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Week 3 is Live: Warp Core Upgrade Now

Hello There Clammers!

Week 3 is live…time to upgrade the Warp Core to level 3 and unlock the Bridge!

In Week 3 we’ll see Borgs, Locutus, Starfleet Lois, Guinan, Skimpy Sarong Herbert (finally for the right reason), a brand new mystery box and Phaser Battles!

As always we’ll be back as soon as we go through it all…remember you’ll need 25 Life Support Energy to unlock the Bridge…Captain Picard

Back with more in a bit

BUNNY REMINDER: As stated whenever you tapped the Warp Core… in order to Upgrade… your STARFLEET XP LEVEL needs to be at 4. Warp Core Upgrade 3

So… to get to WARP CORE 3Warp Core Level 3… get your STARFLEET XP to 4.Starfleet XP Level 4 🙂 

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Crash Issues

UPDATE BUNNY 6PM EST: Reports of Android players coming back online too. Try to restart your device to see if it helps, if not… hang in there. Waiting for a confirmation final patches pushed for it too. 

UPDATE BUNNY 545PM EST: iOS issue found and patch just went live. Let us know if it helps. Android on its way next. Hang in there. They won’t stop til its up and running. 😉

Hello There Clammers!

As I’m moderating the comments from earlier today (sorry we’re a little late on them today, hectic day) I’m seeing a bunch of you report crashing issues in your game since yesterday’s update.

First, know that you are not alone.  There are lots of reports of this happening.  Second, I know many of you can’t report this to TinyCo because your game keeps crashing.  So…we’ve contacted them and they’re working on trying to determine what’s causing it.  However, they need your help.

IF you’re experiencing crashing issues in your game please answer the following in the comments below:

1. What OS are you using? (Apple, Android, Amazon)

2.  What device are you currently on? (iPhone, Galaxy S5, Kindle etc)

3. When did the crashing start?  (for example after updating to 1.7.5)

If you could please provide that information ASAP so they can hopefully work out a solution before the update is supposed to hit later today, that would be great.

Thanks guys! We know it stinks and hopefully everyone will get back up soon.

Star Trek Enterprise: Ten Forward Rooms

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing on by for some help on the options of  the new set of rooms offered once you unlock Ten Forward aboard the Star Trek Enterprise.

Ten Forward Unlocked

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