Family Guy For Apple Watch Is LIVE!!

Hey all you Tribblemakers!!

The lil App for your lil Apple is now up and running. So for those of you that spent some cash on a shiny new Apple, here are some details that you may be interested in. For those of you thinking about it, this is just one of many fun things you can do on it. Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff… on your wrist.  WOOHOO!!


Here is a bit of the details provided directly from them…



Starting today with the launch of the Apple Watch, players of the hit mobile game, FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff can expand their game experience with TinyCos new Apple Watch companion app. The companion app unlocks exclusive FAMILY GUY quests and actions, allowing players to view animations of in-building actions and adds a compelling memory game that drops rewards into the player’s main FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff game for the iPhone or other iOS devices.



Apple Watch owners who download the new app will unlock two exclusive FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff quests for their phone as well as three exclusive actions that will help them collect materials for the Apple-exclusive Gold Suit Peter outfit. Players can keep track of their progress by watching animations of the exclusive in-building animations on their watch—and can also play the apps addicting new memory game. Players may find themselves trying to beat their high score in the memory game—or perhaps just wanting to earn more of the clams and coin bundles they can earn for their main game!_fg_apple_watch_Chris_hide_tinyco@2x



Hailed as one of the “Best Mobile Games of 2014” by Facebook, and “Best Mobile Game of 2014” by the Mobile Excellence Awards, FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff is available now for free on iOS via the Apple App Store.


Basically, Players that download the companion app for your Apple Watch will unlock two exclusive quests and three exclusive actions to help you collect materials for the Golden Suit Peter Outfit.

Peter Gold Suit

You will also get to see some really cool animations of in-building actions. In addition, there will be a Memory game you can try to that will earn Clams.



Just like our current games, you can reach out to them from your game menu for help with the Apple Watch Family Guy App. Feel free to use it if you need to contact them for further assistance.


There you have it. Technology advances and changes and the silly lil game is advancing with it. Do YOU have an Apple Watch? If so, have you tried the new app? Thoughts? Do you have an Apple Watch on order? Let us know.


56 responses to “Family Guy For Apple Watch Is LIVE!!

  1. I just got an Apple Watch and of course one of the first things I did was download the fgtqfs app. However, all I can see is Peter and play the memory game. I can not see Chris or Quagmire. How do I open the new tasks? Do I need to link it to my fgtqfs account and if so how do I do that?


    • I never picked up one, so I never got to really get the full in depth scoop on it. As far as I was aware then, you could sync it to your game. As to other tasks, I believe they unlocked as you played.

      I can email them to get more details if you’d like… or if you prefer…


      • Thanks for the response Bunny! I haven’t been able to find any info on this anywhere else (yes I searched the internet lol). I can email them and let you know what they say. I got a great price on the Apple Watch this Thanksgiving and am sure there will be at least a few others that bought one and will want to know.


  2. Got my apple watch. Had one quest specific to it (for Chris) after playing the memory game. Haven’t seen anything about the Gold Suit Peter yet. Looking forward to finding it!!


  3. Please add to gear s


  4. I think the watch looks lovely but the battery life has put me off, I have enough things needing charged without adding a watch that if used to its full specification will need charged every few hours if reviews are to be believed. I might let the early adopters be the guinea pig for this release and wait for the next generation watch…… But good to know one of my must play games will be available when I do take the plunge.


  5. Posted some photos last night but mods have not approved 😦


  6. Why would anyone spend money on a watch like that when your cell phone keeps perfectly good time???


  7. Why isn’t there anything ever exclusive to android users? It’s kinda messed up.


  8. When will golden suit peter be released for Android?
    its so lame, apple finally got RolloCop but we dont get their exclusive.

    More reason (on top of a large list of reasons) to despise apple :/

    Also, speaking of Peter outfits.
    I have every possible Peter outfit except gold suit peter.
    On Peters Facespace, when scrolling through his outfit icons, theres one black silhouette for Gold Suit Peter… but theres ANOTHER black silhouette at the very end. What could this outfit be? future release?


    • You can. Just borrow someones iOS device, log in, get Peter, log out… back to Android and he is yours. 😉


      • I thought I read (on an article on here) that golden suit peter disappears on the android device even if you have him unlocked?


        • It is varied per device. I think they were discussing how you can’t earn his items using the other device. You got to unlock him and start his costume in Al’s. THEN you can see him on Android. (Friend just did this with my iPod)


          • Yeah it worked. I just spent the 75 clams on him because couldnt really put in the work on friends phone.

            But now just got tp the quest part to place the golden pool and CANT :/

            gonna havet get back on iphone I guess


      • That’s exactly what I did the other day lol my phone is Android and it COMPLETELY broke the other day so I logged into my bf’s iPhone and got the Golden Suit Peter questline, of course his skin and the Golden Pool 🙂


  9. I’m an Android girl but man that watch looks sweeeeeet!


  10. Is there any connectivity issues going on? The game is completely refusing to load for me


  11. You know you’re an addict when this is the sole thing that makes the watch appealing to you. Haha!

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  12. jeffreymc12345

    I ordered my Watch about 3 minutes after preorders started and expected to get it today. But it hasn’t shipped yet, which was disappointing. Then when I saw this announcement I was even more bummed out the Watch wasn’t arriving today.


  13. And the price of the watch ?


  14. My first reaction when I read the title: WAIT WHAT!


    • Ditto. I was thinking April Fools except it’s the end of April!

      I can’t image how this game would work on that format. If anyone ever gets their watch (how I envy you) & has the game on it, please film it so we can see what it looks like in action.


  15. well thats cool, something different you can’t get elsewhere. i have 0 interest in the watch as i dont like nor wear them but kudos for them doing something special for it. 🙂

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  16. Awww man that’s cool but I don’t have an Apple watch.

    I love this game! Lol


  17. It’s cool and all, and I’ll definitel download it once my watch arrives, but I already have Gold Suit Peter, so kinda meh.
    Now, if they gave some kind of prize/reimbursement for those of us who already purchased one, then I would be impressed… remember TinyCo, you need to reward your loyal existing customers! (This is something TC seems to often forget)

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