Daily Archives: April 18, 2014

iOS Update

Hey There Clammers!

Just wanted to let you all know the iOS update has FINALLY hit the Apple Market.  So head over to your app store and download it…right NOW!  Go ahead…do it now, we’ll wait….

Did you download it yet?  😉

This should be the glitch fix many of you have been waiting for, so download it and let us know if it corrects your issues!

Speedo Quagmire Walkthrough

Hello There Clammers!

Well we’re just over 1 week in…how are YOU enjoying the Family Guy game?  You working your way through the Districts or are you still playing 6s Leap Frog with Peter & Chris while Bonnie sells her goods?  (see tips for getting started if you’re confused by this reference!)

Well one of the cool features of the Quest for Stuff is the ability to unlock additional costumes for some characters.  These costumes are not only hilarious to look at but they provide an entirely different set of tasks for the character, as well as unlocking their own questlines…filled with hilarious dialogue!

One costume you’ll earn on your Quest for Stuff is Speedo Quagmire, a skimpy costume for Quagmire.  Somewhere between the School District & Pirate’s Cove the quest to unlock Speedo Quagmire will pop up for you!  So let’s take you through the steps to unlock this tiny costume for Quahog’s biggest player!  Giggity!

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