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Android/Amazon Update Loop

Hey there Clammers!

I see more and more of you are getting stuck in the “UPDATE” loop with Android & Kindle devices. I’ve made TinyCo aware of this and I’m waiting for a response. But be aware it is Memorial Day weekend so may not hear anything until tomorrow. But just wanted you to know they have been made aware of this.

Outwith this I’ll only be pushing comments and raising any new glitches or issues with TinyCo for next couple days, there will be no new posts until Phase 3 hits, which I’ll hopefully be back to covering as usual. Thanks for your patience.

~ Russian Tigger

Glitchy Glitch McGlitcherson

Hey there Clammers!

Jumping in to offer some updates and hopefully a little help on some things going on in the Event and in your games.

Take a peek below to see if the hiccups you have been experiencing are covered.

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iOS Update and Bacon Ipsum Fix!!!

Hey there Clammers!

TinyCo messaged me and stated that the patches should be hitting now.

So for our iOS players, please check your app market for the 1.27.1 or 1.27.2 update (it may not show right away) and see if it helps resolve your issues. Also try a restart of your device to ensure it is in full effect.

Then let me know if once downloaded it fixed your issues like….

  • Bacon Ipsum showing up when trying to clear spawns
  • Characters stuck on tasks, like in Blimp District
  • Spawns like Chumba Wumbas, Zombies,  and Brainiac Mini Robots showing up


Hope this helps a lot of you that were stuck.


1.12.0 Update Live For iOS- Halloween Upcoming!

Hey there Lederhosens!

The 1.12.0 Version Update to the Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Game has now arrived. Along with it… a lil teaser of what is upcoming too. WOOHOO!!

Go on over to your App Store and download the most current version of the app. Let me know if you run into anything. Mine went smoothly on my iOS.

iOS Update 9 22 15

Looks like we can be anticipating an upcoming Spooktacular Event on the Horizon. I know I can’t wait!!

Just for fun, let’s start some speculating…. What do YOU think this Halloween Event will be about? What Characters do you hope they will drop into the game? Costumes? Buildings? Decorations? Let us know!


iOS Update

Hey There Clammers!

Just wanted to let you all know the iOS update has FINALLY hit the Apple Market.  So head over to your app store and download it…right NOW!  Go ahead…do it now, we’ll wait….

Did you download it yet?  😉

This should be the glitch fix many of you have been waiting for, so download it and let us know if it corrects your issues!