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Warp Core 5/ Phase 5 Delayed

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing by really quick to let you know there will be a lil delay on the New Warp Core Level 5. There is not really a way to change the timer clock in the game, so we wanted to get the word out in advance. So what to do while we wait? Holodeck Unlock

You can prepare your game for the New items. If you are not quite there yet, no worries. It doesn’t hurt to wait just a bit. See how everything plays out before jumping into it all.

Send Characters on short 1-2 hr tasks to earn Energy if possible (Transporter/ Life/ Phaser). This will also keep the Main Characters available for when it does arrive.

Make sure you have the correct Level of Starfleet XP (8) & Life Support Energy (80). Warp Core Level 5

For now hang tight. We will post as soon as we see it go live and have the basic rundown you are used to.


Star Trek Enterprise: Sick Bay Rooms

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing on by for some help on the options of  the new set of rooms offered once you unlock The Sick Bay aboard the Star Trek Enterprise.

Sick Bay Unlocked

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