd but at least we know the answer to the question.


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