Android/Amazon Update Loop

Hey there Clammers!

I see more and more of you are getting stuck in the “UPDATE” loop with Android & Kindle devices. I’ve made TinyCo aware of this and I’m waiting for a response. But be aware it is Memorial Day weekend so may not hear anything until tomorrow. But just wanted you to know they have been made aware of this.

Outwith this I’ll only be pushing comments and raising any new glitches or issues with TinyCo for next couple days, there will be no new posts until Phase 3 hits, which I’ll hopefully be back to covering as usual. Thanks for your patience.

~ Russian Tigger

8 responses to “Android/Amazon Update Loop

  1. “Behind the scenes ”
    All my characters are duplicated and running around town. Tan lines is full. What is going on?


  2. My Amazon Fire HD 10 (7th gen) device finally auto-updated today at 8:54 am to version 1.89.1. I was locked out of the game for approximately a week!


  3. Hello,
    I am currently trying to finish Phase 2. I earned the Giant Shredder yesterday. I have earned it four times, but it has not dropped any Spare Heels. The game states it should always drop them.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone else having this problem?



  4. Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!


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