Stewie’s Tea Party Guest for 7/22

Hello There Clammers!

Well here we are (a lil delayed)my friends…the FINAL day of Stewie’s Tea Party.  Who’s ready for it to all be over?

Anywho….a bit after 10pm PDT, the last toy change occurred.  We’ve gone from collecting Dinosaurs to collecting … COBRA!!! Lol (Destro)


Same rules/tasks apply.  Send Peter, Chris, Bruce & Quagmire on 4hr tasks to earn the Action Figure.  They SHOULD drop each time they complete the task.  (If you’re finding this not to be the case, it’s most likely because the same character will earn another item for you.  We’re finding this is the case a lot with Sparkles from Chris & Bruce)

The end time for this toy, and the event, is 10pm PDT tomorrow….so that’s 10pm PDT on 7/22/14, 1am EDT on 7/23/14 & 6am BST on 7/23/14 (0500GMT for our friends that aren’t in those time zones).  Basically 24hrs from when the toy changed.

There are a few things we can confirm with this toy change…

-IF you have a character on a task to earn this toy and the toy changes before they complete the task, the new toy will fall from the character when the task is complete.

-If you’re having trouble getting the box to come up…go into your shopping cart and go to the featured tab.  The box should be there if you have enough toys (6,14 & 24).

-You cannot win doubles from the box.  Once you’ve won an item it will disappear.  HOWEVER….if you already have an item (if you purchased it) you can win it again in the box.  ie if you purchased a Koi Pond for District 7, you can also win one in the box.  But once you win it, it will disappear.

-Currently, we don’t know if Rupert will be available for clams after the event is over.  I know he shows up on Facespace as a character you buy, but as of right now we don’t know if he’ll be available.  Once we have an answer on it we’ll let you guys know.

So that about does it my friends.  Same tasks, new toy.

What do YOU think of this update?  Any problems you’re running into?  What have you won so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

312 responses to “Stewie’s Tea Party Guest for 7/22

  1. Waaaaaaa!!!!! Its taking so long for them to add new toy!!!


  2. I’ve learned one major thing after this last quest. It’s NOT over until you no longer have the option to try. I nabbed the lobster shanty last night for what I assumed would be my last box. Surprise! This morning they are still collecting and I could have made it to the 24 toy. Unaware (I really should start checking this site before I play in the morning) that the toy will change I got back to work with my available characters. But now I’m at a crossroad, I know I won’t reach 24 before the change, two of the four are ready to drop their toys, Peter is just about done riding the washing machine and Bruce has a good 5 hours left picking kittens. Should I hold off on collecting those toys until the switch and set Peter to something quick in the meantime? Or keep collecting as the actual switch time is unknown. Also, did tinyCo happen to mention how long we can collect after the switch? Thanks a million!


  3. I won the stewie billboard…put it in my inventory…it disappeared!! I’m not happy about this.


  4. Missed collecting the 24th toy twice this weekend and I just collected my 24th toy for today. Looks like no Rupert for my town. Feels too much like the Homer graves from TSTO event. Mistime it once or twice and you can’t complete the collection if you’re a freemium player. Oh well. Next event/update.


  5. Nice. 11 chances to win 12 items, half of which I already have. Sitting here with a full inventory and no Rupert. Late night updates pretty much guarantee missing out on parts of these events. I really hope they offer Rupert for clams. Whew. Rant over. Lol, couldn’t wait for “What the Hell Friday” to get that off my chest


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