iOS Update and Bacon Ipsum Fix!!!

Hey there Clammers!

TinyCo messaged me and stated that the patches should be hitting now.

So for our iOS players, please check your app market for the 1.27.1 or 1.27.2 update (it may not show right away) and see if it helps resolve your issues. Also try a restart of your device to ensure it is in full effect.

Then let me know if once downloaded it fixed your issues like….

  • Bacon Ipsum showing up when trying to clear spawns
  • Characters stuck on tasks, like in Blimp District
  • Spawns like Chumba Wumbas, Zombies,  and Brainiac Mini Robots showing up


Hope this helps a lot of you that were stuck.



22 responses to “iOS Update and Bacon Ipsum Fix!!!

  1. All the dinosaurs can now relax at Tan Lines!


  2. I’d like to say that the update fixed the blimp quests for me but no such luck. I contacted support and they finally moved the quest along for me and said they put the saloon in my inventory but it isn’t there. After the support team moved the quest line along I was able to start and finish another quest after that but now I’m stuck again because index to send Stewie out in the blimp, which still is missing. Hoping they fix it soon.


  3. I did what u told me to get rid of chumba wanna and I lost Everything! I’m so pisst I’ve been with u since u started this game!


    • Keep in mind we are NOT TinyCo. If you followed our tips… you should not have lost your game. The ONLY ways to lose your game is to A: Uninstall the game app BEFORE having saved your game to an email or Facebook OR B: When you reinstalled, you LINK the new Level 1 game instead of LOAD the saved game file with the level and progress you are on.

      Either way, you can contact TinyCo to help in recovery of a lost game. Send them a message directly from the game that is currently showing or email


  4. I did what u said too get rid of Chubma wamba
    and now I lost my whole game started from the beginning really pissed right now!


  5. I have 1.27.2 on Android and I still can’t see the Blimp on Ye Old Blimp Trippe Part 4.

    Active Missions (in addition to Blimp Trippe):
    Show Me Your Tan Lines Part 5
    Brave and the Bold Part 1
    Working Wonders Part 1
    Guy of Steel Part 5
    Zero to Hero Part 5
    Fight or Flight Part 9

    I also uninstalled, nuked, still have dogs. Wish j could finish Fine Arts District!


  6. Supermans secret citadel is not dropping spandex. Is this a commen problem or am i the only one with this problem?


  7. update 1.27.2 is the update that messed the game up for me it was working fine until then. I either would like to go back to the last update if at all possible or get a new update to fix this asap. This is incredibly frustrating.


  8. I don’t want to quit the game but this is not getting fixed and I won’t miss out on an event I have already paid for. It’s happened before as well but usually is fixed in a faster manner. I am so upset as this was my favorite event so far and I’ve missed two days because of the problem.


  9. Christine Morrison

    I still have Chumba Wumbas.



  10. Hi, yes, the chumba wumbas returned to my game late last week, they were missing for a week, thanks for the fix, now I’m working through a state of pure inebreation, soon to reach the grave yard! So exciting! 😜


  11. I got consuela and a message that says empty id in virtual Bpc::Character *Bpc::CharacterFactory::newobjectForld(const string &) const


  12. Great to see TC updating problems faster than in the past 🙂

    Quick question Bunny – have you heard of anyone else not being able to level up some of the dinosaurs? A couple of mine have money payouts but no XP on any of their tasks, I know the stegosaurus is one.


    • The XP was linked to their pens for the Event. I am not sure how long it will take TinyCo to make the adjustment in coding for the Tasks to give it now. Waiting for more info on it. It is not priority as the Event is right now, but they will get round to it. 😉


  13. I can’t get into the game now so not really a fix for me more like a hindrance. I hope they didn’t screw it up more. I need it fixed now when I didn’t before. I guess I shouldn’t have done the newest update.


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