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Stewie’s Tea Party Guest for 7/22

Hello There Clammers!

Well here we are (a lil delayed)my friends…the FINAL day of Stewie’s Tea Party.  Who’s ready for it to all be over?

Anywho….a bit after 10pm PDT, the last toy change occurred.  We’ve gone from collecting Dinosaurs to collecting … COBRA!!! Lol (Destro)


Same rules/tasks apply.  Send Peter, Chris, Bruce & Quagmire on 4hr tasks to earn the Action Figure.  They SHOULD drop each time they complete the task.  (If you’re finding this not to be the case, it’s most likely because the same character will earn another item for you.  We’re finding this is the case a lot with Sparkles from Chris & Bruce)

The end time for this toy, and the event, is 10pm PDT tomorrow….so that’s 10pm PDT on 7/22/14, 1am EDT on 7/23/14 & 6am BST on 7/23/14 (0500GMT for our friends that aren’t in those time zones).  Basically 24hrs from when the toy changed.

There are a few things we can confirm with this toy change… Continue reading