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Star Trek How To: Dilithium Crystals Math

FYI… for those of you that complained TinyCo should put those “Con” Characters to use, you may want to go check their tasks. Just sayin. Looking at you George and Patrick. 😉 

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Lots of cool New Items in the game all needing  Dilithium Crystals. Many of you are now panicking. How will you get all the items you need? No worries, here to help as usual. This will be a LOT of info so you are gonna need a minute. 😉

Dilithium CrystalsDilithium Crystals
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Star Trek How To: Borg Bertram Battles

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Warp Core 5 hit our games and we now have a Boss Battle. Looks like Bertam has been taken over by the Borg Collective and now we have to battle him with our Characters to help out to get Dilithium Crystals and Dark Matter.Clawed Borg Bertram Continue reading

Quahog Star Trek Walkthroughs: Phase 5

Hello There Clammers!

Star Trek has arrived in Quahog!  And with this fifth phase you’ll unlock Data, Picard, Talosian Stewie  & try not to throw your phone across the room as you blow stuff up!

During Phase 5 several questlines will popup in order to help you understand the event ahead, and prepare our Tiny Quahogs for travel to the Enterprise!  Working your way through these questlines will help you earn more Dilithium Crystals and XP to help you better move through the event, and buy Enterprise items!

So what are we waiting for?  Let’s take a closer look at the main questlines for phase 5 that you’ll encounter…

The Holodeck Unlocked

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