Winter Summer Reunion Balloon Mini-Game

Just wanted to float to confirm the mini-game change to Red & Blue Balloons is deliberate. TinyCo implemented the change due to player feedback that the “Summer” and “Winter” were too confusing. So they’ve simplified the mini-game at players request. So please play the mini-game, and collect those Smoke Bombs as you’re going to need them later. Please don’t hold off playing the mini-game as you’re thinking this is a glitch.

8 responses to “Winter Summer Reunion Balloon Mini-Game

  1. my event does have the balloons now, but, the prize is still the banana peels….. You guys are talking about diamonds and smoke bombs, am I missing something?


  2. Really? Shooting the two middle letters when the circle is green was too “confusing?” Guess that explains brexit and Trump.


  3. yeah the balloons are much easier .. i was able to collect all 45 diamonds for Joe in a day or so ..
    btw all the Camp Event characters are asking me to re-do their questlines … !!


    • RussianTigger

      Yeah quite few of us are back at camp. I’ve let TinyCo know.

      Save some Smoke Bombs just incase they are needed for the Team Battle

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      • got to the 100 squatters part .. but not collecting enough guns bcz collecting money bags to bribe the punk cheerleader . once i finish collecting the shirts i’ll go back to the paparazzi


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