What Would YOU Change? Tell TinyCo!

Hey there Clammers. Miss me yet? So I am here for a quick little picking of your brains. This is in regards to our amazing friend at TinyCo.

TinyCo Logo

The “Guy in charge” has been working right by ourΒ side this entire time to take care of YOU and this amazing new game. Matt has been there every step of the way to ensure any and all glitches were jumped on RIGHT AWAY, as well as constantly updating me on the progress so I can then in turn pass all the information to you. Numerous emails back and forth til we got to the start of the “bugs”.

He even went so far as to contact a few of you personally after I forwarded him your info to tap into your games and get to the bottom of the dreaded “Bruce Glitch”. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (Way to go Patient Zeros! Lol.)

I am THOROUGHLY impressed with him and the entire team at TinyCo for having such an amazing interest and connection to all of the players of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff.

Now, why this post? Well, the same amazing guy in charge…Matt, wants to make the game better for YOU. For us all.

Hi Bunny!

Now that we’re a week in, we’re going through the in-game FAQ and updating it to be more effective. Do you or your visits have any thoughts on how the FAQ can be improved?
Things like:
– Updating existing text so it appears when you search. (For instance, players are searching for “district,” “neighborhood,” and “quarter” for how to expand their Quahogs.)
– FAQ items that don’t exist yet, such as “how to store buildings”
– FAQ items that can be improved to be more clear


Man, I really do adore this guy. Such integrity and passion in their game. It amazes me. So here is your chance to respond with what YOU would like to see changed. Sound off in the comments below. I will be forwarding ALL of your information directly to him myself. Just look at how fast they have responded already to cost of items and times of tasks. AWESOME!!


Until Next Time…

Bunny Logan drawing wanderingcaveman


60 responses to “What Would YOU Change? Tell TinyCo!

  1. Hi I am on level 51 and I am not sure how to get salmon for the unicycle-riding bears, please can you help ??



  2. When are they going to expand the map size. Every time there’s an event there’s a crap-load of new stuff, but in order for long time players use use any of it they have to remove other things and replace as they go. I’m just afraid this is as big as my Quahog will ever get.


  3. How do I get rid of the red exclamation point where I see quahog and collect coins or clams every 20 hours. I get the reward but it still shows and it bugs me?


  4. Christoffadoffadoff

    animation for ‘drunk billy’ – the channel 5 news helicopter pilot would be superb but he’s apparently dead so I guess that’s out though ha.

    Increased clam chance, increase drop chance or reduced wait times in general!! 12 hours is mental … Never mind the 21hr and 1d nonsense haha.

    other people have hit the nail on the head with certain character suggestions and character finder etc. Such a top game, Patrick Stewart takes all the others to the cleaners for me – ”they let me record this in my sweat pants” pahahaha!! Thanks for the laughs Tinyco. Love it πŸ˜‰


  5. I wish all the players would get tasks instead of one character having 3 or more


  6. Hi I complete the kids table after I unlock stewie but I never recievecmy reward 25 clams been sending message on game for few weeks now never receive my clams yet or a respond


    • They’re backed up on the support side right now. If they don’t respond within 10 days of seeing your last ticket send them another message, but not sooner (it’ll just add to the backlog)


  7. zooming right in a lot of the time after clicking on something …… really annoying, please change it so it stays the way i want it zoomed out


  8. okay here’s a list of characters i think should be added
    (i know there working on some like Adam west and tom tucker)
    1. Carl
    2. Patrick (the fat guy strangler)
    3. IDA (Quagmire’s dad/mum
    4.Kevin Swanson (joe and bonnies son)
    5. James woods
    also here;s some costumes i think should be added
    1. Joe as Neptune from “be careful what you fish for”
    2. Herbert as Ben kenobi from Star wars parodies
    3. Quagmire sex gear from almost every Quagmire scene
    4.. Peter as harry potter as seen in “livin on a prayer”


  9. I love the quest for stuff. super addictive but i wish there was even more characters from the show like for example, James woods, Lois’ sister, Joes daughter Susie or Quagmires dad?? That be AMAZING! oh and Stewies evil brother Burtrum???


  10. So have a Dr. Glitch can’t get him to move forward without the game force stopping and crashing please fix.


  11. I have to agree with EVERYTHING f1hotbabe has said, and seeing that she has spent a vast amount of money on the game, her opinion should come very highly valued toothed developers. Character finder is a must IMHO, as too often instead up to 10 minutes (no joke) trying to find Herbert when he is behind a bank of buildings. The only addition to her very detailed post would be (as has also been mentioned) random events, such as the odd chicken fight, or a random character from the show passing through, like future Stewie, or Brains gay cousin, or Peters Dad, etc. These special event weekends are all well and good, but require far too many clams, and not greatly thrilling. If maybe there were just one free item for each event weekend, that would be great, and would also be a good way to boast to other players of how long we’d been playing, etc.
    A lot of people have an issue with the length of time some items take to drop. I think it would be much simpler and people would be happier all round, if say the chance from a 12 hr task was no less than 1in4, and from a 1 hr task, he’ll it could be 1in20, it would still be better than repeating a 12 hr task for a month to no avail.
    The one major suggestion I have however which for me, would massively improve gameplay, and that is to allow 2 or more workers to work on the same project. When it takes 2 days to build a building or clear an area, it wouldn’t be so bad to be able to half that time by doubling the labour. As a result I would expect more people to spend clams on upgrading the workers. You could even encourage it by creating buildings that could ONLY be created by 2 or more workers, but it would be unfair for that to be a task item, for the people who wouldn’t increase their workforce would lose out.
    I have to also agree with Bunny when she says that they are a great lot at TinyCo. I was steaming through TSTO last year, I spent money on it, and my mates were eagerly trying to catch up. Then BAM… Game wiped. And after a dozen or so emails, no-one cared… TinyCo have replied to every message in reasonably good time (reasonably meaning I am reasonably expecting up to a few days for a reply – they are very busy) and in fact the first 4 messages I sent were just for feedback, so when I did encounter an issue, I knew they would receive it gracefully and endeavour to fix it with speed.
    Game of the year if u ask me, sod what the masses think. I have never enjoyed any mobile platform game as much as this, and believe me, I’ve played far too many πŸ™‚


  12. Hi there. This game has been well developed, but there are a few things that make it hard to play.
    (1). The ability to zoom in a lot more on characters doing their tasks, animated items or buildings would improve the game massively. I play on an iPhone and find it hard to really see the characters or animations even when you fully zoom in on them. TSTO got that just right.
    (2). The writing for new tasks /quests / dialogue between characters is much too small. I have good vision but still struggle to read the tiny writing. It needs to be a lot bigger or players that do not have 20:20 vision will give up playing. My friend wears glasses but can see out of them very well and he gave up playing because he said it was too frustrating trying to read the dialogue. He also didn’t like not being able to really zoom into characters (he plays TSTO so is used to really zooming in). I’m sure there are loads of people like him who give up due to struggling to read the tiny print. (I know the company is TinyCo, but making print tiny is not good, lol).
    (3). Ability to visit more than 20 neighbours in 24hrs would be good. I have a lot more than 20 friends and feel a bit cheated when I can’t visit them all.
    (4). Reducing the odds of getting EPIC items. I don’t mind the chance element of getting an item as you definitely get a massive sense of achievement when you unlock characters you have to work for. When I got Brian I almost did a cartwheel (& I’m disabled). However, I got this game the minute it was released, spent a lot of money (through choice not because I had to) and was given the task to unlock Peter the Mermaid. We are over 3 weeks in and I have been stuck on the last item needed ever since. I have got both buildings required to get a shell (I have had them for a while) and I have sent Consuela on her 12 hour task every 12 hours, yet that last shell just hasn’t appeared. (I did win it but got kicked out of the game & lost it, but I’ve sent TinyCo a message about that). It’s the same with the rope needed for S&M Lois. I have the fire station and send Hooker Peter to do the task every 4 hours, but I still have 2 to get. The odds of getting those items shouldn’t be so low as that becomes demoralising & does make me think TinyCo are almost forcing you to spend money to get the costume. Knowing I have spent over 2 weeks trying to get both of these makes me feel like I’ll never get them. Maybe TinyCo could write code giving you an EPIC or extra rare item after you have done a task or tapped a building many times (like TSTO where odds of getting last 2 Easter characters are 0.3%, but they guarantee you will get them when you have used 80 & 81 gold boxes). Not getting something time after time, for days and weeks will make people give up trying.
    (4). Having a character locator would make it easier to find characters.
    (5). The ability to sell buildings or items. I’ve noticed loads of people buying a massive amount of offices (to earn money), 4 or 5 Fire Stations (the rope) and multiples of other buildings that give a chance of getting an extra rare/epic item. There isn’t much land as it is and if you can’t sell these things when you have got the items, they will end up having to be stored.
    (5). Adding pavements would make it more realistic.
    (6). Adding more houses (like TSTO’s brown house, pink, purple, white etc). A town has houses after all.
    (7). The ability to put Gold Digger Island in the sea.
    Finally, EVERYONE’S major suggestion for improvement……..
    (8). The ability to move a building 360 degrees. This is the one thing TSTO will not do and it is the most frustrating thing. The object of the game is to build a realistic looking town. If you can only move things 180, it takes away the ability to be creative and have a real looking town. I would love to build a cul-de-sac with houses both sides and at the end but it looks rubbish when the buildings down the side only face one way. That would take this game to a new level.
    I know that is a long list, but I really want this game to succeed. Not only do I love it, despite not being a fan of the show, I have already spent over Β£100 on it (no, I’m not insane! I always spend a lot of money on games I love and if I have the resources it’s my choice. I would rather do that than hack a game, which can make the difference between a game continuing or not!).
    I really hope some of these suggestions are put in place as I already know of 28 people who deleted the game due to my first 4 (well, 1,2 &4) issues. If they are changed I know I can get my friends to start playing again.
    Hope all this helps. Sorry it is so long, I really wanted to give constructive feed back. Btw, when will the last 5 characters/buildings be released. I really want Stewie lol.


  13. Hi there. I’m not sure if this is the right place to go but I am desperate to get hold of TinyCo. I spent a lot of money on clams, dollars and Consuela’s house, was charged via iTunes, but not credited with the items. I have been sending message after message since the 13th April via the in game support and have had no response, apart from one where I was asked to give my receipt numbers (which I promptly did). I have sent at least 15 messages and can’t understand why I have been ignored. I held off buying any more, but today (against my better judgement) I spent nearly Β£20 getting currency so I could get Brian. I was credited with the cash so I breathed a sigh of relief. However, I left the game after buying the building with nearly $3,000, then went back an hour later only to find I had $495. I also had about 200 clams missing but can’t be sure of the exact amount. I have contacted them yet again and still have had no response. Can anyone give me an e mail address or if anyone from TinyCo reads this can they please get back to me. I am furious that something so serious would be ignored despite me contacting them once or twice a day since April 13th. It is totally unacceptable. I am going to contact iTunes about this matter as well as somehow or other I need these matters resolved. I am definitely not buying anything else until it’s sorted as there is clearly a problem going on.


    • So sorry to hear you are struggling to get feedback. Give me a little while to look into this matter and get back to you with my results, K?

      Hang in there in the meantime. πŸ˜‰


      • Thanks Bunny. I don’t know whether my post here or something you did made them respond! I got a bunch of excuses about tickets being passed on etc etc, but to their credit, I woke up this morning with ALL my missing clams and money replaced, an apology and extra clams because my messages slipped through the cracks. I am hoping I won’t lose any more and I just bought a load more coins now I feel a bit more confident that the same thing won’t happen. Thank you TinyCo, I can now continue playing with confidence! I love love love this game (apart from the chance element of getting items and the tiny dialogue). I’m just trying to unlock Brian so I can get rid of the bulls all over town and I need to get 3 items 14 times each. Considering 2 of the items are “rare” and “extra rare” and the tasks take between 8 and 12 hours each I think it’s going to take a very long time. I wish they would change that aspect. I do not mind doing 14 tasks to get 1 item unlocked, I just think it’s a bit off putting when you only get the item once in 9 tasks. That is the one thing that will make people give up as the amount you have to get for each character unlock increases with each new character. I know I will reach the point where I use clams to unlock the character (currently it’s 756 to get Brian) and that is where TinyCo look greedy. Who wants to take (potentially) over 3 weeks to unlock a character. If that part was changed, this game would stand a chance of beating TSTO as the no1 game of the year. Anyway, thanks again for your help. After almost 2 weeks of no response I was about to tear my hair out.


        • Happy to help. I wanted to ensure it was resolved. πŸ™‚

          They are really quite amazing people there. They just got overloaded the first bit a little working out the glitches and bugs. But nevertheless, they do work as hard as possible to make things right for their players. I am glad they took good care of you.

          Keep giving them feedback now and then on your thoughts of game play. They do like to know what players think of their game so if an adjustment is needed they can fix it. πŸ™‚


  14. The biggest one for me would be the ability to add friends in another way than through facebook. Im not giving my fb to strangers and I wont create a page for the sole purpose of this game.

    I wish the illegal mexicans could be bought for in game currency rather than be premium

    Moving things around is a bit tedious. Items dont move around smoothly unless im cropped to the max. Also, when I want to click that uber small arrow, it keeps thinking im tapping the district that isnt unlocked yet.

    To end on a positive note, I appreciate all the free golden clams so far!


  15. I think I’m in agreement with a lot of the other posters.
    – The ‘outfits’ for the characters earn a more premium rate (maybe too much to ask to have it completely premium) but a step up from standard – as we’ve spent time collecting all the objects required it would be nice for a bonus at the end of it.

    – If something we’re collecting is ‘rare’ the task should be shorter, putting my character constantly on 8 hour tasks gets a bit tedious!

    – 360 placement for buildings would be great, and would tip them over the edge as far as TSTO is concerned.

    – Pavement would be a nice addition to the game.

    – A funny thing would be to have the chicken randomly pop-up like Sideshow Bob, and we have to either track him down for cash/clams or have him and Peter have a mini-fight.

    – Character finder would be super handy.

    – Also when I switch between my iPad and my iPhone each time I’ve had to sit through the whole beginning scene and set Peter on the clear the fire task before I get the option to log in to my account – a log in screen prior to the beginning of the game would be SUPER handy and time saving.

    – Once the game goes on a bit more, episode tie-ins would be great!

    All in all though the game is amazing, and I think it has so many positives.

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  16. 360 DEGREE BUILDING PLACEMENT!!!1!!1!! This is a major TSTO still hasn’t addressed and considering the profits of that game (and most likely soon, this game), it’s frickin absurd that you can still only have a building facing southeast or southwest (or down right, down left). Please, please, please. It’s a city-building game. We should be able to customize it as we see fit.


  17. I think the more rare the item, the shorter the task to get it should be. Plus, you should never require more than 4 to 5 of a rare item to unlock a character.


    • I agree! I’m trying to unlock Brian and I need 14 items of each to get him. That’s 42 tasks to do as well as buy a building to unlock the 4th bubble over his head. The tasks are too long for the extra rare items (10 hrs to get an extra rare item 14 times is ridiculous) and even the rare ones are too long. It would appear the amount of times to get an item increases with every new character. I am dreading the next one! Getting the Dr was hard enough. Personally, I think we should always get the item if we have done a long task. If that was changed, dialogue made bigger and the buildings were able to turn 360 degrees, this game could very well become the no1 game instead of TSTO. I think TSTO is either winding down or EA have become complacent as new content is being released less and less, event prizes are getting harder and harder to get and after 2 years of playing, I ran out of land a very long time ago. Come on TinyCo, make these minor changes and most of us will be more than happy.


  18. I have to say that as much as I like the idea of collecting stuff to unlock characters, I hate the chance component. Doing something for no reward is a little too much like real life. I don’t want to be frustrated or disappointed by my games.


  19. Hi bunny not sure if this is right place or if something is posted somewhere else but i was wondering if their is a rundown of achievements. in the game there is nto enough space there’s one were peter and others have to dance or drink ( cant remember) but cant see the whole task nor can i tap on it to open.
    Thx Rick.


  20. More chances to get free clams. My favorite characters cost 300+ clams.


  21. I agree with a lot of these. Here is what I would be interested in:
    % bonus. I’m not picky on how it is designed (personally I love the TSTO version, but I would really like to see something different) especially for premium items or characters special outfits.
    Quests that don’t involve buying things you may not want. I enjoy the interaction with the characters for quests more so than decorations.
    Option to sell items. (What would be really great is if it is premium, you get a small % of those clams back if sold)
    Shorter wait times on the land. Waiting 24hrs seems a bit lengthy when you so want to design stuff πŸ™‚
    Total time before something is ready to collect. I agree that I’m not worried how much something earns an hour, only what total and when I can collect
    I do love that I can just hop to the character “face space” page to see each characters level & progression, but maybe there could be an added option to tap there that would bring you right to that character whether in a task or not. Sometimes I forget where someone is because I haven’t become too familiar with which tasks are linked to which buildings.
    Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


  22. I may have missed comments on this, but I have a graphic glitch with Lois. On her 2 hour martial arts task, she becomes a stack of black boxes. Just sent her on a shoplifting task and now the store is partially blacked out. Is this a known issue?

    Several freemium apps I play are starting to give an option to watch ads for game currency. I wouldn’t mind doing that for clams as long as I got to decide when and if it happened (not just randomly when I’m in the midst of something).

    How awesome that they are working so closely with you guys and the gamers themselves. That scores high marks in my book!


    • I’ve been getting the blocks on Lois and Peter doing various quests for a while. I think it’s just an issue where the content hasn’t fully loaded yet in your game. Try hard closing the app and starting it back up and see if that helps. πŸ™‚
      And yes…the people at TinyCo are really great! πŸ™‚


    • My Bonnie character is a black blob until she goes on a task. Other characters will become blobs if sent on a certain task as well. I’m hoping the update in about a week will fix all that.


  23. “Patient Zero” checking in…lol…I agree with most of the other comments. I would like to see:

    1) “Level up” graph bar icon is fine, but I want to know the actual numbers. Either superimpose “current amount”/”total needed” against the bar or create “tap” feature on icon to activate info pop out.

    2) Change the wording in the “earns” section on the info pop out for characters and buildings (in market section). Most don’t care the hourly rate. We want to know 2 things; “TOTAL time it takes to payout” and “TOTAL payout for XP/cash”

    3) The red exclamation point on the friends icon is annoying. Is it intended to display (on & off) when friends are available to visit? That would be great, but I’m starting to believe it’s just part of the icon graphic. Mine has NEVER disappeared. Even when the social feature was semi-working.

    4) Wish I could sell unwanted items. I bought a bunch of hedges to spell out a timely humorous message “KILL BRUCE” and now I’m stuck with them. (Bruce is just fine, by the way….lol).

    5) Give us “Free” premium “stuff” occasionally. It shows you care and it makes us want to keep playing. (A little gift once the “Social” feature goes back online would go a LONG way in the “good will” department, believe me).

    That’s it, so far I’m impressed with TinyCo. Keep it going.


  24. I expect a few people have said this:

    I would like to see Cleveland Brown come back in an episode tie in with some of his family members to come at a later date.
    Following from that, before anyone actually reaches top level or getting all their characters, I want TincyCo to make sure they have available content ready and waiting and update it, before people get bored. I’ve got rather bored of being top level on tapped out and waiting for new content. So keep working with the Family Guy show.
    Exclusive in game videos, not share it on Youtube. Not just exclusive but maybe old clips to tie in, like tap on Peter when he’s doing the Shipoopi dance and choose whether or not you want to see a video clip of doing the dance.
    When levelling it would be nice to receive clams.
    Bigger land so I can place things better.
    Text size bigger.
    Bubble quotes from the lost boys/pirates to be slower so you can catch it.
    An easier way to place the roads drag and drop.
    I understand they are working on their social settings so that’s cool, I hope they have their own one so you don’t have to go through Facebook.
    I like that you can grab your characters but I would like to see like tapped out with an easy option to find them, like someone above said they are easily hidden behind big buildings.
    A guaranteed item dropped when grinding for one because let’s face it, it’s going to take a lot of time to get just one and it doesn’t always drop first time.
    Yes I did buy the premium but I would like to see more tasks for them, because they are premium and they should have a lot to do.
    Not just facespace but different social site parodies like twitter, instagram, tumblr.
    I didn’t receive an email about Bruce till Wednesday, I’m from the UK and feel a bit put out so if they could expand by employing some more people who work either through the different time zones or having dedicated teams specifically around different time zones. It was four days to wait for an email back.
    Following from that one, I believe they should have their twitter and Facebook pages verified, I feel safer knowing I’m liking/following the correct pages. I think they could have an opportunity with this and have some team members dedicated to watching these pages and passing along a majority of comments as user feedback into when they have their weekly meetings or whenever they do them. Adding to that if a problem is noticed by some players then to update that in a status asking us if it’s happening to us as well and to reassure us they are working and fixing the problem, even if they tell us to go log it in if you can.

    I expect I have a few more but for now that’s all I can think of.


  25. Make moving items easier

    Character Finder

    Ability to store any item

    Ability to sell items

    Ability to cancel current task (not finish with clams, just cancel)

    Scroll bar on Friends to stay put and not go back to the front

    Reward for you being visited by Friends!

    Pavement and Parking Lots

    Animation on Al Harrington’s building…
    (I posted the following on Facebook about that.)
    What is the point of having a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man if the Arms aren’t all Wacky and Waving?!?!

    (Response from Matt F Tinyco) – In short, it’s because animated decos take a ton of resources, both internally and within the game.

    In the future: American Dad, and Cleveland Show content updates are a must have!


  26. For me personally… The text size could be a point or two higher, more money for tasks ie: the longer the task the more $ lol. Im loving the in game help and contact section but if you get a popup when theres a reply that would be great… Apart from those minor things its a good game that i feel that i will play for a long time


  27. I’m having a problem there is an important mission where chris has to find a new friend ever since the last update it won’t let me do it even though I placed flowers


    • Check your inventory for the flower bush. It should be free in the game, sometimes it goes to inventory with out you realizing it. (it happened to me) πŸ™‚


  28. I am curious as to what the coat hanger/with a ribbon icon means in the FaceSpace profile pics…


  29. A bigger initial chunk of land would be nice. By the time you’ve unlocked Lois and bought all the buildings that were required along the way, you’re just shoving buildings anywhere they’ll fit. Especially if you dropped some clams on Buzz Killington’s vast estate.

    Also (And this is probably the kind of feedback you can handle), it needs to be clearer how to make roads. I’ve been playing since launch and trying all kinds of things to try to extend my roads, but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m sure I could sniff around the fan sites and figure it out, but I should be able to figure it out just by playing the game.


  30. The FAQ seem good enough for me. If I have a problem I come here anyway. The Facebook login is what causes me problems. I use Facebook for the bare minimum (keeping in touch with family who live abroad) so only have like 10 friends. I don’t want to add anymore, yet I want friends on the game…


  31. Adding friend other ways! I dont use facebook 4 friends so i have none on it so it sucked when it started. But hopefully there changing it now fingers crossed. But other then that i like the game very honest 2 the show

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  32. Adding friend other ways! I dont use facebook 4 friends so i have none on it so it sucked when it started. But hopefully there changing it now fingers crossed.

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  33. How about buildings or items that give you a % bonus?

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  34. My issues are more about the game itself, not just FAQ questions. Anyway, the things bugging me most:

    – Text size: The dialog text size is small on tablets, ridiculously small (or: almost illegible) on phones. And don’t get me started on the even smaller text in the bubbles of the Lost Boys.
    – Bubble timeout: The Lost Boys’ dialog bubbles disappear so quickly that it’s almost impossible to read what they say.
    – Tapping precision: When tapping houses to collect, I often accidentally select the trees next to and behind the building when actually aiming for the Dollar sign hovering above the house.
    – Unlocking: Multiple count of items to collect for character unlocking is too high (like 10) -or- the time of tasks having only a chance of generating the respective required item is way too long (like 6h or 8h). It’s such a grind that one can easily lose interest in the game.
    – Design elements: Pavement is sorely missing. The grid of roads is too coarse for flexible building placement.
    – Premium pricing: Let’s face it… 20$ for a premium character/building combo is not going to find a large audience. I for one will certainly not shell out that much, even after having spent quite some money for premium characters on Tapped Out. And one should keep in mind that EA has already tested the limits of what people would be willing to pay with about 12$ per character.
    – Character locator: As characters become invisible while roaming behind buildings, one would either need a way to hide buildings or select the next free character. Both these features were added to Tapped Out and are player favorites.
    – Facebook: Drop the Facebook only mode for multiplayer features. Complaints on Google Play reviews and in blog comments indicate that there is a significant number of users without Facebook accounts and/or who don’t want game contacts become involved with their real lives/identities.
    – Notifications: When I disable all available categories, have the game shut up – COMPLETELY! I had to use Android’s setting to stop the game showing notifications.
    – Keep alive: Add an option to prevent the device from entering sleep mode while the game is the foreground app. Even if it restarts quickly after powering up again, having to unlock the device repeatedly is nothing but annoying when you’re waiting for a task to complete in a couple of minutes.

    But I also have some distinct likes:

    – Fast load time
    – No “game is in use on other device” messages, playing on multiple devices just works painlessly
    – Lots of outdoor tasks
    – Neat character animations and detailed buildings
    – Uncensored Family Guy humor


  35. I know this wont happen but the ability to queue tasks would be amazing. Even if it was at a reduced rate to there normal earnings.


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