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Hey there Tribblemakers!

Looks like TinyCo is getting in on the fun of the 1 Year Celebration of the game too. It’s a Celebration all around for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. Happy Birthday To Us!

So log into your games and see a fun lil pop up trigger some Free Cake into your Inventory….It's Our Anniversary Pop Up Continue reading

Star Trek Character Profile: Locutus

Hello There Space Clammers!

Star Trek has taken over Quahog!  A Starfleet Shuttle has conveniently crashed in Quahog and apparently someone decided that the future of the Galaxy should rest on Peter’s shoulders.  (cause that sounds like a smart idea!)  It’s your mission to help Peter save the Galaxy, after all it’d be a pretty boring game if he did it by himself!

Along the way you’ll encounter characters from the USS Enterprise that you’ll have to save (you know save by collecting STUFF).  The fourth Star Trek character you’ll encounter in the event is Locutus, Captain Picard that the Borg have taken over


Let’s take a look at this Borg and just what happens when you unlock him in your Quahog!  Continue reading

Star Trek How To: Shielded PeterCraft

UPDATE: If you have hit Warp Core 5, go to the main rundown post and see the NEW Details since the launch last night for Phaser Battles. 😉 



Hey there Tribblemakers!

I know we put most this information in the main post and comments already, but with many still asking… I chose to make it a more detailed post to help y’all out. The New Shielded PeterCraft… Just how do you take one out?

Shielded PeterCraft Continue reading

Quahog Star Trek Walkthroughs: Phase 4

Hello There Clammers!

Star Trek has arrived in Quahog!  And with this fourth phase you’ll unlock Dr. Crusher, Vulcan Quagmire & try not to throw your phone across the room as you try to blow stuff up!

During Phase 4 several questlines will popup in order to help you understand the event ahead, and prepare our Tiny Quahogs for travel to the Enterprise!  Working your way through these questlines will help you earn more Dilithium Crystals and XP to help you better move through the event, and buy Enterprise items!

So what are we waiting for?  Let’s take a closer look at the main questlines for phase 4 that you’ll encounter…

Sick Bay Unlocked

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