The Basics Of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff/ Making Roads

Hey there my new little friends. Bunny here with helping hands…errr..paws? Lol. Well here I am, trying to help out in the same regard I always have loved to. I will be taking you on a lil journey with me to give you a few pointers and things you may want to know when you first start out your game.

help and support

In this edition I am going to walk you through the basics of making roads in your lil Quohog town.

To start off, when you first go into your game, look for the “Movement” icon in the lower left corner.

Movement Menu

Once inside the “Movement” area, you will see a road +/- sign now in the top left corner.

Road Menu

To make sure you are actually IN the road menu, click on it and it will change to a yellow color for you. (If you click anywhere else on the screen it will automatically take you back to the main screen.)

Road Menu Activated

Now it is just a matter of tapping where you want to add a road and POOF…ROAD.

Road Add


Don’t want a road there, then tap the square of road and POOF…ROAD GONE. (Cool image of a demolished road comes up.)

Road Removal

Road Removal Add

That’s pretty much it. So add a lil or add a lot. Make a circle or lots of straight lines. All up to you on how you design it.


Now of course TinyCo has also put the help information right in the game for you. Just go into the Main Menu, Help & Support, How To Play, then to How To Add or Remove Roads.

Main Menu Icon

Help and Support

How To Play Menu How To Add or Remove Roads Menu How To Menu Roads

There you have it. Let us know if this is helpful to you. Sound off in the comments below.

Until Next Time

Bunny Logan drawing wanderingcaveman








3 responses to “The Basics Of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff/ Making Roads

  1. Thank you, that was not only the exact information I needed written in a concise way, but that you also explained where to find the answers to future questions, I’m very grateful. Cheers hun. Belle


  2. I’m quite missing pavement in addition to roads… 😦


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