BunnyCon…So It Begins

So here I am, lost somewhere in the far west of the U.S. Surrounded by all things Geek n Nerd. AND LOVING IT!! Stick around, I may have some fun tails to tale. Lol.


I first of all would like to give a BIG “Thank You!!” to TinyCo and FOX. They graciously provided me the Pass to San Diego Comic Con. So, THANK YOU TINYCO AND FOX! TwoΒ truly amazing Companies.



Now to the next part… I just want EVERYONE to know, this post and all things brought to you by Bunny during San Diego Comic Con are based on my own true experiences and opinions. No one will influence me. HA! I would like to just see them try. This is actually my very FIRST time at San Diego Comic Con. (I have been to other smaller ones.) So be prepared for raw, unedited (unless Alissa sees it before I sneak it past), all access pass to the Cray Cray that is Con and Bunny. Probably a very toxic mix. Be afraid.


So this being my first Con, I didn’t really plan anything out at all. Tonight was what they refer to as aΒ “Preview Night” and I figured it would be kinda quiet and calm. Ummmm…NO!! OMG… wall to wall people at times. Some areas difficult to navigate, but…I did still enjoy it. I was a giant Geek kid in a giant Geek candy store. I never knew where to look. Became very ADD at times because I would blink and something else would catch my eye. Just as I would gain focus on one item…BAM…another one went by in someones hands, or on their backs, or I saw it across on the other side of the aisle.

Now, I am the type of person that is grateful for those that go out of their way to do really cool things for me…so my first stop…the FOX booth of course. Matt has been truly gracious to me and this site since the game was brought in. (Surprised he hasn’t told me to “Shut Up Meg” after all the many emails we send him. Lol.) There was quite the line of people around it, but I did see Matt right away. Made me happy to see so much excitement for things I loved a lot myself. People lining up and filling their swag bags with some cool FGTQFS stuff. (Don’t worry…I will bring some back…maybe have a lil competition to give it away. πŸ˜‰ ) So I snuck a quick hello in to Matt from TinyCo since I could see he was swamped, then set to return later after the rush was gone.


When I later wentΒ back to the FOX Booth, I was able to also give my thanks to a very awesome guy from FOX. (Adam is indeed a cool guy.) He is the one had his hand in getting me this cool pass along with Matt from TinyCo. So what do you do when you meet two people you are completely in awe and appreciative of? TAKE A PIC OF COURSE!! (Matt even helped to give me my Bunny ears. Lol.)

Fox and Bunny


We also tried an individual image…but turned out a lil blurry. That’s ok, can always take another. It was only the first day.

I wandered the Con some more after that. (Don’t worry… I am not letting them off that easy. I have questions. Lots of them. Lol.) I was hoping to see some great Cosplaying, but soon remembered…special night. SO…tomorrow perhaps. Would make my dad to see the Griffin Family or other residents of Quahog.

Now it is long past the end of Day One for me, and I am exhausted. More so from flight delays, travel, and adjusting to time. I know there was not too much info here, but it was such a short few hours and not much time to get a lot in outside “window shopping”. Β I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds. Today was only a few hours, tomorrow…ALL DAY! Wish me luck! #BunnyCon

Any things YOU would like to know about SDCC? Any places or booths YOU want Bunny to scope out? Are YOU at SDCC? Sound off below. Love hearing from you.




35 responses to “BunnyCon…So It Begins

  1. I’m here too! Tired as hell, but very happy to be here all the same!

    I should have told you to bring some aspirin on your first walkthrough. It happens to every comic con virgin.

    It happened to me back in 97′ and it wasn’t even that crazy back in those days. After registration, you take your first step inside the con and you almost feel like your head explodes! There’s so much to see, so much to do, and at the same time you have 100,000+ people doing the same thing! It’s complete insanity! Don’t get me wrong, you’re overflowing with excitement, but yet at the same time you feel so lost and overwhelmed with confusion lol.

    Over the years, you eventually learn how to manage it lol. Very excited for you! I’ll come and say hi, if I bump into you!


  2. So lucky!!! Have fun there! πŸ™‚


  3. I went to Comic Con Ottawa in May this year and I couldn’t believe how many Fangirls there were… Previous years were complete sausage fests. Is it the same at SDCC this year? I figure there must be more women since Matthew McConaughey showed up this time lol


  4. Have a great time Bunny – I’m RIDICULOUSLY jealous.


  5. So so jealous!


  6. Are you gonna be joining in the cosplay fun?


  7. thelittleprince

    Wow! Have fun and take care Bunny! Check out their Transformers display! I collect them toys πŸ™‚ Glad FGTQFS game has the Dinobuttsaurus as one of the prizes this event! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures there!


  8. SimpleScorpio

    I am able to play it on android because I own an iOS device and it syncs with my android device. So far so good haven’t ran into any issues. I just started playing and I am collecting Blam to obtain the part 2 prize.


  9. Nerd alert! #TeamAppleIsTheShiznik


  10. I hope you enjoyed Preview Day Bunny! It’s the craziest day in my opinion. A geek OVERLOAD!!!

    Last year the had a very literal ‘FREE DR PEPPER’ booth. I’ve yet to find it this time around.

    You are playing a dangerous game not making a schedule! I’m heading to the Adult Swim booth in about 30 minutes…lol maybe….the hard part is getting to where you want to go and not stopping 45 times on the way and then missing it.
    Hmmm….I recant my previous statement, I’m about to trash my schedule and just wander around. To be honest, this year is WAYYYYY bigger than last year.

    TIP: avoid the handicap stalls in the men’s restrooms….what you are thinking is true. It’s awful. πŸ˜‰


  11. Hey yo, all I wish for bunny is that she has fun cx wellllllll, that and asks about why android had to wait, so many new characters ;-; so little time through Google play.


  12. I will be there Saturday covering horror literature authors for a story, but just Saturday as that’s all that my pub paid for. If I see a crazy lady nerd that looks like you I will be sure to say hello and then hopefully it will be you so some random person doesn’t scream for help.


    • What times and which authors? I’ll wear a moose antler hat and swing by. I’m only locked up from 10-2 on Saturday.

      Do you golf? πŸ˜‰


      • I just went to the dentist where the receptionist gave me a Batman sticker. I immediately thought of you. I will be interviewing Joe Hill who wrote Heart Shaped Box and NOS4A2 around the time you’re tied up but I will be at the Art of Fear in room 8 to see Mira Grant and Katherine Howe mostly. If indeed you do wear an antler hat you would be easy to find. That’s at 2:30. Yes I do golf, poorly. I can drive and put, but my intermediate game is dreadful.


        • Haha everyone’s intermediate game is awful!!!

          I might be able to swing by, but in the meantime ‘I’m hunting wabbits’.

          Either way, I hope you are able to sneak off and enjoy everything, minus the massive amounts of body odor.

          Weird, I haven’t seen a deodorant booth before…I feel like that would work. A few cute girls giving out samples…Comic-con will have never smelt so good in it’s history!!


        • Btw, I had an alternate character in a game that was named ‘Newsflesh’.

          Not a huge fan of Mira’s writing, but that trilogy satisfied my zombie kick, especially since all of her character’s aren’t teenage cuties who fall in love.


          • My favorite female horror writer is Charlee Jacob, she can really write beautiful prose about scatalogical, disgusting grue. We are presenting female horror authors in my article to readers who may not otherwise push away from the Richard Laymon or Bently Little. I think it’s a great idea and can’t wait to praise Lucy Taylor and company to picky male readers.

            Funny about the newsflesh character. I really liked the character name Georgia Mason and kept calling everyone that name for days. Mira grant is just a pen name but I guess Seanan is coming in character. I did love the blogger perspective of the books.

            I’m a big fan of DC comics and will get as much in as I can and there are a couple of horror themed events that I want to hit, hopefully I can get the chance.


            • I would, with all my heart, love to see the published article.

              That sound very impressive.

              I didn’t get into actual comic collecting until the new 52 DC, but my heart has been with DC since I was a young lad.
              My daughter has literally every DC superhero costume in her closet, male or female!
              I raise DC too πŸ™‚


  13. Being Texan I don’t get out to Cali too often (pretty much only after military deployments for yellow ribbon events) and since G4 is gone there isn’t that much coverage so will enjoy your updates..way cool experience!!


  14. So glad you’re taking the time to post, it’s like we’re there with you πŸ™‚


  15. Go, Bunny, go! Congrats on such a great experience, and please keep the stories coming.


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