Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Live!!! **UPDATED**

CONSUELA SERVER ERROR: For those that the game is dropping the Server, have patience. It is essentially “rush hour” as everyone rushes to load the new content. I know I have dropped out several times off and on. Just keep trying or wait a bit til “rush hour” dies down a bit.

For those crashing on battles, try a quick restart of device. This should help clear it up. 😉

Hey there Superheroes!!!!

Long time ago in a galaxy… nope that not it

Once upon a time in a land far far away… hmmm not quite!!

Who will save the planet from the Evil Villains plot? Who will fly in to save the day? Who will shut up Meg? Stay tuned….


Stay tuned for more details to come.
Also there is a bug with 1.27.0 with clearing the spawns. It’s fixed in 1.27.1 but that version wont be out for iOS for a few days. It should be on all other devices soon if it isn’t already.
This “issue” will impact all spawns in iOS. Many of you will even see the “bacon ipsum” glitch because of it. All you can do is wait til the update hits the App Market to resolve it. (Thanks to one of our readers for image)

Meanwhile… some TinyCo FAQ while I run through the game and pull info. This has not yet been verified for accuracy and content, so please proceed with caution.


How do I participate in Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way?
You must have District 3 unlocked, Al Harrington’s repaired and play on app version 1.27.0 or higher in order to take part in Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way. UPDATE: 1.27.1 now with a patch!! iOS, see above under image

When does Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way end?
Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way will end on Thursday, August 24th at 3 PM, PDT.

Any Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way content that is not fully unlocked or purchased will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I increase my Power Level?
Earn Power Points to increase your Power Level by completing quests and obtaining prizes found at Wayne Tower.

When does Brainiac appear?
Brainiac begins appearing at Fight of Flight Pt. 3.

How do I clear Brainiac?
You’ll need 1 Superman Antivirus. Once you’ve obtained a Superman Antivirus, place it in Brainiac’s path to clear him.

The area that the Superman Antivirus covers will be shown with a green circle. If Brainiac is in this circle, he will turn purple. Tap the checkmark to activate the Superman Antivirus while Brainiac is purple and it will take him out.

Please note the Superman Antivirus will only work on one Brainiac at a time.

How do I clear Mini-Brainiac Robots?
The Mini-Brainiac Robots will appear where you clear Brainiac. They are fast little guys, but once you tap them, they will clear.

How do I fight the Villains?
You will need 4 super vitamins and have Superman Peter or Superman unlocked to begin the fight. Tap on the villain you would like to fight and select your fighter.

Total attack power can be seen on the top left of each of the character windows.

How do I heal after a fight?
Your heroes will heal over time, but you can speed their recovery by using healing items that come from various sources.

What can I do at the Daily Planet?
The Daily Planet is located on the right side of the event area. Here you can trade event materials for Kryptonite which can be spent on prizes at the Wayne tower.

How do I unlock Superman Peter?
Superman Peter is available at Al Harrington’s.

To unlock him, you will need:
10 Yellow Sunlight
8 Spandex
13 Brainiac Microchips

Superman Peter is available until Thursday, August 24th at 3 PM, PDT. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I unlock Wonder Woman?
Wonder Woman is available at Wayne Tower.

To unlock her, you will need:
4 Amazonian Tiaras
18 Invisible Jet Fuel
8 Golden Lassos
10 Bulletproof Bracelets
8 Man Tears

Wonder Woman is available until Thursday, August 24th at 3 PM, PDT. If she is not completely unlocked, she will disappear from the game at that time. If she is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue her quests after the event has ended.

How do I get Superman?
Superman is available in the shop for 250 clams. He will be available for purchase until Thursday, August 24th at  3 PM, PDT.

Fight or Flight Pt.10 won’t complete!
No worries, this is the end of Phase 1! Once Phase 2 is released, you’ll be able to complete Fight or Flight Pt. 10 and continue making progress.


Brainiac’s Skull Ship: 220 Clam IconClams, Earns $45 & 4POW PointPOW every 8hrs, Always drops 20 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash

Fortress of Solitude: 250 Clam IconClams, Earns 14 Clam IconClams every 24hrs, ALWAYS drops 14 Clams (Consuela Vacuum will auto collect them FYI) UPDATE: Per TinyCo, the change that impacted the end date will NOT impact the Fortress. It will still time out as coded on the 17th. 

Bottle City of Kandor: 150Clam Icon Clams, $30 & 2 POW PointPOW every 4hrs, Always drops Super VitaminSuper Vitamins (will not trigger until you start Fight or Flight Pt. 3)


Mancave of Solitude: $100, 30sec Build Time, +5POW PointPOW on Build, Earns $60 & 4 POW PointPOW every 18hrs


Super Burger Tower: 250 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Rings, 2hr Build Time, Earns $50 & 3 POW PointPOW every 12hrs



Welcome to Smallville Sign: 10 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Rings



SupermanSuperman: 250 Clam IconClams

Wonder WomanWonderwoman: You will first need to get to her with the Invisible Jet Hangar in the Wayne Tower to unlock her. (More info coming below). Once the Hangar is placed, you can start collection for her items.
Superman Peter    Have Superman Peter Heat Up Leftovers: 1hr Task
Man Tears8 Man Tears (Always): Clear Thugs
Amazonian Tiara4 Amazonian Tiaras (Common): Themyscira (Wayne Tower)
Invisible Jet Fuel18 Invisible Jet Fuel (Uncommon): Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Invisible Jet Hangar
Bulletproof Bracelet10 Bulletproof Bracelets (Rare): Lois Teach Piano OR Mort Swallow Jewels OR Indestructable Jewelry Shop (Wayne Tower)


Superman PeterSuperman Peter (Costume): You will complete this in Al’s. Fights Villians
Yellow Sunlight10 Yellow Sunlight (Common): Jerome Play Darts OR Peter Overeat OR Kent Farm (Wayne Tower)
Spandex8 Spandex (Uncommon): Bruce Pass Out Flyers OR Superman’s Secret Citadel (Wayne Tower)
Brainiac Chips13 Brainiac Chips (Rare): Clear Brainiac Robot




This will be your Main Event Currency. You will see a counter for it up top center of your game.
Essentially you will have to trade items to get Kryptonite from Daily Planet. More info below.

In short, Attack Criminals to get stolen goods. Trade Stolen Goods in Daily Planet for Kryptonite. Trade Kryptonite for other items like those in Wayne Tower.



POW Point

POW is essentially the Event Experience Points you will be gathering throughout the Entire Event to Level up your Power. You can gain them all over (Questlines, Buildings, Decorations, etc). You will want to collect all you can as your ability to progress to the Next Phase in the game will also depend on your Power Level at the time of the new Phase release (see Garage Parking) on top of the Main Questline requirements.

You can see your current Power Level in the lower right corner of your game screen.

POW xp Power Level



Daily Planet

Here is your EXCHANGE location. You will Exchange goods for Game Currency to use elsewhere.

For Phase 1, here are some of the Exchanges I see in my game.
***still in progress***

9 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
15 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
27 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
23 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
18 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
17 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
12 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
32 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
30 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite

Sacks of CashSacks of Cash (Always): Brainiac’s Skull Ship OR Brainiac Bot OR Clear Thug OR Clear Gang of Thugs



Wayne Tower

Here is where you will find items that you will collect Materials to unlock.
This is the following Items I see for Phase 1…

Kent Farm: Earns $40 & 2 POW PointPOW every 6hrs, Chance Drops 2 Yellow SunlightYellow Sunlight
4 KryptoniteKryptonite

Invisible Jet Hangar w/Wonder Woman : Earns $40 & 2 POW PointPOW every 6hrs, Chance Drop 2 Invisible Jet FuelInvisible Jet Fuel
10 KryptoniteKryptonite

Superman’s Secret Citadel: Earns $20 & 1 POW PointPOW every 2hrs, Chance Drop 2 SpandexSpandex
4 KryptoniteKryptonite

Supermobile (Animated Decoration):
15 KryptoniteKryptonite

Indestructible Jewelry Shop: Earns $30 & 1 POW PointPOW every 4hrs, Chance drop 2 Bulletproof BraceletBulletproof Bracelets
20 KryptoniteKryptonite

Invisible Jet (Decoration):
7 KryptoniteKryptonite

Themyscira: Earns $20 & 1 POW PointPOW every 2hrs, Chance drop 2 Amazonian TiaraAmazonian Tiaras
18 KryptoniteKryptonite

TIMER WARNING!! After getting the 7th (Themyscira) Item, ANYTHING that takes you back to the Wayne Tower will start the 24hr timer on the 8th (Batmobile) Prize!!!

Batmobile (Animated Decoration):
40 KryptoniteKryptonite

As in the past, unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY want the Batmobile Animated Decoration, I would suggest to skip it and save your Kryptonite for the next Phase items so you have a jump start on it. The last item is always going to be difficult and most likely cost you Clams to get. You will need to decide if it is really worth it to YOU to try for it.



It is where Bunny lives. DUH! Lol
This Building is currently not in use.

Addicts Asylum Patient Zero



Hall of Heroes

Here is where you can get a glimpse of the upcoming Characters/Heroes and Costumes you can get from the Event. There looks to be a lot of cool ones. 🙂

You can also use it as a location to check to see what Level of strength your Character is currently at (in case you are waiting for them to recover from a Battle)



Parking Garage

Here is what you can see your Spawn time for the next Villian. It is also what you can see upcoming for the next Phase and what will be required to move into the next Phase.

Phase 2 will require you to be to Power Level 4

Garage Parking Pop Up



BrainiacBrainiac: Requires 1 Super VirusSuperman Anti Virus to destroy (looks like a Superman Shield)

Similar to the Bad Guys in the past, you have to tap on the Villian and fire the item at them while they are in the “Kill Zone” Circle. Keep in mind that you want Brainiac PURPLE before hitting the Check Mark to launch the Super Virus. If he is not Purple, you will miss.

Brainiac Kill Zone

Pays Out:
Mini Brainiac RobotsMini Brainiac Robots spit out after you clear a Brainiac, tap on the Mini Robots to destroy them. Collect Materials. FYI, these buggers are FRAKKIN FAST!!! They scatter like mad and go a million miles an hour. Stopping only for a few moments on a sidewalk/road… then running off super fast again. (My Maze keeps them to a specific area in my game)

Below is what I got per each one.

2 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash
1 Brainiac ChipsBrainiac Chips
(until I had them all)


Super VirusSuperman Anti Virus (Common): Lois Download Computer Virus OR Bonnie Get Sick of Superheroes OR Superman Take Selfies (not tagged but seems to drop every time I have cleared the task)



This will not trigger until you start Fight or Flight Pt. 3

You will then see a Thug wandering your street. Tapping on him will bring up the “Defeat the Villian” screen.

In order to Battle, you will need to pick a Character. Tap on the + over the Character Shadow to pick one. Yes, you’ll see TWO spots… but that’s for higher leveled Thugs. You only need ONE to Fight.

ThugTHUG: 2+ Strength 

Battle Characters (as of Phase 1):

Your Characters will need to be FULL BAR STRENGTH to battle. If they are not, you can’t. If you tap on them to “HEAL” them, it will tell you how much time you have to wait til they are fully healed… or the Clam options to fill up the Bars you need.
Superman PeterSuperman Peter:
2 Hit Damage
SupermanSuperman: 3 Hit Damage
Wonder WomanWonder Woman: 3 Hit Damage

Battle Payout: Chance of
Sacks of CashSacks of Cash
Man TearsMan Tears

Requires: +4 Super VitaminSuper Vitamins per Fight

For my Battles I was getting …
Man Tears1 or 2 Man Tears
Sacks of Cash22 Sacks of Cash


Gang of ThugsGANG OF THUGS: 6 Strength (triggered around Pt 7 for me)

Battle Characters (as of Phase 1):

Your Characters will need to be FULL BAR STRENGTH to battle. If they are not, you can’t. If you tap on them to “HEAL” them, it will tell you how much time you have to wait til they are fully healed… or the Clam options to fill up the Bars you need.
SupermanSuperman: 3 Hit Damage
Wonder WomanWonder Woman: 3 Hit Damage

Battle Payout: Chance of
Sacks of CashSacks of Cash

Requires: +6 Super VitaminSuper Vitamins per Fight

For my Battles I was getting …
Win: Sacks of Cash42 Sacks of Cash
Loss: Super Vitamin1 Superman Vitamin


Super VitaminSuper Vitamins (Rare): Chris Peek Into Neighbor’s Medicine Cabinet OR Bruce Buy Vitamins OR Jerome Search “Lost and Found” Box OR Bottle City of Kandor OR Peter Confiscate Pills


As it will take time to get Superman Peter & Wonder Woman OR you have the option to buy Superman, this portion will take a lil time to start. Just go at a pace that works for you. Don’t rush.

Don’t worry about not having enough Characters yet to take out the Gangs, you can battle them multiple times til their hit points are gone with just ONE Character. So if you have to use Wonder Woman twice to do it, tapping on the Gang will show the previous damage and you just pick back up where you left off in the last battle.



Plastic Hero Ring

These are just another form of Game Currency. So far just used to purchase 1 Building & 1 Decoration.

Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Rings: Questlines OR Blobulous Be Blobular OR Red Hot Lois Come up with a Catchphrase OR Multiplier Train in Combat a Trois OR Captain Hammered Fly Under Influence OR Iron Baby Test Armor Systems OR RolloCop Engage Battle Mode OR Dr. Hartman Practice Surgery OR Seamus Practice Cartwheels OR Bruce Be a Good Listener OR Mort Retreat Cowardly OR Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath

Note: Most Characters dropped at least 2 Rings. Some More… like… well… multiply. 😉


There you have the Basics of the New DC Event. I’m still pulling more stats and will add them when done as well as get more detailed posts later.

What do you think of it so far? Get Superman? Character looking forward to? Tips for others? Let us know.



205 responses to “Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Live!!! **UPDATED**

  1. Im in bat week, but brainiacs and thugs appears anyways and i cant get the new prizes, help!!


  2. moecyslack905

    All I need for wonder woman is two bullet proof bracelets but none are dropping. The jewellery store has dropped once since I got it. Hopefully they will come soon!


  3. Don’t know if this has been mentioned – but the easiest way to tap those speedy little brainiac bots is to get your finger well ahead of them in the direction they are running and start continuously tapping. They get popped as soon as they run into that spot. Don’t go too far ahead because they may change direction. They do stop to catch their robotic breath periodically also.

    Also zooming out to get a wider view of the town makes it much easier to find them (although you can always tap a money bag requirement icon in Wayne Tower to go straight to them also). Your eye will be attracted to their fast movement. (Must be some evolutionary advantage to that…) They seem to be directly tappable much more easily in zoom out mode also.


  4. Did not get the bat mobile and on going batty pt 1 that’s one of the tasks so will I be able to advance still in the event


  5. Hi Bunny – hope that you’re doing well. I’ve started phase 2 last night and have cleared 4 killer croc so far – no sacks of jewels have dropped yet. I’ve messaged tiny co about this issue – since this will critically slow down progression and inhibit ability to get both aquaman and cat woman – more so an issue getting the timed aquaman.

    Not sure if you can get an answer on the supposed drop rate on sack of jewels.


  6. Joe and Bonnie got new talks that collect fish hooks. Do we know what these are for yet?


  7. Hey just a fore warning for those who havent started phase 2 yet Aquaman is timed…mYou only have 7 days to unlock him once u free him from the asylum….so just beware….In another note foes anyone know who drops the hooks yet for the killer krocs….Thanks and Happy Gaming Clammers!!!!


  8. And Wonder Woman now drops vitamin pills w 4 hour task – which is helpful other pill droppers are needed for aquaman. And Adam west batman is 320 clams and drops vitamin pills too


    • Adam West isn’t Batman unfortunately…completely separate characters. 😔 I already asked them why Batman wasn’t a skin for Mayor West but someone said its because they want to help fill the Tan Lines Hotel. Plus, I read that when Adam West signed on for Family Guy they were not to make any references to him being Batman…which is why when Batman has appeared on the show, Mayor West has nothing to do with him. Seth McFarland voiced him, except for in one episode where someone else did.


  9. Well week 2 is live. Here comes aquaman. And he is timed – if you build his cage you’ll have 7 days to get him. I had a bunch of crystals saved up – about 44 and was able to buy the first 4 buildings – all needed for aquaman and killer crocs – so I figured I was safe to start aquaman. Well you need one more thing – cat woman Lois to do a task – she’s in the 7th item – so that sucks. Hopefully I’ll get to her in next few days. If it takes items to get her then I might be screwed. I won’t be going for the last item – bar cave since I’ll need to unlock cats an Lois asap.


  10. finished the challenge… meh! For the effort involved it was a pretty lame reward. Will need to look closer at the reward before investing time, effort and a handful of clams again. Should have known better.


    • Every Event I warn on the Challenges. Majority are only decoration rewards and WILL cost Clams to be successful majority of the time too. I look at them as a premium Decoration purchase. 😉


      • I know you do… I got lured by the fact I was really close without trying to hard… then didn’t get the vitamins to drop like they had been when I only needed 1 more Thug fight. I’m playing 2 games and I got 1 with only 8 clams but the other was 24 or so… not horrible but still a waste.

        I will heed your advice more closely in the future. LOL.


  11. Has anyone unlocked Wonder Woman? What reward do you get for completing this task?


  12. mike719wright

    I just noticed that Invisible Hanger, Indestructible Jewelry, and Themyscira aren’t dropping $ or POW! after the timer reaches zero. The only way they drop is if I rush with clams. Anyone else having this problem?


  13. Travis Peterson

    Does anyone know the prize for the 2day mission I think it’s Called bold and brave part 1


  14. For the weekly challenge do you have to fight the single thugs or can you fight the gang of thugs for multiple credit?
    Also, How is Mayor Adam West not involved in this event at all??!?! Heresy!!


  15. Is there a list of the tasks superman has?


  16. Does fighting a gang of thugs count towards the Weekly special quest (The Brave and the Bold) or does it have to be the individual thugs?
    Just a thought…how is Mayor West not involved with this somehow??


  17. It amazes me how characters who drop rings do so every time, yet the same can not be said of Bonnie and Lois for Anti Virus despite all being labeled common.


  18. First week challenge:
    2 days (48hours)
    The Brave and the Bold Pt. 1
    Clear 81 Braniak Robots
    Clear 7 Thugs

    (I know it’s Brainiac but they seriously spelled it Braniak here)


  19. Not sure if it’s for a weekly challenge as it did not have me take a look at a prize but I just got a 2 day timed quest to take out 81 Brainiac Robots (the little ones) and 7 thugs.


  20. So the only why to fight villains to complete quest is to have clams? Doesn’t seem fair


  21. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this or not but it will be a crime if Mayor West isn’t given the Batman outfit!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hadn’t thought about it; you’re right. He should get that outfit, definitively. Now I want it, lol. But probably they’ll give it to some character who is unlocked earlier in the game. Mayor West is pretty ‘advanced’ 😦


  22. Game was crashing a lot on my iPad, so I put a bunch of decos and buildings in inventory, game is crashing less, thanks for the advice!


  23. I’m afraid to battle any more thugs and not get anything but one pill as a reward bc it’s essentially a waste of vitamin pills. Any word yet if they’ve fixed this glitch or what’s going on? I immensely appreciate your help and time helping me!! 🤗😁😊


  24. Is it week 3 yet so I can buy Harley Quinn lol yes buy bc knowing my luck Ill have to spend clams on her but thats ok she is one of my favorite batman characters of all time besides batman of course which Ill have to shell out more clams for him lol…As long as they dnt pull the joker in too for clams I think ill be set this event with character buys…..Happy Gaming Clammers what characters are you all excited to buy/see in the game

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Currently saving for jewellery shop but think might jus wait save up 75 then buy all prizes at once. Then don’t need to worry bout timer 😁 always get stuck getting characters at beginning of events but got peter and once get all buildings hopefully wonder woman won’t take too long.then be ready for phase 2! Only few days in feel like I on track but sure will get stuck again soon like normal lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Russian Tigger

      The drops from jewellery shop are rare so keep that in mind if your delaying buying it, as Wonder Woman is needed in the main Questline I’d want be getting that building dropping asap. So I’d build it as soon as you have enough.


      • I agree I bought the Jewelery Shop Sat afternoon and have been hitting it up nonstop along with mort for the bracelets and today I finally got up to 6 bracelets if ur holding out for the batmobile I would wait until ur about to purchase the themyscira and hold off bc thats a 2hr nuilding and it says it can drop up to 2 tiaras at an uncommon rate so far Im about 1/3 of the way to unlock the last 2 decos….Good Luck and Happy Gaming Clammers!!!!!!


  26. Two words: Super Vitamins


  27. My game keeps freezing every time I tap on Wayne Tower. I’ve restarted my app, my phone, and it still won’t fix itself. Is this happening to anyone else? I can’t make any progress and it’s really frustrating.


  28. Will the super vitamins be needed for the entire month long challenge? I’m deciding if I should by kandor or not, don’t want to buy it if the vitamins won’t be in play past the first week.


  29. What is the bug with clearing spawns? I’m on iOS and haven’t had any problems.


  30. Don’t forget to check out the comicon characters who also drop plastic rings☺


  31. I got the battle to finally work…sort of. My thugs show a 1 for their health and superman Peter can do 2 damage. I did 2 battles with only 1 pill as a reward for each. No man tears, no cash. When you click on Wonder Woman it says that man tear drops are an ‘always’ drop and the thugs display money and 2 man tears to possibly drop. I got ONLY vitamin pills each battle. I already messaged them in-game, but haven’t heard back yet. During the battle, the screen said ‘freakin sweet!’ Then upon completion, it said failure and rewarded me one pill…..sorta disappointed with the mis-labeling in the game that keeps happening. The man tears are DEF NOT ‘always’ dropping. 😦


    • Was it the individual Thugs or the gang?


      • Individual thug. This has happened to me three times now. So, I’ve literally wasted 12 vitamin pills on three battles only to be awarded one pill bc the battle failed. I’m totally stuck bc of this and can’t get cash fast enough to trade for kryptonite or get any man tears to unlock Wonder Woman. So frustrated! 😥

        Thank you for your help Bunny! I greatly appreciate it!!!


    • I have found if I battle with one character I get one man tears, two characters two man tears.


      • I can’t battle with two characters, bc I can’t unlock Wonder Woman, bc I am getting NO man tears at all! 😥 Every single thug battle has said Failure even though the thug was defeated and I only get one lousy vitamin pill after wasting 4 of them. I literally cannot progress forward bc of some weird glitch.


    • Russian Tigger

      That’s a weird one, just for your info I’ve done 4 thug battles with only Peter each time and got 2 man tears each time, and bags of money. Hope TinyCo can get a look inside your game and sort it.


      • Me too! I just did another thug battle bc they still haven’t responded, and it failed again with only one lousy pill as a reward. I took screenshots and sent them to their team, but I’m happy to share if anyone else wants them. I won’t be able to progress at all at this point. 😥


        • Here is my question… what is the Damage Meter at on the Thugs you are going up against? I ask as if they are stronger than your character (like a 2 against a 3 or 4) you will lose and will only get the one pill like I noted in this post.

          However you can try again once your Character is healed. Then win and get full award.

          Next time do me a favor and look at the Meter on both Character vs Thug.

          What is there Hit Power? (Fist)
          What is there Damage Meter (lil slashes in the bar above them)
          Who is higher, Character or Thug? (The higher hit power and damage it takes to take them down will win)

          If you have screenshots of the actual start of the battle as well as battle itself, send them to me and I can look. 😉


  32. Cannot overstate how excited I am for this event. So many of my favorite superheroes. So glad they got the deal with DC for this month long event. So far I love the gameplay on it as well. Also the new event area looks amazing. Lots of effort was put into this event it seems. Ready for weeks to come.


  33. So are Superman and Wonder Women voiced…? Not likely to pay out for clam characters if they aren’t voiced, like the last few 😦


  34. My game will not allow me to battle a thug without a second character, but I can’t get Wonder Woman without battling a thug.. I’m stuck 😦 am super excited for this event, but seems like I’m stuck in another loop


    • Yes, it will. Just make sure your Character is full strength. Any bars lower and you have to wait. Also, make sure that you have at LEAST 4 Super Vitamins. Like noted in the post, it requires 4 of them per Battle. If you have less then 4, you will only see NOT READY instead of FIGHT. 😉


  35. I have superman Peter and lost my first thug battle and got nothing. If I’m understanding correctly I battle more times and that same thug health wears down until you eventually beat him using only just super Peter and then at that point get a payout? Idk if I should save pills until I unlock WW too?


    • Yes. So if he has like a 4 “bar” strength and you can only hit him enough to take down 2 or 3 bars, then find him again (tapping on the different ones will show there current strength) and then attack them again. I did this with the Gang of thugs as I only had Superman and had not unlocked Wonderwoman yet. It took me two times, but I was able to take them out the second time. 🙂

      Two is always better, so focus on getting the Characters. Don’t stress too much, keep in mind we are only barely over a day in this week. Just do what you can with what you have. Tap different Thugs to see if one is lower on Strength and Hit Point Ability (fist) then others. Hit the weakest ones possible.


  36. OMG! After basically bowing out of the Dino event due to lack of interest (I barely got through phase 2 by the end of the event), I’m all in for this one. Already bought Superman, and will happily spend more money to get other characters. Harley Quinn, I love you!

    P.S. Welcome back, Bunny. Hope you’re feeling better. ❤


  37. Quick Question for Bunny. Why can’t I put any of the dinosaur characters that I unlocked from the last event in Tan lines? I can only put them in my inventory.. also I dont think they have be are being counted in my character total.. Thanks in Advance!!!


    • TinyCo has to recode them as not “required for use” Characters into ones that are “storable”. It usually takes a lil bit to do that. They may also be one of those odd things out that really can’t go there. It is all up to TinyCo.


    • Matthew Bryde

      I also note that while I have been putting them on task since the event ended, only today I realised they do not earn XP, so are not levelling up. Bringing their respective enclosures out of storage changes nothing, so other than earning coins (I have $5M+) they are useless.


      • Per TinyCo, the dinosaurs not earning XP is intentional, but they’ll “let the team know” that people would like them to earn XP. I was able to put them in Tan Lines this morning.


    • Both the raptor and the brontosaurus (the big veggie eater, I think that’s what it is) can be stored in the resort as of today (Saturday July 30). I think the raptor was storable earlier, not sure of the other one. Could depend on which one was free when I was putting characters back after the daily quest.


  38. i need one more clam to have 250 and i’ll probably get it tomorrow … will it still be profitable to buy the fortress of solitude ???


    • It will only pay out until the 17th. So factor in how may days you KNOW you will collect on it x14 and if it is MORE than you paid for it… it is a profit. 😉


      • i can collect every day .. it’s no problem .. but i’m bad at maths lol .. so it’s 14 clams / 24 hrs ?
        i guess i still got 25 days x 14 clams = 350 clams .. that’s a 100 clams profit ❤

        good then ill buy it … im working towards Consuela

        although im dying inside to buy Superman 😦 but i'll have to let him go …


    • By my calculations, July 30 will be the break-even day.


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