Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Phase 3 Live ***UPDATED***

FYI… they’re currently working on a patch for this.

Error – Can’t save building in bad
position.” and the the game tries to restart. It is happening both on IOS
and Android.


****Sorry all. Emergency situation. Just got back home. Updating as fast as I can.****

Hey there Superheroes!!!!

It is a lil late in the Evening for me and I am really fading fast. I waited as long as I could for the Update to hit. I will note as much as I can for it tonight, but the rest will have to wait til morning. Sorry. ūüôā
Superman Peter

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to complete week two¬†main Questline
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al‚Äôs completed
  • You will need to be on App Market Version 1.27.5¬†in order to see the full content
  • Players¬†will only¬†see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don‚Äôt have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…

For Phase 1 details, Go HERE

For Thug Battles, go HERE

For Phase 2 details, go HERE



As I am working to run through what I can, here are the TinyCo FAQ on the Phase 3 items. Keep in mind these have NOT been tested for accuracy and detail.

How do I start phase 3 of Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way?
You will need complete Going Batty Pt.10 and update your game to 1.27.5 before you can begin the third phase of Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way.

I’ve completed Going Batty Pt. 10 but phase 3 hasn’t started.
Please make sure that your game is running on 1.27.5. Once you update, you should see the questline start and be on your way!

How do I unlock Cheetah Bonnie?
Cheetah Bonnie is available at Al Harrington’s.
To unlock her, you will need:

  • 20 plastic fangs

  • 33 running shoes:¬†Mort-retreat cowardly, Jerome-host happy hour and Chris-hang out at home (icons not currently showing)

  • 8 prison wine

  • 10 cheetah leotard

Cheetah Bonnie is available until Wednesday, August 31 at 3 PM, PDT. If she is not completely unlocked, she will disappear from the game at that time. If she is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue her quests after the event has ended.

How do I get Harley Quinn?
Harley Quinn is available in the shop for 250 clams. She will be available for purchase until Wednesday, August 31 at 3 PM, PDT.

Joker in the Pack Pt. 9 won’t complete!
No worries, this is the end of Phase 3! Once Phase 4 is released, you’ll be able to complete Joker in the Pack Pt. 9 and continue making progress.



Jokes On You Funhouse: 245 Clam IconClams, $50 & 4 POW PointPOW every 9hrs, Always Drops 15 Sacks of Gold

Arkham Asylum: 150 Clam IconClams, $25 & 6 POW PointPOW every 14hrs, Always Drops 1 Sneaker & 1 Cheetah Leotard



Explosive Gift: 45 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Rings

Chemical Vat: 20 Plastic Hero RingPlastic Rings



3 Batarangs: 17 Clam IconClams
9 Batarangs: 46 Clam IconClams

3 Bat Bombs: 23Clam IconClams
9 Bat Bombs: 62 Clam IconClams

3 Bat Nets: 29 Clam IconClams
9 Bat Nets: 77 Clam IconClams



Joker: 85 Hand Buzzers(released after Phase 3 hit). You will need to Update to 1.27.6 in your App Market in order to get him into the game. More in him Below.

Harley Quinn: 250Clam Icon Clams, Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Not Currently Voiced, Always drops Bat Bombs (4hrs), Bat Net (3hrs), Batarang (5hrs)

Cheetah Bonnie: You will find this Costume in Al’s to complete.
41 Plastic Fangs (Always): Clear Joker Thugs OR Battle Joker
33 Running Shoes (Uncommon): Arkham Asylum OR Mort Retreat Cowardly OR Jerome Host Happy Hour OR Chris Hang Out At Home
8 Prison Wine (Common): Superhuman Prison (Wayne’s Tower)
10 Cheetah Leotards (Rare): Arkham Asylum OR House of Animal Prints (Wayne Tower)



Update 1.27.6 came after the release of Phase 3 and with it a NEW Character to Battle in the game. The Joker.

In order to actually UNLOCK the Joker, you will need to collect a total of 85 Hand Buzzers¬†for him. You will get these by “Battling” him.

You will essentially gather Batman Gadgets in the game to Battle the Joker with to get Rewards.

Here are some of the Battles I saw. Remember these are MY results. YOURS may vary in your game. 

Fight him as many times as possible within 1 Day & 4hrs (as of 8/7)
Level 1X~
Required: 2 Bat Nets
Chance Reward: 1 Hand Buzzers, 1 Plastic Fang

Level 2X~
Required: 4 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 2 Hand Buzzers, 2 Plastic Fang

Level 3X~
Required: 7 Bat Bombs
Chance Reward: 4 Hand Buzzers, 3 Plastic Fang

Level 4X~
Required: 11 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 6 Hand Buzzers, 4 Plastic Fang

Level 5X~
Required: 16 Bat Nets
Chance Reward: 8 Hand Buzzers, 5 Plastic Fang


Level 1X~
Required: 2 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 1 Hand Buzzers, 1 Plastic Fang

Level 2X~
Required: 4 Bat Bombs
Chance Reward: 2 Hand Buzzers, 2 Plastic Fang

Level 3X~
Required: 7 Bat Nets
Chance Reward: 4 Hand Buzzers, 3 Plastic Fang

Level 4X~
Required: 11 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 6 Hand Buzzers, 4 Plastic Fang

Level 5X~
Required: 16 Bat Bombs
Chance Reward: 8 Hand Buzzers, 5 Plastic Fang


Level 1X~
Required: 2 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 1 Hand Buzzers, 1 Plastic Fang

Level 2X~
Required: 4 Bat Nets
Chance Reward: 2 Hand Buzzers, 2 Plastic Fang

Level 3X~
Required: 7 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 4 Hand Buzzers, 3 Plastic Fang

Level 4X~
Required: 11 Bat Bombs
Chance Reward: 6 Hand Buzzers, 4 Plastic Fang

Level 5X~
Required: 16 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 8 Hand Buzzers
***No more Plastic Fangs as I collected them all by this time***


Level 1X~
Required: 2 Bat Bombs
Chance Reward: 1 Hand Buzzers

Level 2X~
Required: 4 Bat Nets
Chance Reward: 2 Hand Buzzers

Level 3X~
Required: 7 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 4 Hand Buzzers

Level 4X~
Required: 11 Bat Bombs
Chance Reward: 6 Hand Buzzers

Level 5X~
Required: 16 Bat Nets
Chance Reward: 8 Hand Buzzers
***At this point I only needed ONE MORE Hand Buzzer***


Level 1X~
Required: 2 Batarangs
Chance Reward: 1 Hand Buzzers

Once you defeat him to the top level, he will go into “hibernation/ cool down”. Still seeing how long it is for. You will see his “Jack in the Box” sitting where he last was at on the Roads at with the arm spinning around until he “pops out” again.

If you do NOT defeat him in the 1Day & 4hrs, he will go into hibernation and restart at 1X when he comes back.

You of course do have the option to Pay Clams to bring him back sooner (Mine showed 20 Clams). The amount will vary by Player, where you are in the Battle, etc. So tap on the Jack in the Box to find out YOUR Clam Cost if you really want to go that route.


Bat Net (Always): Superman Peter Untangle Bat Nets OR Harley Quinn Revise Bat Net Designs OR Lois Take (Make) Bat Nets OR Cheetah Bonnie Make Bat Nets OR Poison Plant Nursery

Batarangs (Always): Superman Peter Collect Batarangs OR Harley Quinn Sharpen Batarangs OR Catwoman Lois Make Batarangs OR Cheetah Bonnie Recover Batarangs OR Death Trap

Bat Bomb (Always): Superman Peter Make Bat Bombs OR Catwoman Lois Steal Bat Bombs OR Harley Quinn Assemble Bat Bombs ORCheetah Bonnie Collect Bat Bombs OR Mad Love: Couples Counseling


Once all 85 Hand Buzzers are collected, go back to the Shopping Cart and tap on him in there. He will then appear in town on one of the Roads with the Unlock Icon over him. Tapping on him will bring the Joker into the game.

Joker: 85 Hand Buzzers, Comes with a Questline, Fully Tasked, 24hr Task to Drop 2 Kryptonite, Not currently Voiced



Plastic Hero Ring

These are just another form of Game Currency.

Plastic Hero RingPlastic Hero Rings: Questlines OR Blobulous Be Blobular OR Red Hot Lois Come up with a Catchphrase OR Multiplier Train in Combat a Trois OR Captain Hammered Fly Under Influence OR Iron Baby Test Armor Systems OR RolloCop Engage Battle Mode OR Dr. Hartman Practice Surgery OR Seamus Practice Cartwheels OR Bruce Be a Good Listener OR Mort Retreat Cowardly OR Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath

Note: Most Characters dropped at least 2 Rings. Some More… like… well… multiply. ūüėČ



The second¬†of the Weekly Challenges was also released earlier this week. Keep in mind that ALL these Challenges are just that, a Challenge. Many will be very difficult to complete and may require Clam Spending to get through all 4 to the Grand Prize. Most the awards are only Decorations. In other words, attempt at your own risk. ūüôā

The Most Super of Them All
Peter Starts

Attack Bane 4 Times: This is JUST an attack, I know you want to take him down… but in this case just an attack and not defeat may allow you to go after him twice in a short time
Clear 14 Killer Crocs: Requires 1 Hook Each

Completed Task Rewards: Streaky the Super Cat

***As I continually say, most of the “rewards” are only Decorations. Determine if it is really worth it to YOU to go for these Challenges. If not, let them pass by. ūüôā



Daily Planet

Here is your EXCHANGE location. You will Exchange goods for Game Currency to use elsewhere.

For Phase 3, here are some of the Exchanges I see in my game. Yours may vary.
***still in progress***

7 Sacks of Gold = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
8 Sacks of Gold = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
9 Sacks of Gold = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
11 Sacks of Gold = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
17 Sacks of Gold = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite
18 Sacks of Gold = 3 KryptoniteKryptonite

9 Sacks of Gold & 31 Sacks of Cash = 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
10 Sacks of Gold & 27 Sacks of Cash= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
10 Sacks of Gold & 53 Sacks of Cash= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
11 Sacks of Gold & 41 Sacks of Cash= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
12 Sacks of Gold & 33 Sacks of Cash= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
12 Sacks of Gold & 35 Sacks of Cash = 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
12 Sacks of Gold & 36 Sacks of Cash= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
12 Sacks of Gold & 29 Sacks of Cash = 6 KryptoniteKryptonite

13 Sacks of Gold & 37 Sacks of Cash= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
13 Sacks of Gold & 22 Sacks of Cash= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
14 Sacks of Gold & 31 Sacks of Cash= 6 KryptoniteKryptonite
14 Sacks of Gold & 14 Sacks of Cash = 6 KryptoniteKryptonite

13 Sacks of Gold & 16 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
13 Sacks of Gold & 15 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
13 Sacks of Gold & 22 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
13 Sacks of Gold & 20 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
16 Sacks of Gold & 17 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
17 Sacks of Gold & 18 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
17 Sacks of Gold & 23 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
18 Sacks of Gold & 21 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
18 Sacks of Gold & 16 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
18 Sacks of Gold & 14 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
20 Sacks of Gold & 16 Sacks of Jewels = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite


Sacks of CashSacks of Cash (Always): Brainiac’s Skull Ship OR Brainiac Bot OR Clear Thug OR Clear Gang of Thugs

Sack of Jewels (Always Per TinyCo this should have been Rare): Clear Killer Croc OR Crocodile Sewer OR Clearing Bane

Sacks of Gold (Always): Clear Joker Thug OR Jokes On You Funhouse



Wayne Tower

Here is where you will find items that you will collect Materials to unlock.
This is the following Items I see for the current Phase …

Asylum Cell:
8 KryptoniteKryptonite

House of Animal Prints: $40 & 2 POW PointPOW every 6hrs, Chance drop 2 Cheetah Leotards
22 KryptoniteKryptonite

Death Trap: $60 & 3 POW PointPOW every 12hrs, Always drops 1 Batarang
18 KryptoniteKryptonite

Mad Love: Couples Counseling: $65 & 3 POW PointPOW every 14hrs, Always drops 1 Bat Bomb
27 KryptoniteKryptonite

Poison Plant Nursery: $65 & 3 POW PointPOW every 14hrs, Always drops 1 Bat Net
17 KryptoniteKryptonite

Joker Mobile:
9 KryptoniteKryptonite

Superhuman Prison: $25 & 1 POW PointPOW every 3hrs, Chance of 2 Prison Wine
33 KryptoniteKryptonite

WARNING: The last item in Wayne Tower is ALWAYS timed. As this will be very difficult and “FREAKIN HARD” to obtain (most likely involving Clams) you will have the option to try for it or pass on it. Just know once the 7th item is unlocked, ANYTHING AT ALL that takes you back to Wayne Tower, even if for only a second, WILL start the timer on the final 8th item.¬†

Hall of Doom: $90 & 6 POW PointPOW every 24hrs
137 KryptoniteKryptonite







Parking Garage

Here is what you can see your Spawn time for the next Villian (like the Super Villian and Killer Crocs). It is also what you can see upcoming for the next Phase and what will be required to move into the next Phase.

Phase 4 will require you to be to Power Level 11



These are similar to the Regular Thugs and the Gangs. You tap on the group of “Clowns” and you will see what is required to Battle, what Characters can Battle, and what payout chance you will get.

Battle¬†Characters (as of Phase 3):¬†Your Characters will need to be FULL BAR STRENGTH to battle. If they are not, you can’t. If you tap on them to “HEAL” them, it will tell you how much time you have to wait til they are fully healed… or the Clam options to fill up the Bars you need.

Superman Peter
Catwoman Lois
Cheetah Bonnie
Harley Quinn

Requires: +2 Super VitaminSuper Vitamins per Fight

Battle Payout: Chance of
20 Sacks of Gold
1 Plastic Fang


There you have it, the overall Basics of Phase 3 of the DC Superhero Event!

Where are you at so far? What Characters have you unlocked? Any items or Characters you are looking forward to? Let us know.



243 responses to “Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Phase 3 Live ***UPDATED***

  1. i’m getting that Can’t Save Building in Bad Position error now, did they end up fixing it? or does anyone know a workaround for now


  2. Well, I must say that TinyCo finally did something great. I was playing last night and still on Level 9, at about 60% and then after I clicked on one of Cheetah Bonnie’s tasks completed….it jumped me up to Level 13 with 25% completed! So now I’m ready for Phase 4 with 155 Krypto saved up! Still only at 40 hand buzzers for Joker but hopefully they don’t take him away in 3 hours when the Phase starts. Also, is anyone having trouble with not having enough room to put all these new buildings? I’m buying as much new land as I can in the NorthEastern part of the map, as I don’t have Section 10 or 11 open yet. But I MAY be able to fit all the buildings for Phase 4 into my map without just crowding them all in with no real “style” or design, but I don’t know what I’ll do in Phase 5. Need more real estate! I don’t like to put stuff in storage also, because why own it if you can’t show it? LOL


  3. Hi Bunny, any idea how long the Joker is available? Will he go away at the end of phase 3? Thank you!


  4. OOC, do we have a time frame in which to acquire Joker (not the “hibernation” timer, but the overall time limit)? Depending on what comes next I’d be more than happy to just end here and get him since he’s got his Batman: The Animated Series look to him (my personal favorite), but it’d still be interesting to see what comes next.


  5. Will the Joker disappear once Phase 4 starts?? Or will he be around for us to unlock until the end of the event?


  6. Is the joker here till the end of the event or will he go when the next phase starts?


  7. My hero level just jumped from 9 to 12


  8. Not sure if Tinyco fixed the power issue for everyone but I just jumped from mid level 9 all the way up to about mid 12. This is after I wrote Tinyco early today about the slow progress.


  9. haven’t seen any updated posts here recently?? Bunny are you okay Alissa are you out there somewhere too?? Lol it’s been pretty dead around here in these parts ūüėā


  10. Hi Bunny, glad to see you back amongst us. Funny thing – just got back into the game and found I had advanced from level 11 up to 17. Did TC do some rebalancing?


  11. Strange things are a foot at the Circle K! Logged on and went through a rapid storyline and I just kept getting upgraded until I was at the end of the storyline and now show I am at POW level 13….even though my meter still shows at 9…..but only halfway up the meter when I was at 95% to level 10……am I the only one?


  12. Well finally finished joker in the pack part 8, and my pow level jumped from almost finish level 9 to about half through level 13. Not sure if thats exactly what triggered it. But ill take it. Im ready for phase 4. Earler in the day I did use some clams to get items to battle joker to get the last remaining fangs i needed to get the bonnie costume


  13. Just got walked through from event level 9, nearly 10, to event level 13. Guess some ‘pow’ updating occurring


  14. No chance I’ll advance further in the event. I’ve been stuck on Level 9 for 4 days now and still have a ways to go to reach level 10. No way I’ll make it to level 11 before the event ends to get to the next phase. Bummer. I was really enjoying this event.


  15. The top of this page says cheetah bonnie is 20 fangs but my game is 41. Am I missing something?


    • Note the info at the top of that section.
      As I am working to run through what I can, here are the TinyCo FAQ on the Phase 3 items. Keep in mind these have NOT been tested for accuracy and detail.”

      It was NOT tested live in game, only FAQ. Per testing… my info below is accurate. NOT the FAQ


  16. Is anyone having trouble getting Power Points? Besides collecting from buildings and Croc, how do we get more? I almost have the Joker and am at Joker in the Pack Pt. 9. and yet I’m not even at Level 10 for Power Points. Only about 80% of level 9. There is nothing left for me to build or buy without using clams.

    It says beat bad guys to earn, but only Killer Croc drops about every other time.


  17. To hard. Simple. Shame really. Well done all you freemium players who manage to get where you want.


  18. I just unlocked Cheetah Bonnie and working my way to unlock Jocker but I am not even at level 10 yet, so I don’t think I’ll be reaching level 11 by tomorrow. I also don’t see if purchasing duplicate decos with plastic rings (which I have tons of) helps leveling, since there are no XP drops when purchase is done. I don’t think buildings help a lot neither, since their XP drops are very scarce. Do you have any suggestion for fast leveling (besides keep playing or accelerating task with clams)?


  19. The levels are just crawling. Unless TinyCo does something to change this I don’t see anyway of getting to Level 10 much less 11 or 12 by the time phase 4 starts. Also, I would think they would have given Aquaman an ongoing useful task other than fighting.


  20. Michael Warner

    Is anyone else having an issue with the game freezing everytime you try to fight the gang or Bane and then it closes the app?


  21. It still says “beat bad guys to earn power points” i have never once earned a single power point for defeating the bad guys?


  22. Looks like hall f doom will drop items for joker – too bad it had already expired for me…now I’ll have plenty of kryptonite for phase 4 – if only the POW level/rate would adjust. 3/4 way through level 9 – but 2+ levels in 2 days – won’t happen at the low building drop rates. I messaged tiny co – hope they adjust


  23. Where are you at so far?
    Joker in the Pack Pt. 6
    Currently only at level 8 and half way through it, which means that I’m just done for at this point. Not even worth it… I always come to the same conclusions that if I end up being tardy, even for a day, it’s always game over. I try to contact Tiny Co. with some logical explanations and that doesn’t seem good enough. Not a rant, just what I’ve been through.

    What Characters have you unlocked?
    I unlocked Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, Harley, Super Peter, and Catwoman Lois. Nothing else, and it’ll be a couple of days if not good enough, for me to get Cheeta Bonnie and the Joker.

    Any items or Characters you are looking forward to?
    Eh, not really. I don’t even like DC at all. Maybe if this was Marvel, I’d work a little better for everything (as if I’m not already), but even then, idk. Superhero comic characters of any sort never really appeal me. Would I mind watching a Marvel movie? Yes, but, that’s about it. Once I get the Joker, I guess I don’t really care that much afterwards.

    To be honest, as an end, I was really hoping for another Peterpalooza. I really LOVED that event. I adored it. Oh well.


  24. Hope this hasn’t been discussed and I just missed it when I looked over the posts.

    I have unlocked every character and outfit so far. I’ve bought 1 of every premium building and had more than enough power rings but buy all of those buildings. I’m up through Joker Pt. 9 and Ive cleared all the kryptonite stuff in pages 1-3. I can’t get anything else. I’m still only half way done with level 9. I’ve had all this stuff for about 2 days now so it’s not that I just got it all tonight. And Ive been fighting Bane & Jokers Gang constantly. At this rate I wont be level 11 for quite awhile.

    Is there something Im missing with the pow drops? How can I boost this? Thanks guys & Bunny hope youre feeling better. ūüėÄūüėÄūüėÄ


  25. Hi,
    I’ve updated to game and once I get to Fight or Flight pt. 10 and click on the underground hideout, the app completely closes. Is anyone else having this issue?


  26. Is the eccentric mansion still locked for everyone? I am almost done with phase 3 and it’s still locked from me buying it…


  27. So the game is saying two different things again.
    The Parking Garage states that you need to be at level 11 in order to advance to next week.
    However, the final part (9) of this week’s questline states that you need to be at level 12 in order to advance to next week.


  28. I updated the game but haven’t git any new content? Help!?!?


  29. Did someone or can someone post all the items needed to completely defeat the Joker.
    I’d like to collect everything I need before I attack him for the 1st time


  30. Can i stockpike batarangs, nets, bombs etc if I’m not on phase 3? As the icons are showing next to the tasks but i don’t know whether it’s a waste of time sending them on them or not.


  31. Welcome back, Bunny & hope all is OK on your end! Began to realize pretty quickly that something bad must be up. Hope people chill out & remind themselves that games are less important than life!

    One question: do you know if Hall of Doom drops something like Kryptonite? Thought I saw that somewhere (can’t remember where) & am thinking that might make it worth the heavy investment. Normally I save up to get a head start on the new stuff each week, but might go for the Frikken Hard option this time if it pays out.


    • Thanks. Mine does not nor is it tagged that it should.


      • That’s what I’ve been wondering.
        In the shop it says that it drops the 3 items needed to fight the Joker. That’s weird!


    • In the store it says it drops items to fight Joker. I didn’t get it, and it’s expired, so I don’t know any details.


    • The Hall of Doom shows up in the Store and there is a picture that says it always drops nets, batarangs and bombs. When you look at it in the Wayne Tower, it doesn’t show any drops. I did not spend the green stuff, so I could get a jump on the next phase, so I can’t tell you if it really drops anything! *chuckle*


    • I seem to recall seeing that it should drop items for the Joker battles but having placed it, it seems I’m going mad…


    • Hall of Doom is tagged in my game as dropping the Joker battle gear – Batarangs, Nets and Bombs. I failed to obtain it though, so I don’t know the drop rates.


  32. Dang people really rely on this post for like everythingūüėā Just play!
    And come back for assistance


  33. Hi Bunny, I’m hoping your emergency was not THAT serious. Whenever you have the time tell us what happened.


  34. Is the Hall of Doom worth trying for. It seems like it’s a decoration (no drop times listed in the store) but in Wayne Tower it says it drops bat/items. Can someone whose got it already clarify? Thanks!


  35. Do we know how much the Hall of Doom will cost. It’s the freakin hard one?


  36. Any update on this?


  37. I am stuck on step 7. Tiny Co told me that they provided a special task to bring everyone to step 8. Does anyone know the exact task please. I was ahead until now.


    • Usually a random triggered Questline. Do you have less than 10 Tasks open in your task menu to allow new ones to appear?


      • Hi Bunny,
        Thank you for replying. I have exactly 4 tasks, hero to zero asking me to rechargeable step 8 and going batty also telling me to be on step 8. The other 2 are for tan lines. I deleted my game, restarted my phone, waited 5 hours, downloaded game, still nothing. I see no tasks to help me advance. I just attacked 3 crocs and still nothing triggered. I am so behind. What else can I do.

        As a side note, this post for week 3 showed no comments until this evening. Maybe my phone is being silly.


    • I have the same problem. Been stuck for days. Messaged them and haven’t heard back yet. My friend got the special task and jumped right to level 8. I have been at the mid point of 7 for about 5 days now. The meter doesn’t move at all.


      • I got stuck on mid-Level 7 last week, just before phase 3 dropped, but when I finally got the 8th item in Wayne Tower (The Batcave) it suddenly leapt to mid-level 8 and all was well.

        I’m about a level below again this week, with about the same time to go before the next phase drops, and I’ve no idea how I’m going to get enough POW to get up to the level required anymore, as I missed the timed building due to an accidental tap, and everything else is really really slow.


  38. Bunny,

    I am stuck because I haven’t unlocked Joe yet (very new to the game), and so I can’t progress passed fight or flight 5 until I do so.

    What tasks specifically do I need to achieve to unlock the sector the school is in? I’m trying to do this as quick as I can do I don’t miss out on the rest of the superhero event.



  39. Ok, I’m WELL into Phase 3…First off the Joker seems an impossibility to get because I’ve got 9 buzzers only…I can go up to 3X and then it takes like 11 of the item and time runs out. This is one of those you can’t save enough without buying Harley and having Cheetah Bonnie already but she’s pretty far off for me too. ALSO, the worst thing…How in the heck are we supposed to get to Level 11?!? I had to spend an extra day beating Crocs and clicking buildings to get to 8 just to start this phase and I already had enough Krypto to get all the 7 prizes from Wayne Tower. I’m halfway through Level 9 now but it’s moving VERY slow. There’s NO WAY I’ll make it to 11 by Wednesday, or probably Thurs or Fri! TinyCo has to do something to speed up this process! I’ve saved up over 60 extra Krypto again but how can I use it if I can’t get the Level high enough to reach Phase 4!?! FRUSTRATED!


    • As I always say… Just play. TinyCo makes adjustments to XP levels as needed. Don’t panic you don’t get it all RIGHT NOW. Things will take time and effort. This game isn’t simplistic tap n go. Time will need to be invested, patience, and just keep working at it. ūüôā


    • I’m in exactly the same spot. I wasn’t able to start phase 3 until late Saturday, and I was never given a special task to quickly bump me up to level 8. Now I need to get to level 11 and I’m only halfway through level 9, even though I have purchased all of the Wayne Tower and plastic ring buildings (except the timed ones) and collect religiously.

      Obviously TinyCo does this as a means of forcing players to buy non-freemium items. But there simply doesn’t seem to be enough “POW” to go around for this event, and each of these events are becoming more more frustrating.

      I play every 2-4 hours to collect. I wonder how a nonreligious player is supposed to get anywhere. And while patience is a virtue, and we are given a week for each section of the game, a casual player should be able to accomplish all of these tasks within 4 days maximum. Not everyone has time to spend their lives on these events.


      • While I agree that the POW level issue was seriously holding people back, it was addressed by Tiny Co (for both Phases), as many have commented. Hopefully you have been bumped up as well.

        As for your comments regarding the timing, I completely disagree. A “casual” player should not be able to complete a week’s worth of tasks in 4 days… A “dedicated” player, perhaps, should be able to complete a phase a bit early, but a casual one will need to take all the time given, and even then, may not get “everything”. To expect Tiny Co to give everything to everyone, I think is a bit unrealistic! You have to work at it, or pay for it. That’s how Tiny Co stays in business!

        I play mostly freemium (have bought only the Bottle City of Kandor, to get vitamins, and occasionally speed up tasks), and I am just about to enter phase 3 (I just need a few sneakers for Cheetah Bonnie).


    • I have the same problem. I am only about 80% of level 9 and can’t build or buy anymore without spending clams. At this rate I won’t reach the next phase until the event is over. I have over 200 Krypto but it will be worthless if we can’t advance.


    • I don’t know what happened… but I was halfway through level 9 last night, I opened the game and it zipped through all the ‘quest completed’ things for the levels. I am now already 10% through Level 12!!! I didn’t do anything special, I didn’t craft anything, I literally opened the game collected my cash (via the vacuum button) and I advanced 3 levels. Hopefully that will happen to other people


    • I wrote tiny co about my concern of lack of ‘pow’ and advancing to level 12 by the end of the week and within a few hours they bumped me to a level 13.


    • Those rings give you the POW! XP when you buy the specific things with them I’m level 13 and haven’t tried for that at all I own all the Wayne tower stuff except the frikkin hard and I bought all the ring stuff and have like 700 extra rings for phase 4 but if you wanted you can buy extra deco. to get xtra POW


    • Those rings give you the POW! XP when you buy the specific things with them I’m level 13 and haven’t tried for that at all I own all the Wayne tower stuff except the frikkin hard and I bought all the ring stuff and have like 700 extra rings for phase 4 but if you wanted you can buy extra deco. to get xtra POW if you don’t havee bough of those rings make sure your using every character possible quagmire gives out the most. (Playing Family Guy Q4S on Android HTC One M8)


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