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Phase 4 is Live: To the Sick Bay!

UPDATE BUNNY 4/10 240AM EST: K my lil Tribblemakers, I think you all have used and abused the comments section on this post enough. Again, we get the venting… we get the frustrations. The new stuff JUST dropped. Give it time to see how it plays out before torching the place down. For now…it has gone TOO far. If you would like to add HELPFUL tips to this HELPFUL post myself and Alissa put so much time and effort on, please feel free to add your comment. Otherwise, go to What The Deuce to vent. If you have a technical issue or question, that is fine let us know. Just the facts only. ANYTHING else will find its way out back. Sorry, but enough is enough. ūüėȬ†


Hello There Clammers!

FINALLY an update on time.  Star Trek Phase 4 is officially live in Quahog!

Head over to your Enterprise and upgrade to Warp Core 4 (if you’ve met the requirements). ¬†This week we’ll unlocked the Sick Bay, Beverly Crusher and Vulcan Quagmire!

2015-04-09 22.49.52

As always we’ll be back with more details as soon as we go through them…

A reminder that Android and Amazon players have a patch update in their respective App stores. ¬†So be sure to download version 1.7.6 so you’re on the latest update. ¬†iOS users your update should be out soon…

To be able to gain access to ALL the new items below, not just limited… you will need to have progressed through the Main Questline to the end of A Ship Without Picard (Part 8, Part 9 will trigger with new Warp Core)

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Star Trek Enterprise: Bridge Rooms

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing on by for some help on the options of  the new set of rooms offered once you unlock The Bridge aboard the Star Trek Enterprise.

Bridge Unlocked

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