iOS Update

Hey There Clammers!

Just wanted to let you all know the iOS update has FINALLY hit the Apple Market.  So head over to your app store and download it…right NOW!  Go ahead…do it now, we’ll wait….

Did you download it yet?  😉

This should be the glitch fix many of you have been waiting for, so download it and let us know if it corrects your issues!


30 responses to “iOS Update

  1. Just crashes


  2. DONT UPDATE unless you need to. I had previously been earning a clam a day by visiting Ollieland, but after I updated, no more clams. I was hoping that day by day I might earn enough to expand my workforce, or buy the church, but now, it doesn’t look like playing everyday will get me anywhere. Looks like I’ll be waiting for a hack to come out for this.


    • Just because you do not see it, doesn’t mean it is gone. If there is something that is different once they made the changes…feel free to contact TinyCo. They have amazing customer service. You can contact them right within your game. Just go to the menu, Help & Support, and as soon and you see that chat icon appear in the top right corner, you can message them directly.

      Let me know if that helped. 😉


      • I was assuming the elimination of clams was intentional, not a glitch. Are you or anyone else still able to get clams after the update? Everyday? This was the first time I didn’t get one, and happened soon after updating, even though I didnt experience and glitches previously. Maybe you’re only supposed to get them every once and a while, by design. It was just that I was getting them everyday. By being patient, I was up to 35 free clams before the update


        • I rarely visited Ollie in my 1st game due to the glitch issues and I was more focused on getting the glitches fixed. I know I did get an occasional clam here and there from Ollie in my new game I started, but not daily. There was nothing I saw that stated they were a daily thing.


          • Day 2, and still no clam. I’m guessing that daily clams was indeed a glitch, one that I had hope to keep. Without researching, I seem to recall them mentioning it was occasional, not daily.


  3. Could not connect to server / engine_connect_error_title don’t think I will bother buying consuela, see plenty enough of her as it is


  4. The Social Networking is up and running again and works perfectly. No more crash on third coin collect. Also bottom banner scroll no longer resets to first position as you move from town to town (when using it to select next town). If you move using right and left arrows, it does not scroll with you, however.


  5. I was able to do the social aspect on both mine and my wife’s city


  6. Is any one else seeing issues with in app purchases. I’m trying to buy some clams for more workers and I’m getting a iTunes error.


  7. I’ve updated, but still no social feature. This game could be really fun, but so far just super frustrating


    • They did disable it for about 2 weeks. It should be restored next week, I think they’re still resolving the full Bruce Glitch issue when it comes to social.


  8. No problems on iOS here on 2 devices since the update. Lists a whole bunch of fixes for social but it’s still turned off. Ah well I guess they did say it would be a week or so.


  9. Update was working great. And then it crashed. Now crashes every time you try to start the app. Have done a hard reset of the app and turned off phone. Crash crash crash


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