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Raid to North Pole: Week 2 48HR Challenge and Vehicle Glitch

For the recent details on glitches… go HERE. 



Latest from TinyCo…

While they’re working on the issue, they’ve found that ANY item next to the Battle areas is disappearing.

In other words ANY Building or Decoration by Santa’s Village, Fake Trees, or Misfit Toys Camp Battles… MOVE THEM NOW. This will help prevent any further loss of items.


UPDATE 12/23: TinyCo still working on patches.

If you lost any Characters from the glitch, try to pull them out of limbo by another task.

For instance look for a joint take with Peter and another Character (like Quagmire or Jermoe). Selecting the joint task is helping in some cases to bring them back. Otherwise all we can do is wait. Sorry.

For those with crashing issue from update, let me know please if better now.


UPDATE 7PM EST: Heading home soon, but wanted to let you know they’re still working on issues.

Crashing issue they’re testing patch now and hope to have it done by as early as tonight.

Missing Vehicles/Characters working on too. They’re aware of the concerns. Will update when I get anymore info.


Hey there Block Heads!

Bouncing by with a few updates to things going on in the game. The 48hr Weekly Challenge hit our games last night and now this morning it seems an odd glitch is plaguing Players.

Blocko Hovercraft Hangar Humma Hangar

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App Market Update Hit!

Hey there Halloweenies!

The Updates are starting to hit the App Markets. For right now, ONLY iOS has gone live. So make sure you journey on over to your App Store and download the 1.13.0 Version of the Family Guy Game from it.

UPDATE 9PM EST: Android Update is live now. Make sure you go and download it in prep for things coming soon! I had to use my “Update All” option in “My Apps” to get it to take as it just showed “Open” in the App Screen in Google Play.

Kindle Players, let me know when you see it too.

Downloading the latest Updates ensures you have any “glitch” patches installed into your game as well as any additional content or information that will be necessary for upcoming items.

iOS Update 10 1 15 1.13.0

Google & Kindle Players, hang in there. I will let you know when I see the Updates hit those App Markets too.

Side Note: Remember when you update on one device, it may prevent you from playing on another device from the other Market until that is fully up to date too.

Halloween 2015 Icon Halloween 2015 Splash Screen


What do you think of the new “Spoilers” listed in the Update info? See a few key names in there? Anyone you’re excited for? Let us know


End of Phase 3, Prep Phase 4

Hey there Toady Roadies!

Bouncing by with a quick reminder that Phase 4 will be dropping on in sometime AFTER 3PM Pacific today!

This means we will have more items added to the game, a possible Musician change, maybe even more Event Staff? The Leaderboard too will stop at 3PM Pacific and close out.

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1.9.7 App Market Updates Mobster Event

Hey there Mafioso!

Late last night, TinyCo released some updates to the game via the App Markets. Just wanted to bring them to your attention today to make sure you got them.

I would suggest you go to your App Market and ensure you have version 1.9.7 loaded into your game for tonight’s New Content Release.
1.9.7 Update

So what kind of changes are noticeable with the New Version? Let’s take a look…

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