Star Trek Character Profile: Phase 3 Costumes, Starfleet Lois

Hello There Space Clammers!

Star Trek has taken over Quahog!  A Starfleet Shuttle has conveniently crashed in Quahog and apparently someone decided that the future of the Galaxy should rest on Peter’s shoulders.  (cause that sounds like a smart idea!)  It’s your mission to help Peter save the Galaxy, after all it’d be a pretty boring game if he did it by himself!

Along the way you’ll unlock skins/costumes for your favorite residents of Quahog…and Meg!  These costumes will help you earn items needed to unlock other characters and more Dilithium Crystals, the much needed event currency for this event!  During Phase 3 (week 3), there’s one costume you’ll be able to unlock, Starfleet Lois.  Let’s take a closer look at this costume and see just what happens when you unlock it in your Quahog…

Starfleet Lois Rage Shoot

Starfleet Lois is the fourth skin in Star Trek that you’ll be able to unlock.

Starfleet Lois 1

The questline Lois to the Bridge will prompt you to collect STUFF to unlock Starfleet Lois.  Here’s a look at just what you’ll need to get Lois onboard the Enterprise…..

Dilithium Crystals1500 Crystals 

Space Groceries5 Space Groceries (Uncommon)- Earned By: Get by Clearing Borg! OR Get from Crew’s Quarters

Felicium25 Felicium (Rare)- Blow up PeterCraft in the Phaser Battle OR Make Chris Battle Cry

Earpiece30 Ear Pieces (Common)- Complete Nom-Nomulus using the Transporter OR Make Bruce Be a Good Listener OR Make Jerome Grow his Fro

starfleet lois

Starfleet Lois is part of the Trekkie Griffins character set…

2015-04-06 23.17.25

Note unlocking all of the Trekkie Griffin Outfits will award you 25 FREE clams!  Freakin’ sweet! 

Klingon Meg was pulled from the collection, so you’ll still get Clams without having to make the Premium Character buys. 

Lois does have a short questline associated with the Lois to the Bridge questline…and you can view more details on it here…however, her primary role is to help you earn more Dilithium Crystals and help you earn items to unlock more characters!   Here’s a look at Starfleet Lois’ tasks:

Note: Drops are as of the fourth Phase.  She could drop additional items as the event progresses.  We’ll try to update as we can…

Task Length  Earns Drops Location
Get Frisky in the Tubes 1hr 50 Dilithium Crystal 10 Star Trek XP n/a Enterprise
Holodeck Romance 4hrs 5 Dilithium Crystal   1 Star Trek XP Medical Tricorder Visual/Enterprise
Spy on Riker 6hrs 20 Dilithium Crystal 4 Star Trek XP Phaser Energy Enterprise
Rage Shoot 8hrs 25 Dilithium Crystal 5 Star Trek XP n/a Visual/Enterprise
Lead Cadets 12hrs 35 Dilithium Crystal 6 Star Trek XP n/a Enterprise
Using Replicator to Solve Problems 16hrs 40 Dilithium Crystal 7 Star Trek XP n/a Enterprise

And that my friends completes  the character profile for Starfleet Lois!

What are your thoughts on Starfleet Lois?  Have you unlocked her yet?  Thoughts on her tasks?  Any tasks you wish she had that she doesn’t currently?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

35 responses to “Star Trek Character Profile: Phase 3 Costumes, Starfleet Lois

  1. Except for the fact Get Frisky In The Tubes was actually only dropping 5 crystals, despite what the quest list said. It seems to have finally been updated.


  2. Still stuck on this costume since I cannot upgrade the Warp core and also unlock the other character for Phase 3 without
    Lois new costume.

    Plus it’s going to be a while before I can get 50 light green cubes and unlock the Sick Bay. 😦


  3. So is this skin going to be completely useless after the enterprise is gone?


  4. Liking the changes TC made, glad they listen to the players. The changes seem to have put me back on track. Once Q finishes his task in 2 more hours and i’ll have Vulcan Quagmire unlocked, Still need about 10 more hyposprays for Crusher though. Now its time to hoard as much phaser energy as i can for the next 2 days.


  5. Just need 2 more felicium. Chris doesn’t like to drop them anymore I guess lol cause last 5 have missed. But fixing to get both Locotus and Lois today or tomorrow.


  6. Thanks for the post Alissa. I’m just glad she helps with event drops, especially Phaser Energy! Can’t get enough of those fast enough. :/


  7. What does Edo Herbert do? Anyone?
    More helpful than standard Medical Tricorder-generating Herbert?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Loves it


  9. Can one actually get groceries from the “Crew’s Quarters?” I’ve only ever gotten them from clearing Borg and I’ve had said quarters built for a long while now. Always wondered if that was an error on their part or not.


  10. I tried to like the family guy game. I really did. I deleted it after 3 days. There is NO comparison to the Simpson’s game which I’m addicted to.


    • It took a little while for this game to grow on me. Honestly, I didn’t love it in the beginning. Bunny and Alissa’s blog helped me enjoy it more. Also, I feel that this game is more generous with their freemium players and moves at a better pace. Finally, I feel TinyCo listens more to their players than EA. I still play both though.


  11. Been having issues having the Cocaine (err Felicium) dropping from both the “Peter Crafts” and from Klingon Chris.
    Actually drops in general have been slowing me down. Got all but the last drummer cleared from Wonka factory.
    Getting close to finishing Borg Patrick Stewart but doubt I will get everything I want from the event. Such is life 😦

    Ah beautiful Meg……please come back soon 😀


  12. Orion Slave Girl Bonnie since she used to be a stripper. Plus it would match Joe if they made him Capt. Pike as one of his fantasy girls in the episode was an Orion.


  13. Frisky in the tubes looks like it was originally going to be a 24 hour task. Nice dc and sf xp drop for an hour task.


  14. Still trying to get Felicium for this, still no update after4-5 days on?:

    The ALWAYS drops on the Normal PeterCraft are not playing nice with those on Warp Core 4 (because that big fat meany head Shielded one wants to take all the glory… psssh), so please hang in there. SAVE YOUR PHASER ENERGY! Will Update with the fix when it is ready. 😉


    • I did post up top if you looked. If you go to the right post, you will see the update. 😉


      • Hrmmm still not seeing it. Game still tells me to use Shielded Petercraft (same for Laserpointers) for Felicium, and the post I quoted above from “Star Trek Enterprise: Transporter (Part 3)” does not show a update that the problem is fixed.

        I know you are a busy bee, and I (and everybody, I would assume!) sincerely appreciate all the crazy hard work you put into this blog. You rock!

        I guess I will just try a shot and see if a Felecium or Laserpointer drops from the regular Petercraft. Been holding off per your suggestion.

        Again, thanks for all you do, Bunny!


        • The game info is wrong, has been for a while. It is in the post too. It is regular that drops them. All verified multiple times in game and by TinyCo. 😉


      • Ok, it worked, thanks Bunny.

        Guess I was just waiting for the comments under “Star Trek Enterprise: Transporter (Part 3)” to be crossed out, and a new note mentioning it was fixed in that post.

        Sorry to trouble you!


  15. Seems so far away for me to get this unlocked. I am at 13 bags only and they don’t seem to drop when I send Chris on the quest to get them. I do have all the ear pieces and the crystals, but still short 2 groceries as well. This seems to be taking FOREVER to get the two people I need to forward the game. TINY CO NEEDS TO STOP MAKING THESE EASY FOR CLAMMERS AND EASIER FOR REGULAR PEOPLE (sorry for caps, I am just frustrated that the event has stalled out for me)


  16. I am surprised they didn’t have an outfit for Brian. After all he is a Griffin also.


  17. Klingon Meg gone forever? SOAB.


  18. Cute, but I would have preferred it if they’d been a bit more imaginative and gone with an ‘Orion Slave Girl’ Lois outfit :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, she does seem like a cross between Beverley (the red hair) and Deanna (cosmic cheerleader costume and headband). I am just glad they didn’t do Meg as Orion Slave Girl. Maybe Bonnie? And Joe could have had a Christopher Pike chair and both could go off to Talos IV as a task after Stewie become Talosian (Maybe as a holodeck program. Too bad, too much work, but maybe for next year if they bring Star Trek back as an event).


    • tribble annihilator

      Maybe they can make that a Bonnie skin. She’d be better looking in the part anyway with long dark hair!!!


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