Tea Time Confusion

Hell There Clammers!

As we’re nearing the end of the Tea Party Event many of you are asking, just when will it end?  More or less you guys want to know if this is it, or if you’ll get another shot at the prizes tomorrow (Tuesday).  Hopefully I can clear up some confusion for you all about the end time…..

2014-07-21 05.32.34

The Toys change everyday at 10pm PDT (for those that don’t know that’s Pacific Time in the US).  10pm PDT is GMT -7hrs.  So, for anyone from the Central time zone in the US all the way to New Zealand, it’s a new day when the toys change.  However, for the game itself it’s still the previous day….

With me so far?

So, when the toys change tonight at 10pm PDT…even though for most of us it will be Tuesday, for the game itself it’ll still be Monday.  Therefore, you’ll get 1 more day of toy collecting in before the event ends.  So yes, the toy will change tonight at 10pm PDT (1am EDT/ 0500GMT) and you’ll be able to get some more collecting in.

As far as the official end time…TinyCo has CONFIRMED to Addicts that the end time will be 10pm PDT tomorrow 7/22.  So you will get a full 24hrs to complete the last day once the toy changes tonight.

So for anyone completely lost in the above post…let’s recap:

-The toy will change tonight at 10pm PDT (1am EDT/ 0500GMT)
-You should have 24hrs left once it changes to earn toys before it ends, but waiting for TinyCo to confirm that.

And finally…Just a quick tip for toy collecting:

If it looks like you won’t get another turn at the Mystery Box BEFORE the toy resets, don’t collect on the characters (even if they’re complete).  Wait until the toy resets.   As soon as the toy resets, collect and reassign the characters to the task.  It’s a great way to get ahead for the last day.

This also works if you’ve completed the turns for the day.  Set your characters on the 4 hr task and don’t clear it until after the toy resets.  It should generate you a quick 4 toys and help you get ahead for the last day!

That’s it my friends!  Here’s hoping we ALL find Rupert before the event ends!

What do YOU think of the last day of the event?  Any toy collecting strategies you’ve found to work?  What have you won so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

114 responses to “Tea Time Confusion

  1. Im getting frushtrated with the mystery boxes now as i would really like rupert, i do not live in the u.s and so considering the time difference of when the toys reset to a new one ive had to stay up till 4am to ensure i got all 3 boxes on one of the days and simply could not force myself to stay up the next few days to do the same. And so ive only managed to have 7 attempts on the mystery boxes and i still havent got rupert, i am aware it is at random but its annoying me that people are getting him on their first/second attempt while i only get a lobster shanty that i have already paid 65 clams for as a reward for struggling to stay up till 4am. Im aware i have time to get one more go on the boxes but i am wondering if tinyco could allow people to have rupert at the end of the event even if they didnt gain him in the mystery box as i have done all i can to try for rupert and theres simpy nothing more i could do but deprive myself of more sleep, many thanks if this could be passed on to tinyco


  2. Well after 4 days and spending real money I just made my final box…..aaaand…. I failed to get Rupert. I got alot of premium items from this event which are okay I guess. I played this and the King butt event pretty hard and I didn’t get either. I lost sleep and rearranged my schedule to make sure that hit timers. I don’t think this is my game. I feel weird hitting uninstall after spending so much time and money. I think I thought it would be you more casual strategy and less like a slot machine. If the superhero stuff is more random prize mystery boxes I am out.


  3. Now it says its lasting till wednesday?


  4. I was lucky to finally earn Rupert on I think my 8th draw from the box. I got the Lobster Shanty earlier, so I am quite happy with my luck. I wouldn’t mind getting the Pawtucket Patriot truck or something else, but either way Rupert was all I really wanted. At least there is some legitimacy to the boxes being random, unlike the Simpsons TSTO.


  5. Are you kidding me I spent 10$ in clams just to ensure I got every toy box which I did and guess what I got everything except for Rupert now I’m proably gonna have to spend 10$ just to buy him a week later this is bull****


    • I feel your pain. I missed two boxes on the first day which meant I’d have had to spend clams for a “chance” at getting Rupert. I refuse to use real money to gamble so I didn’t. And given how many people had to wait until that last box it’s clear I’d have just wasted my money.

      I’ve got one more free play at the mystery. It will be something else I don’t want or need I’m sure. Then the game will be gone from my iPhone. Not impressed with TinyCo and it’s relentless spend spend spend pitch they throw at us. I get that is what most games do now a days which is why I avoided them but being a Family Guy fan I thought the gameplay itself might allow me to see past that but turns out I can’t.


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