Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Phase 2 Live???***UPDATED***

Hey there Superheroes!!!!

It seems that TinyCo dropped the Phase 2 of the Event yesterday, kind of. It seems some of it is not quite functioning the way it is supposed to be. I am still waiting for verification from TinyCo of what is going on.

In the meantime, I am playing through the game and see just what I can pull from the game as far as stats.
Superman Peter

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to complete week one main Questline to part 10
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s completed
  • You will need to be on App Market Version 1.27.1/1.27.2 in order to see the full content
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…

For Phase 1 details, Go HERE

For Thug Battles, go HERE


Crocodile Sewer: 240 Clam IconClams, Earns $60 & 4 POW PointPOW every 10 hours, Always drops 16 Sack of Jewels

The Lost City: 130 Clam IconClams, Earns $45 & 2 POW PointPOW every 8hrs, Always drops 1 Hook


Eccentric Billionaire Mansion: 300 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Rings, Earns $60 & 3 POW PointPOW every 12hrs, Always drops Plastic Hero RingPlastic Super Hero Ring

Sidekicks N Things: 100 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Super Hero Ring, Earns $70 & 4 POW PointPOW every 16hrs, Always Drops Plastic Hero RingPlastic Super Hero Ring



Cat Lady’s Cat Tree: 75 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Super Hero Ring

Cat Lady’s Litter Box: 25 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Super Hero Ring


Medium Health Package: 100Clam Icon Clams, 5 Medium Health Packs (3 bars), used to heal Battling Characters



Plastic Hero Ring

These are just another form of Game Currency.

Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Rings: Questlines OR Blobulous Be Blobular OR Red Hot Lois Come up with a Catchphrase OR Multiplier Train in Combat a Trois OR Captain Hammered Fly Under Influence OR Iron Baby Test Armor Systems OR RolloCop Engage Battle Mode OR Dr. Hartman Practice Surgery OR Seamus Practice Cartwheels OR Bruce Be a Good Listener OR Mort Retreat Cowardly OR Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath

Note: Most Characters dropped at least 2 Rings. Some More… like… well… multiply. 😉



Aquaman: Peter will trigger him right away with This Fish Needs Water. WARNING, once you find him you WILL start his 7 day timer. ANY tap that brings you to him in the Quahog Asylum will start it. (More info below on the Asylum)
10 Salmon (Common): Superman Peter Eat Faster Than a Speeding Bullet OR Gotham Skyscraper (Wayne’s Tower)
18 Scale Sew Shirt (Uncommon): Hebert Read to Children OR Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath OR Sew Good Supershirt Tailor (Wayne’s Tower)
Starfish (Rare): Clear Killer Croc
Sushi Bar (Building): Unlock in Wayne’s Tower
Have Catwoman Lois Beg for Table Scraps: 2hr Task

Batman: 320 Clam IconClams, Not currently voiced, comes with Questline, fully tasked, Always drops 1 Super VitaminSuper Vitamin (4hrs Task)

Catwoman Lois (Costume): More info on this in Wayne Tower

Robin Stewie (Costume): He is noted as a usable Battle Character, he is not currently active… will note when he is released. You will find him in the Boy Wonder Mystery Box.




There is a new Clam Offer in the game some of you may see. Per my game, this is the offer I saw…

There’s No Place Like Krypton
Peter Starts

Buy $9.99 Worth of Clams (or Higher), Get 12 Super Vitamins for Free!



UPDATE 7/29/16: Per TinyCo, in order to ensure Players progress… those in Pt. 1 and trigger Crocs, they will ALWAYS drop Jewels until you clear the Task that needs Jewels, then they will go back to RARE setting. Bane ALWAYS drop them after he is completely defeated. For those that did not trigger this option for Crocs to get the better drops, a separate quick Questline will show up asking you to clear a Croc so you can get some drops too. 

I hope this helps many of you pass the areas and continue gaming on! 🙂

This will trigger right at the start of Phase 2 Content with Going Batty Pt. 1

Requires: 1 Killer Croc Trap/Bait to clear

Killer Croc Trap/Bait (Common): Joe Sort Through the Garbage OR Bonnie Buy Hooks and Bait OR Lost City OR Arctic Lounge (Wayne’s Tower)

Chance Payout:
10 Bag of Jewels (Rare) OR 1 Bag of Jewels***
1 Starfish

***NOTE: I know that for many you were stating the Jewels were not dropping. As new content normally drops Thursday and this one dropped Wednesday, I assume there was something in the timing but I am still looking into it and will update when I have more information. I myself am getting only one dropping or none at all.
UPDATE: TinyCo is aware of drop issue on Crocs and working on it.




The first of the Weekly Challenges was also released earlier this week. Keep in mind that ALL these Challenges are just that, a Challenge. Many will be very difficult to complete and may require Clam Spending to get through all 4 to the Grand Prize. Most the awards are only Decorations. In other words, attempt at your own risk. 🙂

The Brave and the Bold Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Clear 81 Brainiac Robots: Clear Super Villains to get about 3 Robots each
Clear 7 Thugs: As it says, THUGS. Nothing else will count. You will need at least Superman Peter to Clear each one. 

Reward: Krypto the Super-Dog (Animated Decoration)



Daily Planet

Here is your EXCHANGE location. You will Exchange goods for Game Currency to use elsewhere.

For Phase 2, here are some of the Exchanges I see in my game.
***still in progress***

30 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite (carry over from Phase 1)

10Sacks of CashSacks of Cash & 15 Sack of Jewels = 4 KryptoniteKryptonite
12Sacks of CashSacks of Cash & 10 Sack of Jewels = 4 KryptoniteKryptonite
14 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash & 10 Sacks of Jewels = 4 KryptoniteKryptonite
15Sacks of CashSacks of Cash & 11 Sack of Jewels = 4 KryptoniteKryptonite
16 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash & 8 Sacks of Jewels = 4 KryptoniteKryptonite
21Sacks of CashSacks of Cash & 6 Sack of Jewels = 4 KryptoniteKryptonite
28 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash & 5 Sacks of Jewels= 4 KryptoniteKryptonite
33 Sacks of CashSacks of Cash & 1 Sack of Jewels = 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
9 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
15 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
21 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
22 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
23 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
24 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
25 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
26 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
27 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
30 Sacks of Jewels= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite


Sacks of CashSacks of Cash (Always): Brainiac’s Skull Ship OR Brainiac Bot OR Clear Thug OR Clear Gang of Thugs

Sack of Jewels (Always Per TinyCo this should have been Rare): Clear Killer Croc OR Crocodile Sewer OR Clearing Bane



Wayne Tower

Here is where you will find items that you will collect Materials to unlock.
This is the following Items I see for Phase 2…

Gotham Skyscraper: $40 & 2 POW PointPOW Every 6hrs, +25 POW PointPOW on unlock,  Chance Drop 2 Salmon
11 KryptoniteKryptonite

Sew Good Supershirt Tailor: $45 & 2 POW PointPOW every 8hrs, +43 POW PointPOW on unlock, Chance 2 Scale Sew Shirt
17 KryptoniteKryptonite

Arctic Lounge: $25 & 1 POW PointPOW every 3hrs, +39 POW PointPOW on unlock, Chance drop 1 Killer Croc Bait/Hook
13 KryptoniteKryptonite

Not-Quaman’s Premium Sushi: $30 & 1 POW PointPOW every 4hrs, +57 POW PointPOW on unlock, Needed to unlock Aquaman
10 KryptoniteKryptonite

Immortality Pit (Decoration): +55 POW PointPOW on unlock
19 KryptoniteKryptonite

Two-Faced Coin Headquarters: $30 & 1 POW PointPOW every 4hrs, +68 POW PointPOW on unlock
26 KryptoniteKryptonite

Catwoman Lois (Costume): +114 POW PointPOW on unlock, She will go to your Inventory if you do not place her right away, if she is not there check Al’s to complete her Costume, Fully Tasked
31 KryptoniteKryptonite

WARNING: The last item in Wayne Tower is ALWAYS timed. As this will be very difficult and “FREAKIN HARD” to obtain (most likely involving Clams) you will have the option to try for it or pass on it. Just know once the 7th item is unlocked, ANYTHING AT ALL that takes you back to Wayne Tower, even if for only a second, WILL start the timer on the final 8th item. 

Batcave: Earns $40 & 1 POW PointPOW every 6hrs, +350 POW PointPOW on unlock
80 KryptoniteKryptonite




You will now notice a Repair Hammer by the Asylum. Tapping on it will pop up the request to repair the Gates for $1000. It is an instant repair. WARNING: Repairing the Gates WILL pop up Aquaman in a cage in front of it to collect items for. This also starts his 7 DAY TIMER.



Parking Garage

Here is what you can see your Spawn time for the next Villian (like the Super Villian and Killer Crocs). It is also what you can see upcoming for the next Phase and what will be required to move into the next Phase.

Phase 3 will require you to be to Power Level 8



You will find a very detailed post on the Battles HERE. 

This will not trigger until you start Fight or Flight Pt. 3 You will then see a Thug wandering your street. Tapping on him will bring up the “Defeat the Villian” screen.

In order to Battle, you will need to pick a Character. Tap on the + over the Character Shadow to pick one. Yes, you’ll see TWO spots… but that’s for higher leveled Thugs. You only need ONE to Fight.

ThugTHUG: 2+ Strength 

Battle Characters (as of Phase 1): Your Characters will need to be FULL BAR STRENGTH to battle. If they are not, you can’t. If you tap on them to “HEAL” them, it will tell you how much time you have to wait til they are fully healed… or the Clam options to fill up the Bars you need
Superman PeterSuperman Peter:
2 Hit Damage
SupermanSuperman: 3 Hit Damage
Wonder WomanWonder Woman: 3 Hit Damage

Robin Stewie: (Not released yet) 3 Hit Damage


Gang of Thugs 2GANG OF THUGS: 6 Strength (triggered around Fight or Flight Pt 7 for me)

Battle Characters (as of Phase 1): Your Characters will need to be FULL BAR STRENGTH to battle. If they are not, you can’t. If you tap on them to “HEAL” them, it will tell you how much time you have to wait til they are fully healed… or the Clam options to fill up the Bars you need.
SupermanSuperman: 3 Hit Damage
Wonder WomanWonder Woman: 3 Hit Damage

Robin Stewie: (Not released yet) 3 Hit Damage



He will trigger at Going Batty Pt. 3. Once he appears, tap on him just like the Thugs to see the Battle Options. This time you can select up to 3 Characters at a time to go up against him.

Requires: +4 Super VitaminSuper Vitamins per Fight

Battle Characters (as of Phase 2):

Your Characters will need to be FULL BAR STRENGTH to battle. If they are not, you can’t. If you tap on them to “HEAL” them, it will tell you how much time you have to wait til they are fully healed… or the Clam options to fill up the Bars you need.
Superman PeterSuperman Peter:
2 Hit & 2 Bars

Batman: 4 Hit & 5 Bars

Wonder WomanWonder Woman: 3 Hit  & 4 Bars

Catwoman Lois: 4 Hit & 3 Bars

Aquaman: 4 Hit & 5 Bars

Bane has an 8 Hit Ability and will need 7 Damage to Defeat him, so pick your Characters wisely to be able to take him down in one fight.


Battle Payout: Chance of
Sacks of Jewels


For my Battles I was getting …
+20 Sacks of Jewels



This JUST went live in our games. What all can you find inside of it for the cost of 125 Clam IconClams? Let’s take a look.

Bat Signal (Decoration)
Robin Stewie (Costume): Helps to Heal Charactersm Always drops +1 Bar/Small Health Pack (4hrs), Fully tasked, Comes with Questline
23 Sacks of Jewels
175 Clams
6 Medium Health Packs (+3 bars)
Retro Batmobile (Moving Deco): Always Drops Small Health Pack*** verifying*** This is a Decoration and will NOT drop Health. FYI
7 Kryptonite
43 Sacks of Cash
150 Clams
10 Super Vitamins

****Game Currency/Materials CAN repeat (minus Clams)



Per TinyCo, they will be trying to push out new content on Wednesdays now. So keep an eye out next Wednesday evening for Phase 3 content and completion of the Main Phase 2 Questline.


There you have it, the overall Basics of Phase 2 of the DC Superhero Event!

Where are you at so far? What Characters have you unlocked? Any items or Characters you are looking forward to? Let us know.



418 responses to “Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Phase 2 Live???***UPDATED***

  1. Hi, I needed catwoman Lois to get Aquaman. I had no chance of getting her in time so I tapped on Aquaman and then on the Catwoman Lois bubble and purchased her for 150 Clams. It did unlock Aquaman but it hasn’t unlocked Cateoman Lois. She still needs to be purchased from Wayne Tower. Is this correct? I only spent the 150 clams because I thought I was getting her costume and Aquaman.


    • Two completely separate items. You didn’t pay for her, you only paid to bypass the Task requirement of her performing the Task it called for. Just like it shows individual clam costs to bypass any Material Requirements.

      Sorry. But it was just a task, nothing more.

      She still has to be unlocked from Wayne Tower.


      • Ok, it’s not the end of the world, I just wanted to make sure this was correct. I wouldn’t have spent the clams had I known but I now know for the future. Thank you.


  2. I was wondering, what are the rings for. I’ve gotten a lot of them, but I don’t know what to do with them. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!


  3. Hello i can’t seem to unlock anything from the game ugh. Wayne tower doesn’t hold the new buildings to unlock and is still stuck in “page 1” of buildings. It’s getting really frustrating 😫 What can i do?


  4. Very frustrating trying to get Aquaman. I don’t seem to get enough fishhook drops to clear the crocs. When I do I don’t get many starfish. Maybe 1 starfish every 2 days. I need to get 8 more within the next 3 and 1/2 days. Doesn’t look like I’ll make it.


  5. Theshupirate07

    I’m not seeing the 30 sacks of cash for 3 kryptonite option. It would be nice if it was still there. I have 160 sacks of cash that could easily help me finish getting Aquaman by unlocking Catwoman Lois. They need to bring it back as an option. I stopped clearing out Braniacs because there was no point, if I need to clear out Killer Crocs amd Bane in order to be able to get kryptonite.


    • It depends on what Phase you are in and what options you have cycled through. Those are only MY options, yours may vary from mine. 🙂


    • I totally agree. The removal of the 3 kryptonite option was very disappointing and will probably be the only reason I don’t get Aquaman. I have way to many sacks of cash to ever use in this event…


  6. Hey bunny,
    I hope everything is ok on your hand. I was looking for some help in regards of phase 3 but I haven’t seen anything yet on the page. No one has comment since August 3. Let me know if you can if there is some issues with the game.


  7. I cannot get wonder woman still, it has been 4 days and the jewel store has not had one drop 😦 mort and lois one a day


  8. Hi , every time I try to fight Bane my game crashes. Doesn’t matter if I use Peter or Wonder Woman or both same thing happens every time. My game is fully updated. Is anyone else having this problem. Can anyone help? Thanks.


  9. Hi. I am struggling to get past bane. Would appreciate any help or tips so I can get past this level. Thank you


    • I attacked him twice with Superman Peter (attack=2) and Wonder Woman (attack=3). It wasn’t the best strategy but since I didn’t have Catwoman Lois it was the only option I had. The two battles were the same for me. He always showed 7 bars and 8 as attack power, and the first attack left him with 2 and the second one finished him. My characters got destroyed on both attacks, poor things, but it worked. Hope it helps.


  10. Melissa baillie

    Hi bunny, how do I beat bane? I can’t get passed this level and every combo I’ve tried doesn’t seem to work. Need help please


    • What level is Bane you are fighting (how many bars?) and what Characters are you using? What are their bars?


      • Melissa baillie

        Hi bunny. I am now using batman aquaman and the flash and still can’t beat him. I can’t get past going batty pt 3 and is doing my head in. Don’t normally have these issues but just can’t beat him


      • Melissa baillie

        It’s like I am not getting causing my damage to bane. It’s making me be so far behind and I am really enjoying this questline


  11. Still stuck on lvl 7. More things should give pow points. Have the buildings except batcave they just don’t give near enough. More than Croc should drop them


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