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Quest for Stuff FAQ

NEW ASSET -- The Quest For Stuff Title Art

Hello there Clammers!  (ok sorry still working on a name with this game)

Well here we are, on the eve of the the much anticipated Family Guy Game: The Quest for Stuff released date!  Woo-hoo!  It won’t be long now and we’ll all be busy rebuilding Quahog!  So, with the release date upon us I thought now would be a good time to go over some general FAQ’s we’ve seen come up in the comments, in email & on Facebook about the game and what the expect.  So with out further ado let’s get right into it….

What Happened to Quahog?  How Did It Get Destroyed?
Well, the answer should be revealed in the first few seconds of playing the game BUT (just like the show) Peter gets into yet another fight with Ernie the Giant Chicken.  Here’s the game description from the folks at TinyCo:
“The game story: Peter and Ernie The Giant Chicken have gotten into another epic battle. As a result of their fight, Quahog has been destroyed and chaos ensued. It’s the player’s job to rebuild  the town.”

And here’s a little more from their official press release:
“FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff is a free-to-play mobile game, developed by TinyCo in conjunction with Fox Digital Entertainment and Fuzzy Door. It will feature an all-new, original story influenced by the show’s 200+ episode catalogue as well as current events. The story begins as Peter and the Ernie the Giant Chicken get into another epic battle, causing a truck full of chickens to crash into the Drunken Clam and creating a city-wide fire that burns down Quahog. FAMILY GUY fanatics can join Peter as he rallies his friends and family to help rebuild the city from scratch.”

Chicken Peter

What Will Game Play Be Like?  What Can We Expect?
Here’s the game play description we’ve been given from the folks at TinyCo:
Gameplay: With the town of Quahog in ruins, you need to help Peter rally all your favorite FAMILY GUY characters (even Meg) to rebuild the town and restore order. Your actions can trigger events that affect the entire town, and even the world. Stop alien invasions, religious cults and more calamities from further destroying Quahog!
● Help Peter realize his lifelong dream of becoming a pirate
● Quagmire searches for the fabled Gold Digger Island
● Travel through the multiverse with Stewie and Brian
● Get revenge on the Giant Chicken
● Survive Quahog’s Running of the Bulls thanks to Mayor West
As you venture through Quahog, you’ll unlock bonus character outfits and interact with all your favorite characters (with some celebrity cameos). Stop waiting a whole week for new FAMILY GUY jokes – get your daily FAMILY GUY fix on your mobile device.”

I Played On BETA, Any Word If My Progress Will Carry Over?
From what we’ve seen, and been told, your progress should carry over (as long as you’ve created an account) when you download the new game and sign in.  However, nothing is official on this yet.  But it should all carry over.  If you have trouble with it contact TinyCo and see if they can help you move it…remember you have to have created an account for it.

What App Stores Will It Be Launching In?
As of right now there are only plans for Android and iOS on April 10th.  Unfortunately, we have gotten word from TinyCo that there is not yet a launch date for Kindle.

What Can We Expect From The Addicts Crew When The Game Launches? 
We’ve been hard at work over the last month + to setup pages full of resources you’ll need in the game.  However, the information we used was all based on the BETA version of the game (thanks to our friends who had access to the BETA testing for sending us screenshots!), so we won’t know what, if anything, needs to be changed until the official game launch.

So because of that once the game launches we’ll be all over it BUT the information resource pages won’t be available until we can verify that the pricing, buildings, characters etc all made it into the actual game.  So give us a little bit, once the game launches, to play the game along with you and verify that the info is accurate.  Once we can verify it we’ll connect all of the pages/posts created to the menu links at the top.

Make sense?  If not just follow us tomorrow and we’ll keep you up to date in real time 🙂

Ok Questers (better?  Or do you guys like Clammers better?) that’s it from me for now, but be sure to keep checking back at FamilyGuyAddicts for all the details of the launch!