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The Winter Summer Reunion – Quest For Supremacy

Yes, as announced earlier, the team battle has begun.  A fierce but sweet war is now raging between Team Marshmallow & Team Candy, and there’s no sitting on the sidelines for you, you need to pick your team and play your part. Welcome to The Quest For Supremacy.

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The Winter Summer Reunion – Quest For Supremacy is live….

The second team battle has begun, it’s Team Marshmallow vs Team Candy, a kind of sweeter version of GOT.  Check your games now to pick which team your on, and I’ll be back with more information later. But joining in is easy, all you need to do is be in Phase 3 and then it’s  all about clearing Paparazzi.

The Winter Summer Reunion – Quest For Supremacy is returning….

The team battle will return later on Friday, I can’t say whether it will be Team Marshmallow vs Team Candy again but what I can tell you is there will be a major change due to player feedback that will see everyone having a chance to win the main prize regardless of the team you’re on. And I’m guessing the main prize will be Bad Boy Peter.

Winter Summer Reunion Balloon Mini-Game

Just wanted to float to confirm the mini-game change to Red & Blue Balloons is deliberate. TinyCo implemented the change due to player feedback that the “Summer” and “Winter” were too confusing. So they’ve simplified the mini-game at players request. So please play the mini-game, and collect those Smoke Bombs as you’re going to need them later. Please don’t hold off playing the mini-game as you’re thinking this is a glitch.

Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Bad Boy Cleveland – Cautious Cleveland

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Rise and shine cause its Questline time!!!

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