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Klingon Meg, Q, & Changes to Drops!!!

UPDATE: Many seeing the Regular PeterCraft ALWAYS drops working now. Feel free to try it, but if it does not drop one immediately… stop and please let me know. 😉 

UPDATE: I need YOUR help Addicts. I need one of you to send me your Player ID that fits the following: 
You have updated and got the pop up for this new sale
You are currently Upgrade to Warp Core Level 4
You tried PeterCraft and did NOT get ALWAYS drops on Felicum & Laser Pointers. 
If you fit this, please email me your Player ID info ASAP. Thanks!

UPDATE: Got the Player IDs, techs isolated issue, patch now in works. You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for the help! I do not need anymore IDs now. 

The ALWAYS drops on the Normal PeterCraft are not playing nice with those on Warp Core 4 (because that big fat meany head Shielded one wants to take all the glory… psssh), so please hang in there. SAVE YOUR PHASER ENERGY! Will Update with the fix when it is ready. 😉 

They got the issue on their “Phasedar”… yuck yuck yuck. 😉 


Hey there Tribblemakers!

So a new 24 timed Character option has hit the game along with a new Premium Character and several Item Drop Changes…

Shielded PeterCraft 24 Phaser Energy


More to come, but here are some basics.

First off, make sure you have the LATEST App Market Version of the game. Some of these changes may require you to restart your device to get them to go into “action”. Continue reading

Player Alert!! DO NOT GET SCAMMED!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing by with something a bit more on a serious note. Sit tight as this subject may not be a pleasant one for some, make others a lil nervous, and spark some controversy… but I CAN’T just let this slide. Too many paid for it last time….

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Star Trek Enterprise: Where Are YOU In The Game? (Part 2)

Hey there all you Tribblemakers!

Phase 4 is now live and running in our games. Just like unlocking Districts, this Event has us unlocking Enteprise “Districts” and causing us all flashbacks of those dreaded Eyeballs and Headbands. Definitely one of the more Challenging Events to say the least. Even for the Seasoned Players. So, once again, bouncing on in here because I want to know where YOU are in the game?

24 Phaser Energy Laser Pointer Felicium
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1 Year Anniversary!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

It was one year ago today that TinyCo released this silly lil Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Game. A lot has happened since then. Many new faces and names round here. Many changes everywhere.



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