Addicts Question Corner: Comic-Con Event Questions Answered-Nerds, Buildings, Characters and More!

Update 5:30PM EDT: An Update JUST hit Android devices…BUT this is NOT Comic-Con.  Instead this is an update to prep the Android Devices for the event.  However, it won’t roll out until the 31st.  
Also, this should fix the issue of Android users not being able to visit iOS Neighbors.  🙂 

Hello There Clammers!

So we’re not even 24hrs into the Comic-Con Event and already the questions are swarming!  So I figured an Addicts Question Corner Post was in order.  Hopefully I’ll answer the most burning questions about the update, but if you don’t see your question/answer just ask in the comments below & I’ll do my best to help you 🙂

So, I reached out to our good friends at TinyCo for confirmation on many of your questions & they delivered!  Special thanks to the Community Team over there for keeping us up to date on everything TQFS!  

The following answers have all been confirmed by TinyCo, BUT keep in mind it’s always subject to change…

And away we go….

-The Nerds-
nerds2 nerds

How Much Blam! Do You Get For Zapping The Various Color Nerds?
Blue Nerds- 2 or 3 Blam!
Red Nerds- 10 Blam!
Yellow Nerds- 20 Blam!

How Often To the Nerds Spawn?
Blue Nerds- Every 15 m
Red Nerds- Every 4 hrs
Yellow Nerds- Every 6 hrs

Is It True Nerds Drop Clams?
Yes.  There’s a chance a nerd will drop a clam instead of Blam!

How Do I Zap The Nerds?
Just tap on them.  They’ll disappear & out will pop a Blam!

UPDATE 8-1: Nerds will spawn until they max out as follows

-The Game Zone-

2014-07-24 08.41.22


If I Repair Them, Will I Get To Keep The Buildings In The Game Area When The Event Is Over?
No.  The decorations & buildings in the game area (shown above) will leave when the event is over…even if you repair them.

What About the “Q”?  That’s A Prize As Well, What Happens With That?
When you win the “Q” (after collecting 50,000 Blam!) that one is yours to keep forever.  The “Q” you win can be placed in Quahog, whereas the “Q” in the game space cannot be moved from the game space.  So yes, you will get 2 “Q” buildings.  One you can keep and put in your town where ever you’d like and the other must remain in the game space.

-Characters and Costumes-


Will I Get To Keep Characters I Unlock During This Event?
Yes, if you completely unlock a character it’s yours forever.  Meaning you collect all the required stuff for it.  Same applies to costumes.

What Happens If I’m In the Middle Of Unlocking A Character & the Event Ends?
If you’re in the middle of unlocking a character when the event ends, that character will disappear.  You must COMPLETELY unlock a character in order to have them stay in your game after the event.
The character WILL disappear if you haven’t unlocked it completely yet.  (yes even if you only need 1 more item) Same applies to costumes.

-Device Issues-

My Device Keeps Crashing Since I’ve Updated to the Comic-Con Event.  What Can I Do?
Check out this post for a response from TinyCo on the device crashing

I Played The Event On My iOS Device & Now When I Try to Go Back To Android It Says I Need To Update.  Why?!
If you’re playing this event on iOS (if you’ve even just logged into your town on iOS), your town automatically goes to the newest version of the game.  That version is not yet available on Android.  So it will tell you that you need to update, but an update is not available.  Therefore you will be locked out of your game on Android until the update hits (7/31).
So, if you don’t have an iOS device that you can use for the next week…don’t log into your town on an iOS device until the update hits Android (or Kindle) next week.  Otherwise you will be locked out.



Google Play logo

Why Isn’t The Update On Android?
We don’t have a good answer for you, unfortunately.  Our guess is it has something to do with App Market Contracts, but we don’t know for sure.

When Can I Download it On Android?
July 31st, 2014…so next Thursday.

Will The Event Be Longer For Android Players, Since They Start A Week Later Than iOS?
At this point we don’t know.  I don’t want to speculate on it because we won’t know until it hits Android (and Kindle) next week.

Will TinyCo Do Something Special For Android Players To Make Up for the Week?
YES!  🙂  TinyCo Tweeted this out earlier today…


-Special San Diego Comic-Con Contest-

If You’re Going to Comic Con San Diego here’s the challenge.  Find Bunny!  If you find her & take a photo with her & email it to us at we will send you a $10 Gift Card to the App Store of Your Choice!

#FindBunny 🙂
Not going to Con?  Don’t worry we’ll have contests and giveaways coming soon for you guys too!  🙂


So that wraps up this edition of Addicts Question Corner: Comic Con….

What do YOU think of the event so far?  Are you patiently waiting for it to hit Android (or not so patiently)?  Do you have a question that you didn’t see answered above?  Can you find Bunny?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!



168 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: Comic-Con Event Questions Answered-Nerds, Buildings, Characters and More!

  1. I just started playing TQFS I’m on lv 5. How do start the Comic Con event?


  2. i have a galaxy 4 and every time i click on a red nerd the game crashes.


    • Odd, my GS4 worked fine when I just tapped them. Have you tried some basic troubleshooting steps to try and resolve it?

      Force close app, Restart Device, or uninstall/reinstall the game as long as you have it linked to an email or FB? Let us know.


  3. I’m on iOS and my blue nerds spawn every 7 to 7 1/2 minutes i havent checked to see what the max is or how often the red and gold nerds spawn.


  4. what if I don’t want to unlock Ron? will this effect me from getting the other costumes for the other characters !?


  5. Is there a max cap of nerds that you can’t exceed if you don’t check the game for a while (like when I wake up in the morning)?


  6. The yellow nerds drop 20 OR 30, not just 20 and the red ones drop 10 OR 20, not just 10. I thought I had perhaps made a mistake the first couple times I noticed this but I’ve seen it happen many times since in my game so I have no doubt anymore.


  7. For me the spawn rates for the nerds seemed to have cut in half at least for the blue and red and probably the gold to but not sure. The blue shirts appear about every 7 and a half minutes and the red shirts every 2 hours. That could be me cause I have been putting peter on minute tasks and am getting nerds around every 7 times I put him on the task.


    • Interesting. I will look into that. Nothing beats getting them faster. 😉


      • I have been getting Nerds, lots of them, every minute or so. If I completely leave the game & go straight back in I have between 12 & 20 blue Nerds & 2 of the other 2. Then, 1-2 mins later I get another 3-5 blue nerds. Also, when I tap a blue nerd it multiplies into 2 nerds. I’m definitely not complaining & hope it doesn’t get “fixed” as it has helped me get a lot of Blam! Loving this glitch lol!


    • Was just about to jump on here to make this same post. I haven’t been able to verify the red and yellow shirts quite yet, but the blue shirts are definitely spawning avery 7 – 7 1/2 minutes on my Android Galaxy Tablet.


  8. So I have been playing on android since the game started and so far only blue nerds have spawned. No red nerds yet whats up?


  9. So I’m playing this whole time and I don’t get to keep the stuff? The furry dungeon, gatomobile etc. that sucks!


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