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Addicts Meet & Greet Recap

Hey all~

Taking a step out of the Event for a minute to flash back to a really cool thing that happened at the end of March. Addicts Meet and Greet. Woohoo!!

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Random Family Guy Poll: Social

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Just thought it would be fun today to step outside the box and get some ideas of just WHERE people go when seeking information. We like to find ways to inform our readers on the latest stuff we find on the games. There are just so many locations to go nowadays when it comes to Social. Some have been around for what seems like forever. Some are just starting up.

So I figured, why not ask?

Take a peek at this poll and let us know what YOU think about/use when it comes to the Social options out there.

Thanks so much! Your feedback helps us. 🙂


Star Trek Enterprise Crash

UPDATE 4/28, 1AM: TinyCo has released the patch and it has been running now for bout an hour. Please make sure you force close the app. Restart your device if needed. Let us know if you still have issue getting to Enterprise or using the Inventory. 

UPDATE 4/27 330PM: TinyCo has found the cause of Enterprise and Inventory Crash. Fix should be out VERY soon. Once in place, a Force Close and/or Restart of device should help to put it into effect.  

UPDATE 4/27: They should be getting into the offices soon. When I get any updates on the progress, I will let you know. In the meantime just do what you can until this is resolved.(They were working on it all weekend.) I let them know many of you are wanting an extenstion, but feel free to pass it on too within your game or email. As always, your feedback is helpful. Just remember, kindness goes a long way. 😉

UPDATE: Working further with TinyCo to help get this pinpointed, so please help on your end by sending in details of what YOU are experiencing with the Enterprise crash. Right now, this is what they are looking for…. 

1) Does reinstalling the game fix it? (Please sign up for an account first!)
2) What actions do players most recently remember setting characters on?
3) Is anyone on iOS?
**4) If a player is crashing when visiting the Enterprise, and has access to an additional device, can they play as normal on the NEW device?**

So try an Uninstall/Reinstall ONLY if your game is saved to an email or Facebook that you can reload the saved file from. If not saved, save it! It really needs to be linked no matter what so you do not lose all the time you put in your game if something like your phone lost or stolen happens or you get a new one too.

So far this looks to be Android, but we want to confirm… any iOS having issue of Enterprise not accessible?


Hey all you Tribblemakers!

This is what I get for attempting to take a few hours off. The game gets all cranky and decides to throw a tantrum and shut down. Pssssh. 😛

But seriously, I actually had a melt down with my phone and have been trying to get it fixed, then replaced. I was aware of the issues, just no way to get online to help report back. Sorry.

Short story long, I have been sending reports to TinyCo of all the things I was seeing you state you are experiencing. Continue to message it all in to them please. Use your game menu if you can get in, if not… email help@tinyco.com and send as MUCH info as possible. Device, Version, Player ID if you have it, Screenshot of the start screen if you do not, tell them what it is you are seeing and how long ago it started.

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