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1 Year Anniversary!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

It was one year ago today that TinyCo released this silly lil Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Game. A lot has happened since then. Many new faces and names round here. Many changes everywhere.



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GIVEAWAY! Intimate Apparel Peter, You Know You Want One FREE!

Hey there Minions. Bouncing by as I am giggling uncontrollably. The main reason I started playing this game was my love for Family Guy and its obnoxious humor. A T.V. Series that most definitely loves to push the boundaries. The Family Guy:The Quest For Stuff Game does the same. So the two were perfect for me. What could make it even better? A Peter of my own of course. Lol. I give you Intimate Apparel Peter Extra Sexy Edition. (Red Outfit).

Intimate Apparel FGA

Keep reading to see how YOU may be able to get a chance at getting one for FREE!

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Nothing has changed… Yet

Hi there Quahogians!

I’m jumping in to give you a special post before we fully recieve this brand new content update. I’m going to take a look at the description from TinyCo, and investigate what it could mean.

TinyCo said:

“• Special Event: A gigantic pyramid appears in Quahog. Discover its surprising secrets in this epic multi-week adventure
• Event Hub: Collect exciting prizes using time limited currency and stay up-to-date as the special event unfolds
• Limited Edition Items: Make your Quahog stand out with items like the Stewie Sphinx!”

So what does this mean?

Well, from what I can gather, the Event is somewhat like the older events from the Simpsons Tapped Out. Maybe you have to get a unique “stuff” to unlock maybe 10 unique prizes. I also think that it is going to bring with it a large pyramid (I wouldnt have guessed that, lol) that generates this new “stuff”. I could also conclude that each week, a new part of the storyline will be unlocked, to keep you gripped to the game. I’m sure that whatever it is, TinyCo will make it big as their first major event. 🙂

What do you think? Am I right? Well this is to keep you guessing right before the content is released – and who knows when TinyCo will do it?

That’s all from me!

Keep Questing (And guessing)!


The Good, The Bad & the Not so Pretty…Tell TinyCo

Hello there Clammers!

We’re back with another edition of Tell TinyCo!  Our good friends over at TinyCo have been so awesome at wanting YOUR opinions and feedback on the game, and LISTENING to you!  Yes, that’s right they actually listen to what you have to say…not only that they want to hear YOUR opinions!  TinyCo LogoSo our friend Matt just sent us this great email last night and would love to hear more from YOU!  Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Addicts!
Just a heads up: we’ve received a ton of awesome feedback from players about the clowns event. We’re blown away by the excitement so far.
We also hear loud and clear that players would like more coin items to enjoy the event. To that end, we’ve switched the Strength Test item from 25 clams to cost 1000 coins.
We’d love to hear more of your feedback. While we can’t incorporate EVERYTHING, we intend to read every last piece and use it to inform the next event…..
Would y’all be up for doing a “Good” and “Bad” thread, like you did for the launch of the game?

We really value our relationship with our friends over at TinyCo, and love how they take the time to listen to players opinions about the game.  They value that feedback so much, and often make changes on the fly based on it.  (shorter tasks, premium items becoming freemium)  They really are listening, and want to make this the best game out there!

So sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.  The good, the bad and the not so pretty of The Quest For Stuff…we want it all.  Don’t be shy…but be respectful…let them know what you think!

Looking forward to YOUR feedback!

What Would YOU Change? Tell TinyCo!

Hey there Clammers. Miss me yet? So I am here for a quick little picking of your brains. This is in regards to our amazing friend at TinyCo.

TinyCo Logo

The “Guy in charge” has been working right by our side this entire time to take care of YOU and this amazing new game. Matt has been there every step of the way to ensure any and all glitches were jumped on RIGHT AWAY, as well as constantly updating me on the progress so I can then in turn pass all the information to you. Numerous emails back and forth til we got to the start of the “bugs”.

He even went so far as to contact a few of you personally after I forwarded him your info to tap into your games and get to the bottom of the dreaded “Bruce Glitch”. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (Way to go Patient Zeros! Lol.)

I am THOROUGHLY impressed with him and the entire team at TinyCo for having such an amazing interest and connection to all of the players of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff.

Now, why this post? Well, the same amazing guy in charge…Matt, wants to make the game better for YOU. For us all.

Hi Bunny!

Now that we’re a week in, we’re going through the in-game FAQ and updating it to be more effective. Do you or your visits have any thoughts on how the FAQ can be improved?
Things like:
– Updating existing text so it appears when you search. (For instance, players are searching for “district,” “neighborhood,” and “quarter” for how to expand their Quahogs.)
– FAQ items that don’t exist yet, such as “how to store buildings”
– FAQ items that can be improved to be more clear


Man, I really do adore this guy. Such integrity and passion in their game. It amazes me. So here is your chance to respond with what YOU would like to see changed. Sound off in the comments below. I will be forwarding ALL of your information directly to him myself. Just look at how fast they have responded already to cost of items and times of tasks. AWESOME!!


Until Next Time…

Bunny Logan drawing wanderingcaveman


Family Guy Game Release Date?

After months of talking, months of speculation and the agony of waiting out Limited Beta Testing…there’s now rumors about the release date of the Family Guy Game!   While we’re getting closer and closer to the launch nothing is confirmed at this time.  

Rumors are that the Family Guy Game will be released this Spring.  Of course this date can still change, since it’s still pretty far off.  But keep checking here at Family Guy Addicts and we’ll keep you up to date with all of the latest information!

FamilyGuyGame Splash Screen

TinyCo is indicating on their official Twitter page for Family Guy that the released date has not yet been released but you can sign up for emails to receive the info before anyone else:

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