18 responses to “Alert: Flickr Sign In Changing

  1. Is this still a thing or have they changed it again because when I log in to flickr on my iPhone I haven’t gotten a message about changing logins and I don’t have a yahoo account. I don’t remember what I log in with so I don’t want to log out and then be met with a blank login screen and not remembering my login if this makes any sense.


    • I have the flickr app by the way


      • Follow-up on my question:

        I went to reddit and they posted a link to transfer account to a yahoo account. I clicked it and logged in to my account and now they want me to make a yahoo account to merge my old account but it wants me to put in a username @yahoo.nl… I don’t want NL acct (im not in the Netherlands) but .com or possibly .no. What do I do? It doesn’t seem to let me change to .com or .no. Sorry if this question is stupid lol πŸ™‚


    • If it didn’t prompt you, you may have one already linked. πŸ™‚


      • Hi Bunny thank you for your quick reply! I didn’t see it before I posted my follow-up question. Maybe I do have one and hjust can’t remember lol. TYVM again πŸ™‚


  2. Talking of sharing photos – I thought id share this… My way of office farming is to replace all my roads with office buildings. Not pretty but it works.

    I chose the tall $200 building because they spawn cash every 2hrs rather than every 1hr.


  3. Dave Waycaster

    Some of the people like Tricia, Jerome, Mort, etc. won’t talk when you tap on them, but some will talk like Jake, Chris, etc.


  4. I had forgotten Yahoo still existed x.x


  5. How about this crap. When I go to open the game it tells me there is an upgrade and I need to download it to continue. I go to the App Store and there isn’t one. Now I’m locked out of my game. It won’t let me play. You guys seem more connected to tinyco than we are. Any chance to figure out what to do? Or is this Apples way of playing “mines bigger than yours” and we just have to wait for their highness to approve our update?


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