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Stewie’s Tea Party Update! Complete

Update: TinyCo has changed the toy change time to 10pm PDT.  (1am EDT and 0500GMT).  This gives you a few extra hours to collect those toys! 🙂

Hey there Clammers. In pure TinyCo fashion, there was a lil update to your games in the weeeeeeeeee hours of the night. What did it bring? Well take a peak below if you want…

Stewie Tea Party

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Nothing has changed… Yet

Hi there Quahogians!

I’m jumping in to give you a special post before we fully recieve this brand new content update. I’m going to take a look at the description from TinyCo, and investigate what it could mean.

TinyCo said:

“• Special Event: A gigantic pyramid appears in Quahog. Discover its surprising secrets in this epic multi-week adventure
• Event Hub: Collect exciting prizes using time limited currency and stay up-to-date as the special event unfolds
• Limited Edition Items: Make your Quahog stand out with items like the Stewie Sphinx!”

So what does this mean?

Well, from what I can gather, the Event is somewhat like the older events from the Simpsons Tapped Out. Maybe you have to get a unique “stuff” to unlock maybe 10 unique prizes. I also think that it is going to bring with it a large pyramid (I wouldnt have guessed that, lol) that generates this new “stuff”. I could also conclude that each week, a new part of the storyline will be unlocked, to keep you gripped to the game. I’m sure that whatever it is, TinyCo will make it big as their first major event. 🙂

What do you think? Am I right? Well this is to keep you guessing right before the content is released – and who knows when TinyCo will do it?

That’s all from me!

Keep Questing (And guessing)!