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Family Guy Technical Help: How To Upload & Post Pictures w/Flickr

It looks like it is that time. Time for me to pull out my nerdy geek girl glasses, crack my knuckles, stretch out my typing fingers, put on my “thinking cap” (though I swear Alissa calls it my “dunce cap”)…it is time to get technical.

So pull up a comfy chair, grab some snacks, and your favorite beverage. You are about to go into the mind of Bunny as I show you some tips and tricks of the technical nature.

Consuela Technical Support 1


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What Would YOU Change? Tell TinyCo!

Hey there Clammers. Miss me yet? So I am here for a quick little picking of your brains. This is in regards to our amazing friend at TinyCo.

TinyCo Logo

The “Guy in charge” has been working right by our side this entire time to take care of YOU and this amazing new game. Matt has been there every step of the way to ensure any and all glitches were jumped on RIGHT AWAY, as well as constantly updating me on the progress so I can then in turn pass all the information to you. Numerous emails back and forth til we got to the start of the “bugs”.

He even went so far as to contact a few of you personally after I forwarded him your info to tap into your games and get to the bottom of the dreaded “Bruce Glitch”. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (Way to go Patient Zeros! Lol.)

I am THOROUGHLY impressed with him and the entire team at TinyCo for having such an amazing interest and connection to all of the players of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff.

Now, why this post? Well, the same amazing guy in charge…Matt, wants to make the game better for YOU. For us all.

Hi Bunny!

Now that we’re a week in, we’re going through the in-game FAQ and updating it to be more effective. Do you or your visits have any thoughts on how the FAQ can be improved?
Things like:
– Updating existing text so it appears when you search. (For instance, players are searching for “district,” “neighborhood,” and “quarter” for how to expand their Quahogs.)
– FAQ items that don’t exist yet, such as “how to store buildings”
– FAQ items that can be improved to be more clear


Man, I really do adore this guy. Such integrity and passion in their game. It amazes me. So here is your chance to respond with what YOU would like to see changed. Sound off in the comments below. I will be forwarding ALL of your information directly to him myself. Just look at how fast they have responded already to cost of items and times of tasks. AWESOME!!


Until Next Time…

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