Stewie Results and a New Poll About Stewie’s Tea Party

Hello There Clammers!

Now that the Tea Party is in our rear view mirrors,  we want to know YOUR thoughts about the event as a whole, as well as share the results of last week’s Stewie Poll!

First the new stuff….this week we want to know what YOU think about Stewie’s Tea Party.  If you don’t see your answer in the poll, feel free to mention it down in the comments below:

Now let’s get to the results of the Stewie Poll…

You guys completely blew me out of the water with your responses on the Stewie Poll!  So many of you wanted your opinions heard & we’re glad we were here to hear it! 🙂  As always, THANK YOU for taking the time to answer our poll question about unlocking Stewie (over 3600 of you responded), and as always we’ll be passing the results to our friends at TinyCo 🙂

So here we are with another poll where the results mimicked your comments! Over HALF of you said you were annoyed with how long it’ll take to unlock Stewie, and I’m not surprised!

So now let’s get to the numbers….

What Are Your Thoughts About Unlocking Stewie?

51%- I’m annoyed, it takes way to much stuff to unlock him.
26%- I’m not surprised by the amount of stuff to unlock him, just wish it would happen quicker
21%- I don’t mind taking my time to unlock Stewie. I’m not in a rush to get him.
2%- I’m pleasantly surprised, I thought it would be way harder to unlock him

Basically it looks like you guys have waited a LONG time for Stewie to hit the game, and now that he’s here…you don’t want to wait anymore! Completely understandable.


What are your thoughts on Stewie’s Tea Party? Did you enjoy the new event?  What are your thoughts on the results of the Stewie poll?  Did your answers fall in line with most other players?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

43 responses to “Stewie Results and a New Poll About Stewie’s Tea Party

  1. You missed a question:
    Did you use clams to buy decorations and hurry actions but DID NOT win Rupert by the original ending of the event?

    This is important because they may want to know how many paying customers they had angry at them over it.


    • The question is in there..just gets lost a bit because the event got extended. The thing is when we analyze it all we can determine who the extension helped win Rupert, and if they used clams. So I can still find the same answer, just in a more indirect way 🙂


  2. Im curious to see the results of this poll it seems that there are a ton of people including me who got rupert on the last box or worse, opened all but one box and didnt get him so I wonder if the poll will reflect that and if it does then id have to question how random it really was.
    With that said I had a lot of fun with the event, spent a lot of clams because I was not about to sleep in 4 hr shifts I got a little chuckle out of picturing people setting alarms and waking up at all hours to collect toys in their virtual town now thats dedication right there. I still had to make use of the extension but I feel like I made out like a bandit with all the premium stuff I got that were worth more than twice as many clams I spent on speeding things up during the event so it was great! Very thankful for the extension because without it I wouldnt have gotten rupert or the pirate car even though have of the clams I spent were on that day because of the short time frame.


  3. I thought the event was excellent other than a few minor issues. Free players should be realistic that if they aren’t devoting around the clock attention to getting prizes it may well not happen for them. I spent a total of 20 clams & used alarms to wake me up for a couple 4 a.m. taps & was able to score 11 of the 12 gifts before the regular event ended. I was bummed but ok with the fact that I didn’t get Rupert but then they announced the extension & it was a piece of cake to win him without dropping another clam. What more do free players expect of this game — that they just get the prize without doing any work? Be real. Either spend clams, do your due diligence or stop whining.


  4. Guess who got Rupert!

    Not me -_-


  5. I had a couple of answers that weren’t possible. My thoughts on the extension? I loved the idea of it, hated the execution. I went from feeling like this company cares to wondering if they knew what they were doing.

    Multiple times I had characters (especially Quagmire for some reason) finish their mission and not drop toys. They did not drop other items, they just gave me $ and XP. This cost me at least 2 chances.

    The strict 4 hour cycle was brutal and impossible for me to be able to finish. Give us some leeway next time.

    General observation on the game. If they are going to have items that do not drop every time, do it on short missions. Having to send a character on an 8 hour task only to have them not drop the item really sucks. The game is starting to feel more like a chore than a game. Not good.


  6. What bothered me about the event was the timing. Too much going on when it hit. We just finished the fourth event, then district 8 hits with 2 new characters, who take a while to unlock. Then the tea party takes away characters you need for unlocking them in district 8 if you want any chance of getting more than one box,Making unlocking them even longer. I was not disappointed about not getting Rupert. The event was set up so we would have a chance to get him. I was really surprised at how many people got angry when they didn’t get him. It was set up so even if you didn’t you still got some cool stuff for your trouble. No one said, you’ll get Rupert, it was you could get Rupert. TinyCo did great on the event part, just bad timing.


  7. Before the extension, I managed to unlock 9 boxes. Didn’t receive Rupert in any of those. Then the extension was announced and I figured that I would definitely get him then, since you can open 3 boxes a day. Of course the extension turned out to be a lot shorter, and I managed to open only two boxes. Then the extension ended, and Rupert remained in the 12th unopened box. Definitely not playing the lottery this week! I got the Lobster Shanty in the 11th box which was the only other prize I really wanted. I wouldn’t have gotten that either if the extension ended exactly when it was supposed to, instead of dragging on a little bit longer. Still would have preferred Rupert though, yet I refuse to buy clams. This game feels like a chore most of the time and not fun, when it comes to events. If I’m going to spend money on premium currency, it shall be with something fun, such as TSTO.


  8. What mad me sorta angry was how they gave the toy late yesterday but still ended the event not giving players their time back. And I got every prize except Rupert… ;-;


  9. I was okay with the event, I knew I was not going to get Rupert because I was not willing to put extra time or extra money into it. I got seven boxes (which is not an option in the poll it says 4 boxes short and more than 5 boxes short), so I got stuff I did not have, but did not necessarily want either. So figuring I was not going to get Rupert, I would have been pleasantly surprised had I won him, but I was not disappointed when it did not happen.

    From the reports here, I think the chances of getting Rupert were way too high the first day with people reporting getting him on the first or second box. Then it seems like no one was getting him until either the 11th (with Dansu Dansu being the other remaining one) or the 12th box. It seems to me that TinyCo changed the percentages. I would have preferred each item having an equal chance of dropping, but I guess that is how they got people to spend money on the game.

    My main problem with this game and this event just showed it is the lack of communication on TinyCo’s part. They make events vague and seem to expect players to come to places like this to find out what the company should have told them. Also, changing times in the middle of the event when people were trying to work with the times given. I would have rather TinyCo had stayed with the times, instead of having players make assumptions about when things would end and then often times be wrong.

    I am not sure how much longer I will be playing this game, but I have found I am having less fun playing it.


    • All of this comment. ALL of it.


    • I agree with all of this, I think they make these tasks a bit to hard to complete unless you slave yourself 24hr to the game and even then, it’s not 100% guaranteed unless you spend tons of clams (real $$$). I don’t see myself playing much longer in the near future. Don’t they know if they make goals more achievable, game actually becomes more fun to play, hence more people will play it.


  10. Had to use clams last night (20 total) but Rupe was the only prize left so I knew it was gonna be worth it. And then this morning he has a questline, so looks like Rupert isn’t just a sexy face on a dumpy body. I’m kinda glad I’m on Android so I get a lil bit of a break without having to worry about time sensitive events, and can just focus on unlocking the 2 costumes and characters I’ve been working on. As always, thanks to the Addicts for keeping us Clammers informed.


  11. I bought the topiary right off which made getting all the prizes much easier. Already bought the super blam truck to help with the new event too.

    Wasted time on the extension hoping they would put money and/or clams in the box if it was empty, even had the toy change, so I collected 5 and sent them all back on tasks, but two hours later when I went to collect the topiary the toys were gone.

    I’m happy that the tasks that earn items for stewie also earn blam.


  12. I just wish they would stick with a plan and adjust later. Once it became apparent I couldn’t get enough toys in time, I put everyone back on tasks to unlock Stewie & Carter. Then they extended it. If I had them free I could have had a third box that day. Then I planned on moving everyone back for the final round and that didn’t even last 24 hours. I would have had one last shot this morning, but nope I just wasted everyone overnight when they could have been earning things to unlock Stewie & Carter. Communication could be a lot better with this game. Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying it, but this was really a poorly laid out plan. Looking forward to starting the Comic Con event next week. Hope they put more thought into it and not just how to get us to spend clams. If the game is fun on it’s own they’ll get money. If they’re constantly trying to force me to spend it they won’t.


    • completely agree with this. if this was how the extension was going to be run, they should have just ended it.

      and, sorry, communication through someone running a blog about your game doesn’t count. if i need to read a blog to understand what the hell is going on in your game, you are doing something horribly wrong.

      nothing against anyone writing this blog. i actually do enjoy reading it. 🙂


      • lol well thanks Rob.

        I will say that they did say it was indicated a new today would appear on Wednesday, but the end time wasn’t clear. I liked the idea of the extension, but a little flawed in execution. Hopefully things will get better as the game gets older 🙂


  13. Was wondering, if people with Apple products start this week do they end at the same time as those who start a week later? Honestly have no clue what we will do or need to accomplish during this event but if its anything like the past everyday will count. I am not going to start shouting foul play or anything but hoping this and future events don’t give anyone an unfair advantage over someone else just because the product they use. Anyway looking forward to y’alls updates on this next event and always find the information you pass along to us helpful..thank you


    • We won’t know until it hits Android next week how it will all play out. Unfortunately…
      As soon as I find something out I’ll pass it long though 🙂


    • Ok heres my scoop from this morning. I picked up a used Ipod because I’m addicted and loaded up my town. I can no longer load my town on my android. So, in my appletown I’m unlocking Golden Pete and enjoying the event.

      So I’m going to play until the updates hits the droid (that is whats keeping my droidtown from loading).

      Im sure other will be doing this as well, so I’m counting on the Addicts to clue me in on any Apple exclusives so I can make those my priority.

      I still want justification for the Blam dispensing items, though. 150/400 a day just doesn’t seem like 8/16 bucks worth.

      How many butts did the golden butts crap out? Didnt they double it?


      • Yes, they doubled it. Hold off until it hits both devices and see what next week brings. For now just collect what you can get, with out spending clams. That’s my honest opinion.


        • Yeah, I’ve been chatting with some dudes who play. One guy matter of factly said “I think they are trickling Blam at first so people don’t speed through the initial prizes rendering them unspecial”.

          Makes sense. Daily Blam potential may/should increase as the event goes on. 2k a day is virtually impossible currently.


  14. I just wanted to add an observation that I had about the game and share my two cents on the Tea Party quest which just finished. First, I have to say that I really enjoyed the Tea Party event and that I feel that I got really lucky with it, despite having to spend $10 in clams to get Rupert. I know that for those of us on the East Coast the relaunch of the event came later than it was supposed to, yet it was still supposed to end at midnight, yet I found that not to be the case in my situation. I opened a box at just past eight, getting Peter’s Pirate car and, thinking that was going to be the end of it for me, I went to bed (spent 2 nights up with no sleep hardly and I was exhausted). Still, something in me told me to put the 4 characters back on their toy earning missions, just in case. That really paid off! I woke up at 4 AM (for some unknown reason) and decided, that since I was now wide awake, to check on my Quahog. The toy was still on the bottom of my screen and the characters dropped the ones that they earned when tapped. Since I only had Dansu Dansu and Rupert to go, and because I felt incredibly lucky to still have the event running on my Android, I bought $5 in clams and opened the last two boxes Yay, now I have the cutey and I couldn’t be happier (but is it weird that I think he is sexy for an anthropomorphous man-bear from a cartoon child’s imagination?). I send all my thanks to Tinyco for the extension! Now, for my observation; when I checked my Quahog about an hour ago I noticed that Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown and 80’s Cleveland were back at Al Harrington’s. It probably has something to do with the Comic Con event,but I have an idea why they would be there if they aren’t. I think this may be Tinyco’s way of allowing those of us that couldn’t earn them during past events to buy them now with clams. Both characters,in my Quahog at least, still have all the items that I had earned for them so far, thereby reducing how much they cost clam-wise. I am honestly thinking about saving up my change, and in the event that they have nothing to do with this upcoming event, then turning that change into beautiful golden Quahogs and finally acquiring the characters that I just barely missed out on in the past. Well, I am sorry for such a long post and I thank you for your time in reading it! Happy Questing!!


  15. Shadowbolt152

    its nice that the only premium character i have left to unlock is an event 🙂 *smashes my android tablet*


  16. I managed one box because it was taking so long to get stewie. Two big things at once was too much even for a regular player, I only had chris free to get toys, while several characters offered nothing (meg, seamus, Tricia, Cleveland)
    I’d like the opportunity to get rupert separately too.


  17. Ahhh what happened! I had human Rupert unlocked last night (even bought a few clams to do so) and this morning he’s disappeared??

    I know you mentioned that the event was ending at 9pm PDT and I unlocked him at 10ish, but it was still working! Can tinyco do that?? 😦


  18. Boo tiny co boo! So much for the extra day. Only got to collect once. Went to collect for the second time and its gone. Bought a sandbox and sped up a few tasks and still no Rupert. Would be swell if we were reimbursed clams for the premium stuff we already had – don’t need two lobster shacks. Simpsons do it well with winning SVT in mystery box for example. And whats the point of having him in the characters you buy group if you can’t buy him after its over. He should be in the event characters with king butt. First thing I have missed, not happy. Now that apple has the event those of us on android better have a later end date to make up for it. But the worst is the constant crashing and I have a good phone which should have no problems, yet can’t visit friends coz it crashes and half the time collecting stuff causes it to crash. Frustrating. Won’t be in a rush to buy any more clams. Rant over!


  19. Freaking argh Tinyco! The only prize I didn’t get was rupert and I had to spend 16 clams because a couple of characters decided not to do their tasks!


  20. I was only able to get 2 prizes out of this last event, even though I had all the characters that dropped toys going all day long. By the time I got a few toys down the stupid thing would change and i’d have to start all over again! They need to make these events achievable and stop teasing us with prizes that are unachievable!


  21. The comic con event just went live


  22. question: my main game says 18/21 characters who are the remaining 3?
    I know stewie and carter

    my B game says 6/20 characters.
    my c game also says 3/20


    • It’s funny because mine says 23 lol. I know Tom and Adam West are in that count…and I think the characters that are currently locked in the store are as well.


    • The regular is x/20 but if you have bought someone it adds to the count x/21 if you won Rupert, x/23 if you have (ex) Consuela, BDhorse and Jake


  23. I didn’t enjoy the new event. Too much stress but atleast I got alot of premium stuff.

    Here are some changes:
    peepants is back at costume store
    rupert questline

    cant find rupert in the shop… I wat to know how much he costs


  24. I was happy enough to wait for Stewie. Still haven’t unlocked him. TinyCo gave us a big enough update so there was plenty to do in the mean time. Now with the ComicCon update I’m happy to wait to unlock Stewie even longer so I can concentrate on the new update before it expires.


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