DC Superhero Event Help 101: Thug & Gang Battles

Hey there Battle Bots!!

With the New DC Event there are some questions arising on just how to progress in the Event with limited Characters, more specifically when it comes to Battles with Thugs & Gangs.

Gang of Thug Battle Scene Superman & Wonder Woman (1)

In this post I will go over the Basics of the Battles to help you out, so take a peek below and see if this resolves your questions/issues.

For the Main Event Post, go HERE

For the Main Phase 1 Questline, go HERE



There are two different kinds that you can currently Battle…


 ThugTHUG: will not trigger until you start Fight or Flight Pt. 3

Gang of Thugs 2GANG OF THUGS: Triggers around Fight or Flight Pt. 7



First, you will need to collect Super Vitamins as they are needed each fight, no matter Character or Thug used.

Thug Battle: Requires FOUR Super Vitamins per Battle

Gang of Thugs Battle: Requires SIX Super Vitamins per Battle

Super VitaminSuper Vitamins (Rare): Chris Peek Into Neighbor’s Medicine Cabinet OR Bruce Buy Vitamins OR Jerome Search “Lost and Found” Box OR Bottle City of Kandor OR Peter Confiscate Pills

If you do NOT have the amount of Super Vitamins required, you will see “NOT READY” on the Battle screen no matter what Character(s) you select.

Once you have the amount of required Super Vitamins, then “FIGHT” will appear once you select your Character(s).



Just tap on either of the + signs on the Main Battle Screen.

Battle Thug Character Selection

It will take you to the Character Selection Screen. If you see a lock on the Character, you do not have them available.

Thug Battle Character Select Screen Locked

Tap on the Character(s) you want to use for the current Battle and a check mark will appear on them. If you want just one, that is fine. Then tap on “GO” to take you back to Battle Screen.

Thug Battle Character Select Screen



The Characters you can use will depend on WHO you are battling…


SupermanSuperman: Hit 3, Damage 4

Wonder WomanWonderwoman: Hit 3, Damage 4

Superman PeterSuperman Peter: Hit 2, Damage 2




SupermanSuperman: Hit 3, Damage 4

Wonder WomanWonderwoman: Hit 3, Damage 4

Now their Hit Power and/or Damage it takes to defeat them may change as Event progresses, I am not sure on this… but we will have to see what happens as the Event progresses. I hope at least their Damage will increase so they last longer and can fight more Thugs/Gangs.



Superman Peter Wonder Woman

Not really, NO! This all depends on how fast you progress in the game but more importantly the STRENGTH of the Thugs/Gang of Thugs.


Two will make it go faster and give you better chances, but only one is required to Battle. More on this below so keep reading.


Now that you have the Basics, let’s look at a few Battles so you can see how the Thug/Gang of Thugs chosen as well as Character selection WILL make a difference. 



The first thing I will do is get you familiar with WHAT you want to watch for when picking a Thug to Battle.

Look around your town for all the available Thugs. In my game, I had 2 of each.

Thug Selection

Tap on each individual one and look for TWO things on the Battle Screen…

  • How much Damage can they Inflict on your Character (Fist)?
  • How many Hits will it take to Defeat them (Bars)?


You are looking for an opponent that is weaker than your current Character(s) you can use.

Let’s look at an example:

This Thug can Inflict 1 Hit each (shown by the fist) on your Character, and it will take 2 Damage in return from your Character to defeat him (shown by the bars).

Battle Thug Hit and Damage

So if you use Superman Peter, you have decent odds as Peter can Inflict 2 Damage with each Punch and it will take two Hits to defeat Peter.

In short, your one Hit with Peter (2 Damage) is better than the Hit from the Thug (1 Damage). You will win this Battle with Peter


Another Scenario with Odds of failure high… 

In this Scenario, Peter still has a good Hit Power (+2 Fist), however… he will go down with 2 Damage to him. Where as the Thug has a low Hit Power (+1 Fist), but he needs EIGHT Damage to take him down.

Battle Gang of Thugs Hit and Damage 4

In short, in two hits Peter does 4 damage and the Thug still has 4 more left. The Thug will hit Peter just once with 2 Damage and Peter will go down. You will lose this fight. Now if you have Superman, the odds are better.



If you do not have enough to take down a Thug the first time, you can always try again once your Character heals up. Then it is just a matter of tapping on the Thugs roaming around to find the one that is down from 6 to 2 Damage remaining, then Battle them again.

You will only be rewarded ONE Super Vitamin for a loss.

Gang of Thugs Battle Wonder Woman Pt 1

(You will also notice the harder Thugs will give you a lil more payout if you do win.)



I will tell you right off, you WILL need one of the following to happen to defeat a Gang of Thugs.

  • Use one Character (Wonder Woman) twice
  • Use two Characters (Wonder Woman & Superman) once

The reason for this is the Gang has much higher Hit and Damage, so it will take you multiple battles to defeat them with one or you have a good chance defeating them right away with two.

Again, try to find a Gang of Thugs that will benefit you the best during a fight. One with Hit and Damage that won’t hurt your Character too bad, but that you can defeat with your Characters Hit.



This group of Thugs will go up against Wonder Woman. She can only Inflict 3 Damage where as the Gang will inflict 6 Damage right off. She has no chance. She will lose this fight.

Gang of Thugs Battle Select Wonder Woman Pt 1

No worries though, once she heals… find the group again (you will see their bars now showing the recent Damage from her last battle) and try again. You can see they now only have 2 Bars left, so her attack at 3 WILL win the Battle this time.

Gang of Thugs Battle Wonder Woman Select Screen Pt 2



Each time your Character goes into Battle, they will take Damage. In order to be able to use them again they must heal from that Damage back to their full Capacity (Bars all filled up).

There are a few ways to Heal your Character. First tap on any Thug or Gang of Thugs and then go to the Character Select Screen (tap on +). Here you will see your Character has taken Damage and “HEAL” is showing over them.

Battle Heal Screen 1

Depending just how badly they were last hurt, will depend on the time to heal and/or the Clam Cost to Heal them instantly.

Here are the times I saw in my game, let me know if you saw Differently.

1 Bar: 2-3hrs Heal Time (saw both)
2 Bars: (No info yet)
3 Bars: 9hrs Heal Time
4 Bars: 12hrs Heal Time




If you want to Heal them Instantly, there is of course the Clam Buy Out Option. You may seen one on the screen like show above (32 Clams for 4 Bars), but you can also just tap on “HEAL” over the Character to see individual options.

Battle Heal Screen 4

You can select a specific amount of Bars you want to Heal your Character too. Either fully Heal or Partially Heal them and wait out the rest of the time. All OPTIONAL.

Here are the options I saw per my game for Clam Healing

1 Bar: 8 Clams
3 Bars: 24 Clams
5 Bars: 40 Clams

If you take one of the 3 Clam Options from the Heal Screen, you will see “HEAL” appear over the one you selected. Tap on “HEAL” to add what you just purchased to your Character (s)




Now if you have no Thugs wandering and have no idea what status your Character(s) currently have, there is a shortcut. Just go find them in the Hall of Justice.

Hall of Heroes

Tap on it to open the Hero/Outfit section, locate your Character(s), tap on them to see their Current Status.

Hall of Justice Heroes

Hall of Justice Outfits

You can see in mine that Wonder Woman is completely down from Damage,

Hall of Justice Wonder Woman

Superman is ready to Battle,

Hall of Justice Superman

Peter needs to heal one more Bar in order to be ready to Battle.

Hall of Justice Superman Peter



This will depend on where you are in the game as far as Extra items, but here is a general idea of Payouts.


Man Tears1 Man Tears

Man TearsMan Tears2 Man Tears (for Harder to Defeat Thugs)
Sacks of Cash22 Sacks of Cash



Sacks of Cash42 Sacks of Cash



Super Vitamin1 Superman Vitamin



Now that you have an overall idea, let’s run through some Battles.

Here is a Thug Battle from start to end. I have selected a low level Thug to go up against Peter.

Thug Battle Peter Select Screen

The Battle plays out in the separate screen as Peter deals one blow and inflicts TWO Damage on the Thug.

Thug Battle Scene Peter

Since the Thug could only take Two Damage before he went down, Peter won this Battle.

Thug Battle Peter Reward


Here is a Gang of Thugs Battle from start to end. I selected Wonder Woman as she is the “Freemium” option for Players. Now the Gang of Thugs are more difficult to take down. These guys will inflict 6 Hit Power against Wonder Womans 3 and will take 5 Damage to defeat them.

Gang of Thugs Battle Select Wonder Woman Pt 1

It goes to the Battle scene…

Gang of Thugs Battle Scene Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was not strong enough nor could she inflict enough Damage to take them down, so she lost. Reward is ONE Super Vitamin.

Gang of Thugs Battle Wonder Woman Pt 1

The Gang of Thugs Wonder Woman just fought are tracked down for a second fight (I used Clams to instantly Heal her. you can wait for the Heal Time). The Gang of Thugs are down to only Two Damage remaining, so this will be easier.

Gang of Thugs Battle Wonder Woman Select Screen Pt 2

Another Battle Scene Plays out.

Gang of Thugs Battle Scene Wonder Woman 2

This time Wonder Woman was able to defeat them. She did take on full Damage too and will need to heal again, but she was able to win the Battle and get the Reward.

Gang of Thugs Battle Wonder Woman Pt 2



Now for those of you that have more than One Character to Battle. It will go a lot faster and you will be more likely to Win more Battles.

Superman & Wonder Woman Battle VS Gang of Thugs

6 Hit inflict capability and 5 Damage required for this Gang of Thugs.

Battle Gang of Thugs Hit and Damage

Superman & Wonder Woman can Inflict 6 Hit Total and take on 8 Damage Total from the Gang of Thugs.

Gang of Thugs Character Selection Screen

Both Characters are selected and the Battle is started by tapping on “FIGHT”

Gang of Thug Battle Selection Superman & Wonder Woman

Battle scene plays out…

Gang of Thug Battle Scene Superman & Wonder Woman (1)

Gang of Thugs are Defeated, Reward given, Superman & Wonder Woman took Damage of 3 each (the 6 split between them) and will need to Heal before the next Battle.

Gang of Thugs Reward Superman Wonder Woman



  • Collect Super Vitamins
  • Find a Thug/Gang of Thugs you can easily Battle
  • Pick a Character (s) that will cause the most Damage and win the Battle
  • Collect Reward


There you have it, the overall idea of the Battles and the best ways to approach them. Hope this helps you understand that you CAN do it with just one Character. You just need to select the right Thugs and may need to fight more than once towards same Thugs.

How are you doing in the Battles? Does this help you more? Any other tips you would offer fellow Players? Any more questions on the Battles not covered? Let us know.




110 responses to “DC Superhero Event Help 101: Thug & Gang Battles

  1. What are the man tears for?


  2. So in order to play this super hero family guy game you have to buy clams to finish this event. I guess I’m only going to have Peter because you have to buy clams for Superman in order to fight thugs with Peter, hoe is that fair?


    • No. You do NOT have to buy clams. Every game in existence will always have “premium” options to pay to keep the games alive. So there is no way in any shape or form to avoid “premiums”. How YOU game is YOUR choice. If you want EVERYTHING, then yes, you will have to pay. If you just want to play the game and see what you get… then go for it. There are always ways of doing things Freemium. They will take longer and you won’t get everything… but it is doable.

      And if you notice this post notes many many many times, you only need ONE Character to Battle. It will take longer on harder battles… but you can do it. 😉


    • Ok, i have jobs to where i can get a fishing hook with maybe a worm? Iv searched and cant find nothing about it, can someone please shedight on what these are for? Also, i didnt get the wannabe bat mobile, coldnt get 70 gems, or 777clams, what do i do now? I dont have anything new to do of get
      Thanks in advance.

      Jus like on the simpsons page, why have that reply system instead of a forum or bbs.. lol


  3. Something Fishy is going on, Bunny! [insert pic of Aquaman] 😀


  4. For the killer crocs it shows an always drop for the sack of jewels, but I’ve cleared three of them and I’ve only received one sack. Is this a known issue?


  5. I have hooked two Killer Crocs and gotten zero bags of jewels. Bags of jewels are supposed to be an Always drop for him. This is week 2 content that started for me on Wednesday night. I need the jewels to get buildings needed for the Aquaman timed quest. I got starfish from Killer Crocs, but no jewels.


  6. What is spawn rates on thugs?


  7. When I defeat the croc guys, sacks of jewels are supposed to always drop… I’ve defeated 3 of them and have gotten 2 star fish and the pow pts but no sack of jewels.. Is anyone else having this problem? Aquaman is timed and I really don’t want to lose him because it takes me too long to get Catwoman Lois since I can’t get more kryptonite without sacks of jewels


  8. phase 2 dropped on my game last night. don’t click aquaman! 7 day timer 😦 having issue with “always” drop for sack of jewels from killer crocs. killed three, none have dropped so far.


  9. I’m on Fight or Flight 9 (defeat a gang of thugs) for the past 3 days but still haven’t received any gangs! When will a gang show up?


  10. Week 2 is live. DO NOT tap the hammer to start the repair to get Aquaman he has a 7 day timer!!! Of course we have to unlock Catwoman Lois first so we need to focus on placing/unlocking her first as one of Aquaman’s requirments is a task that Catwoman Lois is needed for. We all know how this works lol. Killer Croc, Bane, this event is gonna be crazy.


  11. 7 thugs in 48 hour. Used al possible characters and set timers. Yeah, it 48 hours I got a total of 7 vitaminS. What an absolute joke. I usually get at least the first 2-3 prizes, but to not even get the first week is BS.
    Unlocked Wonder woman, good thing she was free because she totally useless, does absolutely nothing for this event.
    Cost of krypto goes up and up, yet still only get 3.
    Very shocked that I got Peter halfway through the week and wonder woman on say 5. Bought superman, just because it’s superman, but at least he’s being useful.
    Week one was really good, but we’ve all seen that before and know what to expect for the rest of this event.


  12. almost 5 hours already into week 2 and nothing is released .. one of the buildings (the one next to Hall of Heroes) showed number 2 on it so i clicked it and it’s gone (i think it’s because i reached level 4) …


  13. Krypto is an NPC. He flies around town. I really like him! I hope it’s Bat Hound next! I hope Bat Mite shows up during this event!!


  14. Why if updates come on Thursdays did the countdown end a few hours ago, and it moved up to the next level, with no new quests? Releasing a little at a time?


  15. Anyone else having issues getting week 2 tasks to start.


    • Week 2 has NOT been released. 😉

      Like it states here in this post as well as main post… Thursday. New content always hits Thursday evening TinyCo time. 😉


      • Good evening My timer is already counting down for week 2 and I have no tasks


      • It does. But for some reason they had the countdown timer set for 5pm today. They ended the last event on a Wednesday too when normally they end on Thursday.


      • Week 2 just released for me. Just wanted to let you know. 🙂


      • I have new content for week two. Aquamarine with a 7 day timer. And some otherrands things can’t remember them all as am half asleep.


      • TC is a little early on week two. It hit here (Indiana) a few hours ago. One little glitch, though. The outfit for Stewie should be in a mystery box; hitting on it brings up a Consuela glitch.


      • It’s up and running! Yay!


      • It’s dropped for me. It doesn’t seem fully though. The asylum has Aquaman trapped and you have to free him. It said he’s timed. There was s repair hammer but when I clicked on it it doesn’t seem to work yet. I’ve been amassing Kryptonite so I bought all the items already that have drops. The only items left for me are Lazuras pit, two faces hide out, catwoman Lois and Batcave is the very last item.

        Killer Croc is the next thing you have to clear like Brainiac. You need fish food I think it was called which joe, Bonnie, and I think the iceberg lounge, and a premium building drop. Batman costs 320 clams and always drops a vitamin, crocodile sewer 240 always drops 16 of new loot, lost city 130 and drops fish food hook thing. And it looks like you fight Bane and Catwoman Lois is the one that you need not sure if there are others.


      • Not sure if this sent but week two loaded for me already. Premium stuff Batman 320 drops vitamin and fights bane, croc lair 240 drops new loot, lost city 130 drops hook needed to fight Killer Croc which is like Brainiac. Aquaman is at the asylum and from the in game text it sounds like he will be timed. There is a hammer build icon but it doesn’t seem to work when I click on it. I had surplus Kryptonite so I bought everything but 4 items which are Lazuras pit, Twoface hideout, Catwoman Lois, and the final item is the Batcave. Lois is needed to fight Bane.


      • Hi Bunny, tiny co- always full of surprises I guess. – new content is already out (hit for me about 12:30 am CST). Playing on iOS. And they had the countdown timer running in parking garage which indicated a WEDNESDAY 5 pm CST release of new content. That’s why I think this question was asked. Batman 320 clams- a bit steep but couldn’t resist. He does have a 4 hour task for super vitamins. There is also a clam buy for 9.99 and you also get 12 vitamins with that too.


      • My week 2 started last night. I could work on Aquaman (timed) I have Killer Croc running around, etc.


      • Hit at 11:05 Wednesday evening in my game.


      • Actually it started yesterday evening for me, which is Wed 3pm US time 😉


      • It launched for me last night. Already have a message into TinyCo as the Crocs aren’t dropping Bag of Jewels.


      • It definitely started for me on Wednesday. Looks like they may be adjusting their release schedule.


      • Hmm, the Parking garage upgraded for me last night. I now have Batman available and Crocs running round and Aquaman is available to unlock…seems like it’s partially released if not officially. However I have cleared 2 Crocs which didn’t drop jewels so there seems to be some issues which may be because it isn’t ‘officially’ released maybe? The Parking garage counter did count down to last night though, not tonight. It currently now has a countdown till ‘Joker Week’, though the Joker icon is a headless horseman and not The Joker.

        I didn’t try unlocking Aquaman yet so I don’t know if there is any issues with him, because it has a 7 day timer I didn’t want to start it. (The FAQ also updated for me with Week 2 info which is why I know it has a timer).


    • Week 2 content is LIVE in my game already (checked in at 7.30am UK time and it was there, quest lines, characters, buildings etc), thought it wouldn’t start until later today!! Nice Surprise! 🤗


    • Jermaine Jackson

      I got my update on Wednesday. I am having trouble getting the loot from Killer Crocs. I have killed 3 so far and no loot.


  16. Confirming that in my game, defeating a gang of thugs does NOT count towards the 7 thugs you need for the 1st timed challenge.


    • That is because the two, as you can see in this very post, are completely separate. One is an Individual… the other the Group of 3 and also WAYYYYYY harder to defeat for majority of players. 😉

      If TinyCo had asked players to clear 7 groups, I would of made a HUGE fuss. It would be impossible. Individual Thug is better overall for players


  17. I only have 5 hours left for Krypto and I still need two thugs defeated and only have 2 vitamins. My guys just aren’t producing. Why isn’t there a way to buy vitamins or use clams?


    • Speeding up tasks and buy out Vitamins is always an option


      • I actually got the last three vitamins I needed on my final attempt. I had 16 minutes to spare on the timer.

        Didn’t think of speeding up tasks. What do you mean by “buy out vitamins?” I looked for them to buy but don’t see them.

        Now, after getting Krypto with moments only to go, I discover the next phase is another character you have to buy. And he’s super expensive. I really was hoping the other characters would be like WW: earnable through actually playing.


  18. How often will the thugs show up??


  19. I tried to take on the first challenge and the brainiac bugs but the 7 thugs was impossible due to the rare drop rate on the pills. I msgd tinyco, hope they adjust it for next week


  20. Is krypto a character? Ideas?


  21. Drop rates for items is insanely slow today. I need a free pill bonus to show up for thugs and 3 more bracelets if I’m ever to get Wonder Woman open. I will never shop at her jewelry store again.


  22. If I fight against the gang instead of individual thug, does it count towards the task to clear 7 thugs?


  23. Is battling going to be dependent on pills for the entire event? Because the pill drop rate is ludicrously low. I have all four farming them and often get zero or one to drop. I am willing to buy Kandor if I’m sure the pills will be used throughout the whole event, but am going to be ticked off if I buy it and all of a sudden it’s different in the next phase of the event. Does anyone know, is it used throughout the whole event?


  24. If you defeat the gang does it count as 3 for the challenge?


  25. Hi, everyone. Does anyone know if there would be any characters in Weekly Challenges?
    I just want to decide on whether to even try performing them. I get pills very rarely. In fact, 1-2 pills in 3 full attempts by ALL characters who drop them. So I have had only 3 fights so far in all these days. Looks like 7 thugs are simply impossible to beat in 2 days at this rate.
    I would speed up and spend clams only and only if I get new characters as prizes for weekly challenges.
    Anyone any idea?


    • They usually keep them all secret. FYI… I don’t think I have ever seen anything but Decorations in Challenges. It is why I usually suggest to pass on them. 😉


  26. Wow Bunny! What an amazingly comprehensive guide.
    Thank you from all the players out here,
    (Now could you work a little magic so vitamins actually drop to do these wonderful battles you have written about?)
    I have all 4 of my characters doing nothing but collecting pills, yet I only get about 3 per day.
    Thanks again!


  27. Strangevisitor7

    Great post! I really appreciate this post. I really understand this part of the event. Even with a bottle city, I may not have enough pills to get the challenge done


  28. so when defeating a gang, does it count as 1 or 3 thugs?


  29. Does anyone know if defeating a gang of thugs counts as 3 for the challenge?


  30. Excellent guide, battles now actually makes logical sense. I was just sending a character to battle hoping I would win. Now I can use some strategy. The only issue is that it takes so much effort to earn enough pills for a battle that it is simply not any fun.


  31. With the pt 1. timed challenge of 7 thugs, it is going to be impossible to complete. My 4 characters are not giving me the pills so I guess I just have to ignore that quest. With the drop of pills almost nonexistant, the game is boring, just collecting money bags and rings.


  32. Any info on brainiac robot spawn rates? You need 81 in 2 days and I have only gotten 10 since last night at 9pm! Including 8 hours of sleep! At this rate unless I stay up for the next 36 hours I will never get 81 😦


    • wildthornberry88

      Probably depends how many fights you’re doing, you should be able to do 1 or 2 every couple hours depending on the Antivirus drop rates.


  33. it would be nice if i could even get thug battle, its dumb they make the pills rare, if battling is a huge necessity, im lucky if i get the 4 pills needed to battle in 2 days, i usuallly get about 2 a day, and thats constantly putting all the available characters than drop them on missions every 4 hours.


    • Exactly right… I just got a challenge to clear 7 thugs in 2 days. After 1 day I’ve managed 2 battles. The drop rates for pills are ridiculous, and having to wait for 4 hours only to get 1 or 2 pills… well, it can take most of a day to be able to have one fight.


  34. This seems complex! It’s the part of the event I’m going to ignore, I think, because I can’t get enough pills (um, vitamins) to actually do it.

    I’m surprised DC went for that- their heroes need pills to fight, and apparently will still lose.


  35. Good article! So you need 12 pills to defeat a gang of thugs unless you buy Superman. Get started hoarding pills then! 😉


  36. Since the drop rates for vitamin pills are so low it would take a long time to battle twice with a group of thugs (you would need 12! pills). This seems like it is a bad option.


    • So don’t focus on gangs til your further in Event and have more Character options. Battle just Thugs. You have the two options. 🙂


      • yes but remember for part 9 of the main questline you need to defeat a gang of thugs, hence my comment to start saving 😉


        • Just found out yesterday that although it says ‘defeating’ in the task title for part 9, hitting the gang of thugs once is sufficient to progress on the main questline, but I would of course save enough pills to finish them off 😉

          I’m now done with week 1, this was fairly smooth sailing. Not sure it stays that way too 😉


  37. At least I haven’t had to worry about waiting for SM Peter to heal yet. He’s always well-healed by the time I manage to scrounge up 4 more vitamins, at least 8-12 hrs later (if I’m lucky). And that’s with all four characters farming them. Can’t wait for the difficulty drop on those tasks to hit, though by then we’ll probably have another Kryptonite gathering mechanic.


  38. Weekly challenge just showed up. Defeat 7 bad guys in 2 days, that is impossible for a freemium.i bought superman as soon as he was available, but still other characters not producing enough pills to fight thugs. If they count gang of thugs as 3, then maybe its possible. Good luck everybody on this one.


    • Russian Tigger

      I’m freemium at moment and stockpiled pills expecting this. I’ve had good drops with them. So I will manage to defeat the 7 thugs. Also stockpiled for clearing brainiacs so that part is done and dusted. But it will be a struggle for many, hence most freemiums should just pass on it. I would never spend clams to compete for decorations.


    • I tried that. Gangs apparently count as ZERO thugs.
      It’s just a waste and impossible unless you bought Kandor.


    • It’s impossible unless you bought Kandor.
      I tried the gang of thugs and apparently they are worth ZERO.
      Which makes perfect sense.


      • Russian Tigger

        I did it without Superman, so it can be done, but I starting stockpiling pills from the start knowing they’d probably be needed. I think maybe 4 thugs rather than 7 would been fairer, but TinyCo don’t do things easy.


    • what’s the prize for the challenge? I have 24 hours left, and 5 thugs to clear. With only 3 pills, and a stupidly low drop rate of pills… well, I don’t think I have a chance at all


  39. No were near getting superwomen out.
    Up to getting the invisible jet out.
    Not helping that my game shuts off
    Making me restart it wait for it to load
    then put my players back in play.
    Smh lucky I love this game.
    Sometimes very discouraging.
    When its 6 seven times in a row.


  40. What is the spawn rate for gangs? I had one appear 2 days ago and defeated them and haven’t seen any since. I need on to finish the part 10


  41. Doesn’t make sense that a group of thugs with 6 total battle damage takes 8 total damage to Wonder Woman. If she inflicts 4 the first time with 2 remaining for the thugs, she should still have 2 left after second attack.


    • No. They inflict 6 each time. So she takes all 6 but only has her 4… so she’s defeated. Then, she heals all 4, and takes 6 again next time.

      It’s 2 completely separate battles.


  42. Thanks for the excellent guide Bunny!


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