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Ollie’s Mystery Box & Pinhead!!

Hey there Slashers!

I am a bit behind on this as New Job is pulling me back a bit. Sorry.

When you first hit your games later this evening (or this morning for some), you will notice Peter with a ! over him. This triggers 2 separate offers, so you will actually see the ! twice.

What are the New Offers? Well one is tasks to collect Materials in the game, the other is for Ollie’s Little Box of Horrors. On top of this, PINHEAD!!! That’s right, Pinhead has also joined the game.

PinheadLet’s take a look at each of these new items! Continue reading

App Market Update Hit!

Hey there Halloweenies!

The Updates are starting to hit the App Markets. For right now, ONLY iOS has gone live. So make sure you journey on over to your App Store and download the 1.13.0 Version of the Family Guy Game from it.

UPDATE 9PM EST: Android Update is live now. Make sure you go and download it in prep for things coming soon! I had to use my “Update All” option in “My Apps” to get it to take as it just showed “Open” in the App Screen in Google Play.

Kindle Players, let me know when you see it too.

Downloading the latest Updates ensures you have any “glitch” patches installed into your game as well as any additional content or information that will be necessary for upcoming items.

iOS Update 10 1 15 1.13.0

Google & Kindle Players, hang in there. I will let you know when I see the Updates hit those App Markets too.

Side Note: Remember when you update on one device, it may prevent you from playing on another device from the other Market until that is fully up to date too.

Halloween 2015 Icon Halloween 2015 Splash Screen


What do you think of the new “Spoilers” listed in the Update info? See a few key names in there? Anyone you’re excited for? Let us know


Halloween Teaser??!!

Hey there Boys n Ghouls!

Bouncing on by with a cool New Teaser for the Upcoming Event courtesy of TinyCo. I really cool artist rendering of an item we will be seeing soon in our games.

Take a look at the image, see if it gives you some hints of what you can expect to be coming up in the game. See if you remember seeing the item and the episode where it came from. LET THE SPOOK-ULATIONS BEGIN!!!

Popcorn Teaser Image


What do you think? Got some ideas? Thoughts? Just want Halloween here already? Let us know.


1.12.0 Update Live For iOS- Halloween Upcoming!

Hey there Lederhosens!

The 1.12.0 Version Update to the Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Game has now arrived. Along with it… a lil teaser of what is upcoming too. WOOHOO!!

Go on over to your App Store and download the most current version of the app. Let me know if you run into anything. Mine went smoothly on my iOS.

iOS Update 9 22 15

Looks like we can be anticipating an upcoming Spooktacular Event on the Horizon. I know I can’t wait!!

Just for fun, let’s start some speculating…. What do YOU think this Halloween Event will be about? What Characters do you hope they will drop into the game? Costumes? Buildings? Decorations? Let us know!